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May 00

Sex, Drugs and… IT?

Now this Salon article, “If code is free, why not me?” is the weirdest one I’ve seen for a long time. The incredulous first paragraph really grabs your attention. Funny, cos today we were talking at lunch about how prevalent drug use was in different industries. We came to the conclusion that the IT industry contained mainly “soft” drug users, whereas the arts industries… well it doesn’t mat t er if those guys walk around tripped out for days on end. Sounds like open-source people are artistic geeks :).


So, this is what COM is! Finally found a decent explanation of it…


Being hacked makes for a great story.

May 00


You’ll still be able to spam me on my phone. It just means it will start costing me (and everyone else using Optus) money to send SMSes (receiving them is free, as always). So stop sending those “last day SMS!” smses :)

Display system uptime on your desktop with Uptime 2000. It just looks neat to have flashing and blinking things on the screen :)


I’ve always wondered why no one uses Movieline to prebook tickets (so no standing in queues at the cinema… just rock up to the ATM and grab the tickets). So I called 13-FILM today and found out why. There’s a “booking fee” of $1.50 per-ticket. I’d rather wait in line, thank you very much.


Hahahahah. On BAMF: “Don’t get me wrong, I love this site, and I don’t ever want to sell the domain name. But if some firm offered me 7 million for this site, you’d be reading Richassmofo.com right now :P”

Cityrail *Bitch* *Moan*

Finally got in the office at 9.45am. That’s about 2 hours spent on the train (only 80 minutes of it was actually spent moving). If “time is money”, then CityRail’s “free rail day” isn’t free after all. Unfortunately I can’t claim that my time is money, cos it’s not. :)

Mobile Phone Transmission

Hey we’re moving… oh… no we’re not. We start the day early with a “points failure”. Been stopped in the middle of nowhere for the last 25 minutes.

Mobile Phone Transmission

Last day of May. Free rail day (what a joke), end of Autumn, last day of free SMSes from Optus, and my Birthday ;)

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• Planet Speedy

• Cyclohexane

• The Wrapper

• Markside

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• “That deaf dumb and blind kid, sure plays a mean pinball.” –David
• “Nothing in the Weekly World News is real man, it’s a humor magazine, much like the onion.  Just thoughtI’d tell ya.” –KPC (I figured that :)

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ADSL – One more time for today

Victor wrote: “I’d like to draw your attention to the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the ADSL article fragment you posted. Do you notice how *nowhere* do they *actually tell you* how fast ADSL is? =)” I’ve heard that it is 1.5Mbps (faster than Telstra BPA’s 50kB/sec cap!) and is flatrate.


Graeme Philipson wrote an article today that I agree with for once. It’s what I’ve been saying for the last few months – mobile commerce and technologies will be the next biggish stepping stone. Unfortunately his article isn’t online yet.

Brunt. FCA.

Ok the post title has little to do with this post, other than the fact that they both involve liquidation (the title is a Trek reference, for the uninformed). This article shows how Boo blew US$200 million in capital: abysmal web site design, zero business fundamentals, and by flying first class and styaing in 5 star hotels where possible. Read about it here.

The next time some misguided soul suggests building a site full of bleeding-edge technology, bandwidth-hogging graphics and “Internet entertainment”, you’ll be able to respond simply: “That’s how Boo.com lost $200 million, numbskull.”

Cityrail Shit

They can’t do anything right can they? “The State Government’s fare-free day on the city’s beleagured rail system turned into an expensive farce today when hundreds of commuters rushed ticket offices to cash in on 20 per cent discounts for monthly, quarterly and annual tickets.” This week, they were meant to sell weekly tickets at 20% off. A computer glitch made it so people could get monthly, quarterly and yearly tickets at 20% off too. (I missed out, which is part of my annoyance). However, “A spokesman for the Minister for Transport, Mr Scully, confirmed the mix-up which follows revelations that commuters who use a combined ferry/train or bus/train tickets will not get the discount.” Which means I don’t get a discount on my weekly Travelpass (which is a bus/train/ferry combined pass). Read more. Free fare day has caused them more bad publicity than good: “[Kerry Chikarovski] claimed the fare-free day, announced by Mr Scully to apologise for continuing problems on the system, had caused absolute havoc among State Rail senior executives and had ‘blown the cost to taxpayers out of the water’“. Yeah – guess who has to pay for their mistake? Morons.

“Last week, Mr Scully publicly admitted that his transport system was so bad that commuters should not be forced to pay to catch a train. Today’s ticketing fiasco is further proof of a system in absolute shambles – being run by an incompetent Minister who has continually failed to take responsibility for the mess. Mr Scully must be sacked for his total incompetence in announcing a gimmick that will now cost taxpayers dearly – money that always should have been used to fix our ailing transport system to make sure trains run on time, were not overcrowded and dirty.” [SMH]

Butt Naked

Ok, something like this doesn’t happen everyday. Or at least I’d hope not.

I went in to work last Saturday to install a new server. Meanwhile, construction work was being performed as renovations were taking place around the building. The server install went fine and I started to head home. I got off the lift at level 5 (upper ground) and before heading on the long trip home, decided a quick trip to the toilet would be in order.

I pushed open the door. The next half-second flashed by quickly, but vividly. There was a construction worker standing in front of the sink, pants down around his ankles, completely naked on his bottom half. He was scrubbing at something. My eyes widened, I let go of the door and I retreated a few steps back. As the door started to slowly drift shut (there was no door handle to pull on, on my side) the guy screamed “Aye, yai yai, yai yai!”, spun around, and slammed the door completely shut. I just stood there frozen in the vestibule (“airlock”) area of the toilet as I heard a stream of apologies emanating from the other side of the door. I could only manage an, “uh…” before stutteringly enquiring whether he was decent and it was safe to go in.

He rapidly assured me it was and I reopened the door to see him tucking in his shirt. “Sorry about that, mate! You caught me coming out of the toilet. I needed to wash this yellow insulation shit off me but the cubicles are too damn small, y’know? It was making me all itchy and shit so I had to come out to clean it off! I swear no funny business, nothing was going on! No funny ideas, ok? How embarrassing!” All this explanation while I was doing my business in front of the urinal, feeling rather uncomfortable.

“Well, I guess you weren’t expecting anyone to come in, it being Saturday and all…”
“Well I’ll just leave you in private now. Cya.”
“Yeah, have a good day…”
“You too.” [Exeunt]

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May 00


Hmm look at this effort. And how come I’m the only “seasoned e/nner” listed by real name??


There’s another Inferno on Rantage.


From Kottke: Kiwi Dog Food Ads.

Very Nice

As seen on Fuzzy’s: Unimobile. So people know where you are all the time :).


“Your location is not due to be covered before the end of August 2000. Telstra is progressively expanding its ADSL coverage areas. To find out whether your area will be covered in the next round of expansions please revisit this site regularly.”

ADSL Update

3.5 Kilometers? Oh please let me be within range…

Coming soon – high speed services over the phone network
Telstra today revealed the first exchanges that will offer customers fast access to internet and data services over the standard telephone line in its drive to provide affordable and high quality internet access to all Australians.

From the end of August this year, the rollout of high-speed internet access via Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) will commence in all national capital cities and Toowoomba (Qld), Launceston (Tas) and Bunbury (WA).

Ziggy Switkowski, Telstra’s Chief Executive Officer, foreshadowed the rollout in March at Telstra’s half year results when he outlined Telstra’s strategy to ‘broadband’ the country with cable, ADSL and satellite. Denis Mullane, Telstra’s Data Product General Manager said the technology would initially be installed in about 200 exchanges providing high-speed internet access to about 3.5 million premises targeting residential, small, medium, corporate and ISP customers. “About 90 per cent of Australian households and businesses will have access to Telstra’s high-speed media and data services by mid 2002,” he said. “The beauty of ADSL is that in most cases the line speed is 30 to 50 times faster than standard dial-up services and customers can make and receive telephone calls while surfing the net.”

Customers including small office, home office and small and medium enterprises will be able to have ‘always-on’ access to Big Pond Advance where they can enjoy high-speed access to the internet and CD quality music, video clips and video games.

Business customers will be able to establish high-speed links between premises, such as the office and home (teleworking), via Remote Network Access (RNA).

Information on which exchanges will get ADSL will be available on the Telstra website http://www.telstra.com.au/adslfrom Monday, 29 May or by calling 1800 151 454.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) looking to offer high-speed upgrades totheir dial-up customers can call Telstra’s ISP Sales and Service Centre help line on 1800 624 512.

“We are committed to a very aggressive rollout program to achieve substantial high-speed coverage by the end of this year,” Denis said.

Customers who cannot get high speed internet access via ADSL or cable can receive similar services via Telstra’s satellite access. Each month as the rollout gathers pace, details of additional exchange coverage will be posted on Telstra’s web site. Telstra will unveil its customer pricing plans by August. Telstra’s wholesale customers will be offered a choice between two products to deliver broadband on copper to their customers – QuickStream and AccessLink.

Frequently asked questions
Telstra is bringing you great, new, fast internet access on your telephone line
* It’s non-stop. There’s no dialling up. And you make voice calls at the same time as you surf the net, all on the one line. It gives you access to real-time, interactive multimedia and video.
* Telstra will provide this using ADSL. It will transform Telstra’s phone network for the digital age and will be available from August this year.
[ADSL is an acronym for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. The asymmetry allows you to download a LOT faster than you send out – the perfect symmetry for Internet users]

What can I use ADSL for?
* High speed always-on internet access
* Telecommuting (remote LAN access) and specialised network access
* Interactive video, including video on demand such as delayed TV segments
* High speed video games, video catalogues, and video information retrieval
* Collaborative computing
* Video conferencing
* Distance learning
* Internet and telecommuting applications for SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) applications.

How fast is it?
* High-speed always-on access gives a faster response to the internet and is a more satisfying experience.
* Or, about 30 to 50 times faster than standard dial-up services.
* Playing computer games online will be much faster
* Files are up-and-down-loaded much faster for instant sharing of photo’s, videos, and music
* ADSL means always-on, high speed internet
* It also gives you simultaneous internet and voice/fax capabilities over a single phone line – so you don’t need a second line for internet use and you can still make calls while surfing the net.
* Homes and businesses worldwide are already running out of spare lines on existing telephone cables, so ADSL spares the expense of providing new cable or copper lines for internet access.

What will I need to use ADSL?
* Firstly, because ADSL is a distance dependant technology, you will need to live within approximately 3.5 kilometres (cable distance) of an ADSL equipped telephone exchange.
* You will also need an ADSL modem and a computer with at least a Pentium 133, 32 Meg RAM capacity with a CD ROM , capable of supporting Windows 95 or upgrade to 64Meg RAM with NT 4.0. An external ADSL modem will normally require a 10BaseT (Ethernet) interface card.
* The modem connects over Telstra’s copper phone lines to ‘Customer Multiplexer’ equipment in Telstra’s local exchanges which switch data to and from a high speed backbone network.
* Business customers will typically use a router instead of an ADSL modem and provide internet or intranet access to a number of users simultaneously.

Denis Mullane
General Manager
Product & Business Development
Telstra Retail Services


Just noticed… Shlonglor put up his Bible section. It’s rare, but refreshing, to see these kinds of views (and the willingness to even just put them forward) on (e/n) web sites today. As always, he makes many of his points well and doesn’t give the impression of “preaching down”.


Uh… bizarre. That would be quite a sight if it were real.

Photon Lights

How to choose the colour of you photon light. Purchaseable here.

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• EMS: From The Heart
• The Vulgus Filter

• Rokkit

• The Fun House
• Plutonia

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Ok this is beginning to grate. Hereafter, I’m going to start being selective about what SMSes I post. It’s just too time consuming.

• “How is Melissa Joan Heart so low? Fucking hell shes hot.” –SilverWeed
• “btw, http://er33t.co.uk will be up tomorrow at lunchtime (european time.)” –SilverWeed
• About 12 SMSes from Irish
• “0 Hierarchial Menu Trees? Is something wrong here?” –Tom
• “I have an Apple IIGS in my study. Man, what a POS. all of its 2000 k harddrive! Which is really a RAM chip and battery backup.” –Tom
• “hey babe where are ya???? just seeing what the hell this is and if it is working or not” -Joelene
• “I see you are online.. I am watching you stu.” –SilverWeed
• “It is a sad, sad day to see Ramblings on fissure.org. Sigh.” –Venus (it is a temporary housing. RegBarc is a tramp seeking shelter for a few nights before he travels on :)
• “I wanted to play Arkanoid on my IIGS. So I set it up, plug it in, hit the switch, poof! The CPU blew! Man, it stinks too” –Tom
• “Fuck it, I hate my life.” –Surebrec
• “i can send sms from my computer man” –Andy Gibbs
• “Is there ANY hope left for our society, or are we just going to sell out in every way we can till we die?” –Spaz
• “mm just trying this out. nifty :]” –burgatron
• “The Bunker says hello – more later!! Stay tuned” –Renai

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The computer (see “WTF Is This?” posted on this page 27/5) is a BBC Model B computer. I found an old compilation of periodicals on the bookshelf, “The Home Computer Course” which had info on the thing. It sports a MOS 6502A CPU, a 2Mhz clock speed, 32KB of RAM and 32KB of ROM (includes Basic). The Video controller handles a resolution up to 640×256 (the same as an HP Journada Handheld PC nowadays).

Ahh, I remember when I had an acorn…It consisted of a keyboard that connected to a TV.

OK, the video out port is a connector that is the predecessor of S-Video ports (you’ll find them on your TV and VCR). You can buy an adapter for next to nothing from Jaycar or DSE, or do it yourself with two wires (connect middle to middle and rim to rim).

The RGB port is a strange one I had on my Acorn, only I had a special cable (obviously)….Don’t really know what it is (I was like 6 at the time…). Try connecting the video out to a TV.


I think that connection (on the back of that old computer @ Hear Ye!) is a 6 pin DIN plug. You can get them for about $1 or 2 from Jaycar or Dick Smith Electronics. You can modify the cable with a soldering iron (although you may need a pinout of the plug(s)). Good luck… I think you can also get a RCA plug and go into video out then into a tv :)
Honest Jony

I don’t think the Video Out port is an RCA port? 6 Pin DIN… will have to check up on that.


Uh, you sure none of those old comp connectors are coax or rca plugs? Thats what the video sounds like… a male coax plug. I know older comps were able to use TV’s as monitors… Maybe thats what those are. Anyway, I’ve got an old green screen Zenith monitor that might work for it… you want it?

Hmm now that you mention it, the video out does suspiciously look like a coax port. So it looks coax cable? Or a Scart to 6-Pin DIN cable? Thanks guys… something to look out for the next time I go past Jaycar or some place like that. Actually I might drop by Tandy during lunch some time this week.

Bottled Water:

Hey, my friend drinks bottled water, and she’s definitely no yuppie.  It’s just the water in my area is not all that clean.  She’s all into drinking clear water.  It does taste better though, I have to admit.

Come to think of it, I know several chicks that drink only bottled water.

Yeah I was just kidding about the yuppie part (I mean, who am I to talk??) I still find it incredible that they can charge so much for a “free” and natural resource.

DIY Napster

Explore the Napster Protocol.


Look who just had a horse for lunch. Another shot.

Inter-racial Relationships

Very interesting points of views expressed here (primarily about Asian <-> American relationships). Y’know, I don’t know if it’s just me, but in Sydney Asian chicks going out with white guys is fairly common, but an Asian guy going out with a white chick is very rare. Is it the same in America? Can anyone explain?

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Train Graffiti

Found this off Burga’s. A gallery of graffiti found on trains or around the train lines. I wonder who goes around photographing the stuff? :)

Travelog: Aussies in North Korea

Written in 1994. That’s a helluva lot of writing for a 3 week trip.

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May 00


It’s cold and windy. It’s not Winter yet. My hands are cold. Once that happens, it is impossible to warm my hands up again without sticking them in front of a heater for 5 minutes. Oh well, guess I’ll have to live with cold hands for the rest of the day (I can’t sit on my hands to warm them up and type at the same time, unfortunately. Hmm. Another use for voice recognition software…)

May 00

Communal Crier

• The Project (Vaccine is back for the umphteenth time :)

• Girl.solosier.com (formerly News from the Far Side of Venus. Looks better!)

• Ramblings (Ramblings has temporarily relocated under the Fissure domain. They’ll be back where they should be later :)

• MadKewl.com


• “I hate Microsoft.  I hate IE.  MAKE THE PAIN GO AWAY!” –Surebrec
• “Hosting ramblings? Stu cant do wrong. If you kill Stile you will be annointed a saint.” –SilverWeed
• “Heidi Klum or Rebecca Romjin? Ok Heidi, man, tough!” –Tom
• “when it gets really hot in Los Angeles, my testicles get sweaty and stick to my legs.” -red scare
• “Boy I’m sure glad I don’t travel by train, especially in Sydney!” –HJ
• “Solos Chick challenge: Katie Holmes, Shannon Elizabeth, all overrated. Heidi Klum won mine… what? 20TH? Ahh! Must be horny 12” –Tom (continued…)
• “year olds since Britney Spears is ninth… ahh! What is this world coming to?” –Tom

• “Gowings (in the city) now sell Penguin Mints ($9.95/can)” –Shaun (Shit. 10 bucks?! I bought them in for roughly AU $5 per tin including delivery! And that’s not even in bulk! Bloody hell… Gowings is robbing people blind… 100+% markup…)


Has anyone else noticed that I’ve been overusing parenthesised statements?

New Humour Pics

Tattoo, witch, police and a peepshow. More.

100 Proof

Keep yourself amused when you need something to drink :)

Mobile Tunes SMS

Get mobile phone tunes SMSed to you. (Nokia 5110 users are out of luck). Me? I’m still using a generic ring – tunes tend to be too soft to hear.

OzEmail Retracted

OzEmail sent around an e-mail this week:

OzEmail are looking at introducing an Account Holding Fee of $5.00 per month (charged quarterly) for customers who wish to maintain an account with OzEmail.

The Account Holding Fee will be charged if the account is not subscribed to one of OzEmail’s monthly pricing plans.

This would mean the 7 year old “emergency net access account” I have with them would start geting charged at $5/month. Damn. Fortunately, something happened and they retracted it… so I get to keep my account (I still have some old web pages hosted there – back in the grand old days of the now defunct OzWL. Anyone remember OGN?)

Mobile Services

An alternative to BlueSkyFrog: ByeDesk.

I Live In…

Cowshit Lane. Well I don’t, but some people do. However, phone calls to my home register as phone calls to “Cowpastures” on the phone bill. No Westie jokes, please.

Missing Arachnids

Off Ramblings:

Now that’s not the best part of it, listen to this: When I was e-mailing Stu with information setting up the account on Fissure, I asked him to send me his picture. He suddenly didn’t respond to anything else and has remained dormant for the past week. Stu lives in Sydney. The spiders were stolen from a Sydney petshop. He has been keeping to himself for the past week. Am I the only one seeing a connection between the two incidents? I think the lack of rail service is getting Stewey a bit disgruntled.

Burga is a Cityrail employee. If he stops posting suddenly, you’ll know why :) Gee they are big spiders

(BTW, I never got a picture request from you…)


BAMF posted links to an online copy of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, as well as a link to the old Infocom text adventure of HHGTTG. I actually bought that game for the Apple. Ageees ago from a computer store on Queen St, Campbelltown. (How the hell am I remembering this?) It’s sitting on the shelf. It shipped with peril-sensitive sunglasses (black cardboard “sunnies”), a microscopic space fleet (empty plastic bag), pocket fluff (really!), a bright red “Don’t Panic!” badge and of course, No Tea.

Encyclopedia Brown

And while we’re in a nostalgic mood, read this: Encyclopedia Brown and Case of the Pirated MP3s. Bugs Meany… that’s a character I haven’t heard for yonks. I remember reading those books back in primary school (back when I actually used to borrow books from libraries :)… loved ’em. This modern and matured-up parody of it is quite funny.

WTF is this?

Speaking of classics, I have this almost 2 decade old computer sitting in the study (which is used as a storeroom), and I can’t work out what it is. It’s got a 300bps modem in it and I recall, back when dad used to use it, that it had a colour display. It’s manufactured by Acorn and was produced (?) by the British Broadcasting Corp. I’m clueless. It actually still powers up, but it needs a cable to connect the monitor to the computer (which has since gone missing). A weird cable too – what looks like a SCART connector on one end, and the other I can’t work out. Here’s a pic of the back of it – if you can identify any of the connectors, let me know please. Sorry, it’s really blurred. The RGB port is circular and has 6 holes. Video Out is a hollow protrusion with a pin in the middle of it. I’m not sure which connects up to the monitor.

Classic Gaming

Some time this week, I got a sudden and inexplicable craving to play Archon II (last played when I was about 8 on the Apple ][ C). So I found an Apple ][ E emulator. And the Archon II ROM. (I still have a box full of about 500 5.25″ floppies gathering dust in the study, and one of them is Archon.) I’m surprised I still remember how to play it, actually. When searching for Archon I came across a few other classics like Bard’s Tale and… Taipan!! Taipan is the kickass precursor of Dopewars. Mad fun, and no 30 day money earning time limit. I’ve bundled up the Emulator, Taipan and the 2 Archon’s right here. Unzip, run Setup to associate .dsk files with the emulator, then run the .dsk files. More ROMS available here and here.

Online Comic

Phil got me to check Sinfest out. You should too.

May 00

Bottled Water

You know how you buy bottled water (I don’t personally… but yuppies do :), reuse the bottles and refill them with water? (At company water coolers, for example). Well, I find it somewhat disconcerting when people use the same bottle day after day, and then when they don’t come to work for a length of time (eg: a 3 week holiday), they leave their bottle, still half full with water, on their desk. Then 3 weeks later, they get back to their desk and start drinking from the bottle again…


Ever wondered about the speed of net connections such as T3, E3 and OC-3? Does T1 exist in Australia? Cos I’ve heard they use the European E1 standard… And I still don’t get what frame relay is…

May 00

Free Train Tickets

Actually, what I said before wasn’t entirely accurate – anyone buying a weekly/travelpass next week will get a 20% discount. So, I get both a free day’s travel and $4.40 off my travelpass. They should have these “goodwill gestures” more often.


I guess we won. Again :).


Next Wednesday, CityRail is allowing all passengers to travel for free on the train system. It’s a “goodwill” move that attempts to apologise for the crap we’ve had to put up with for ages (and most especially in the last week). The gesture is expected to cost them $2 million. Of course, this is bad luck for the people that buy weeklies and travelpasses on Monday. However, I got lucky. I buy my travelpass on Tuesday evening, so my ticket cycle goes from Wednesday to the n e xt Tuesday. Therefore, I can skip buying it on Wednesday and get it on Thursday instead :). Although I go off at CityRail every day, you gotta remember that many CityRail employees are just as frustrated and stressed. I wonder how long I will have to wait tonight for a train home?

Mobile Phone Transmission

Time spent on public transport today: 200 minutes.
Add – Time spent waiting for it to arrive: 80 minutes.
Equals: A not very funny joke.

May 00

Corporate Spies

Paranoia is no longer paranoia when you’re justified in being paranoid (in which case it was never paranoia in the first place). Now that you have that in mind, check this out.

Take the Challenge

This has more “features” than I thought! Check out the “saved games” :)

GST – New Prices

Expected price variations as a result of the GST being introduced have been released. For example, computer systems are expected to drop 3.6-4.6% in price (the wholesale sales tax of 22% is being replaced by the GST of 10% – isn’t that a 12% drop? where’s the rest of the discount disappearing to?), CD prices will also drop (only by a dollar or two), etc. etc.

It Was Amusing At The Time, Ok?

Heh…. a file not found at File Not Found.

Communal Crier

Solo’s Chick Tourney is in public beta. Currently Denise Richards is tied with Sarah Michelle Gellar at #1.

• ToxygeNet

More later. The census should be up within 1-2 weeks. Most of the work I can do on it will be on the weekends.


• “RE: Revolution — Ponder this:  If the e/n community is so bad off, wouldn’t you think it would have killed itself off already?” –David
• “In response to the “?”, The Fissure page and your page both have Millenium banners, bah!” –Tom
• “get the ce/nsus up!” –sung (give me some time!! I have to manually process the 450+ entries!)
• “Speakers..pah…get some expensive headphones – at full volume they can still be damn loud…” –Bonhomme de Neige (I already have a nice pair of headphones. The problem with headphones is they lack the physical thump and vibration you get with a nice subwoofer… and the headphone cord only stretches so far… When the rocket flies past you in Quake, you want to feel it rumble past)
• “baefed.com is back with a new look!” –da5id

New Record…

A new record! Tonight I had to watch 8 trains go past my platform before the one to Campbelltown rocked up. Only had to wait 45-50 minutes for it. That bites. “Hear Ye! Complaining about Cityrail 24/7” :)

Power 50

The top 50 people with power in Asia.

More On ADSL

From Dark Magnet

After first seeing this site a month or two ago I’ve been keeping my eye on it and watching to see if anything had changed. Well in the last few days they have added some interesting stuff. They have added a 46 page proposal of sort explaining how ADSL work and what expectations they have for it. I look through most of it and took note of the most intersting parts that i thought people would want to see.

One of the most important questions people will be asking is “Will i be able to get ADSL?” Well here is the answer to that question. There is also a planned rollout of the service which is here.

If you look at the first pic and see the area in which you live with a triangle near it then i think you will also have to live within 2.5 KM of your local phone exchange.
Lucky for me i do, I am about 1.9 KM from it, and seems i can’t get cable then i guess i can look forward to this within the next few months or so.

Shit. I definitely live more than 2.5KM from the nearest phone exchange. Does that mean I don’t get ADSL? You have got to be kidding me. Please tell me that’s not true. Please. (If it is, there’s no way Telstra will get 90% population coverage by 2001.)

Hardware Key Logging

This is truly insidious. I wouldn’t mind a few of them :)

.COMming it

I attended a BIT colloquium today about the “dot com space”. Basically it regarded an overview of opening an internet-based firm and what needs to be done in order for one to consistently grow and prosper. One point I particularly agreed with was that a .com company is “an ordinary company with a special status”. An internet company has to be run in the same way a conventional company is run – management, service, budgeting and revenue are all factors which must be taken into account. The only difference is that .com companies are capitalising on a new and arguably revolutionary way to do business (that is, online). Ignore business fundamentals, and the .com will flop regardless. Developing an “enterprise-wide” vision is also important. There are so many .com companies that base themselves on a single product (example), hoping it will be a “killer app”. Unfortunately, you cannot run a business on a single product (especially not when you’re giving it out for free!) – you have to diversify and expand (except in ultra-rare cases such as ICQ, but they got bought out). Common sense tells us that a business that gives their one and only product to customers for free cannot last long without some wide, future-looking strategy.

The recent “stock market correction” in tech stocks have caused concern for many people. Too many people reckon that the “internet age” is over and that .comming it is no longer a prosperous proposition. That’s not right. The IT industry is bustling and still strong. True, consumer hype has pushed up stock prices and consequently overvalued many tech companies. However, this does not mean the industry is hollow. There is a strong foundation underneath it all and the e-business model is definitely sound. Many companies are caught up in a “race for IPO” and only envision short-term gains. I mean there are much more avenues for the IT industry to expand in to. The prospect of “m-commerce” is largely untapped (due to the wait for infrastructure and hardware to be developed) and this represents a huge future market (everyone has a mobile!). In my opinion though, whereas e-commerce was revolutionary in terms of a way to conduct business, m-commerce, although significant, is more evolutionary new (in the way e-commerce was new). It takes the internet and makes it very accessible. With all these things being developed, I don’t think the IT industry will quiet down for quite some time.

The colloquium, which had speakers from AC and Telstra (that guy was a hypocrite… he emphasised that .com companies were all about service, and that service was paramount in any firm that is internet-involved. Telstra as we all know, is not exactly renowned for its service) also, mostly, answered my question about – where do startups get their venture capital from? The guy from AC was in charge of an AC subsidiary which provided assistance for people looking to start up a .com business – right from idea development, funding, implementation, publicising and expanding. Additionally the company has links to various venture capitalists (like the Macquarie and Deutsche Banks). I guess the relative availability of venture capital funding has made the industry so attractive, and this both can produce spectacular successes, just as often as it makes spectacular flops. Whatever the future holds, however, I’m convinced I’m going to be involved in an exciting industry that I love.

Mobile Phone Transmission

Hey, the trains are running over an hour late tonight. Got to Central at 9.15. Still here.

May 00


The manager of a large office noticed a new man one day and told him to come into his office.

“What’s your name?” he asked the new guy.

“John,” the new guy replied.

The manager scowled, “Look… I don’t know what kind of a namby-pamby place you worked before, but I don’t call anyone by their first name. It breeds familiarity and that leads to a breakdown in authority. I refer to my employees by their last name only … Smith, Jones, Baker … That’s all. I am to be referred to only as Mr. Robertson. Now that we got that straight, what is your last name?”

The new guy sighed, “Darling. My name is John Darling.”

“Okay John, the next thing I want to tell you is…”



Phone call: “Our records show that you’ve purchased IBM products from us in the past. We’re wondering if you’re interested in purchasing some IBM Netfinity servers from us at all?” Reply: “First of all you’ve called the help desk, secondly, we’re a Netfinity reseller.”

Winzip 8

Is out. Not sure how long ago it was, but it’s out of beta now.

Mobile Phone Transmission

The train timetables have changed cos the airport line opened. Train times are all messed up now – there’s no order to it. Every train stops at diff stops.

May 00

Communal Crier

The Van Project


I have an el cheapo i740 graphics card in my other computer. I opened the case up tonight to stick in another 128 meg of RAM and I found that the heatsink had fallen off the damn video card. I saw today the Leadtek GeForce 2. It has a frigging big heatsink… if in the extremely unlikely event that that thing ever fell off, it’d damage whatever components were under it :) I got a few minor components for the new system today. An ABit Slotket, a card cooler with dual 6cm fans and two 8cm cooling fans.

On the topic of computer speakers, I’m looking at the idea of not buying computer designed speakers at all. Buying a 4.1 or 5.1 speaker Midi hifi system would give much better sound than any comp speakers (the THX certified designed-for-computers Klipsch Promedia with 400W of power looks good, but aren’t available in Oz unfortunately). Just gotta make sure the speakers are magnetically shielded.

May 00


Lotus Notes/Domino is an interesting way to serve a web site… but I prefer Cold Fusion and a conventional DB backend.

May 00

Just a Thought…

A WAP-enabled mobile phone and access to Google’s page… and you could absolutely own any trivia night/quiz you come across :) That would be cheating of course, but who would know? hehehe

Google Quiz 2

Google absolutely rules. 5 really obscure questions from computing history and the answers were always found on the first page of search results. “Congratulations on completing the Google Quiz. You got 5 out of 5 correct.” Of course, you have to put in the correct search terms… searching is an artform heh :)

Google Search Quiz

Google has a search quiz up.

Err… It just fell out of the car!

This must be embarassing.

Communal Crier

• Histandard.net
• Indulging the Masses
• Malignity
• Matt’s Homepage
• Online Epiphany
• Phukk
• Pointless
• The V-Lounge

• SynNet

• Bombshelter


• “i got killed off the server, already.” –sung (you don’t wanna know what this was about…)
• “Why isnt my name in bold anymore?” –Tom (nothing personal. Sometimes I miss a name on accident)
• “I think Fissure is the only one not on the millenium bandwagon… wait, nevermind..” –Tom (?)
• “Bad news Stu, According to PC Gamer, Team Fortress 2 is now slated to come out in 2001.  :(” –RegBarc (what?! And to think it was meant to come out real soon after Half-life as a mod…)
• “BoooOOooo!” –Speedy
• “I have nothing good to say.” –Spaz
• “Re: The Revolution Spins Around Again – I have to agree.  That post just hits the spot.  Inferno, you rule.” –Spaz
• “thanks for the birthday greeting. I must be really cool because I have seven windows open…” –G Starr
• “Yo, Stu, thanks for posting Scorch! I can’t believe you found that! I’ve been looking all over for it! PIMP! (StreetRod is better)” –Mr.Rebelo
• “Does anyone understand Japanese, I would LOVE to know whats going on here: http://www.planetnamek.com/humor/juicead.mov” –Tom


Millennium is not spelt with one ‘n’.

Responses to: The Revolution Spins Around Again (posted 15/5/00)

I completely agree. No two ways about that.
– RegBarc


On your post about the E/N community: When i first started reading E/N sites i was thinking “wow, this is cool! look at all these designers, and programmers doing sites, and linking to other people”. I must admit my first E/N site i viewed was Stileproject.com (my brother found it via Marlyn Mansons old site), then it was on to BAMF then Ramblings, then a few others, and i hit HearYe!.

Anyways, i do see a few sites which seem to be inovating, using some cool layouts, and such. But there seems to be a steady stream of people who just cut and paste the layout from someone else, and use the same script to update there websites. I can tell you i was pretty disappointed when i found out that the majority of e/n sites werent as innovative, and werent programs, just guys filling out scripts and posting stuff.

I still read E/N. But for a time i was so sick of seeing the same layout look that, that certain script outputs. I think E/N sites are fun, and they will always be around in one form or another. As long as there’s one guy who links to another guys site and mentions something on it, there will always be readers to go around.

You’ve seen one youve seen them all? Well, it all depends. Usually, if you go to one site, and then to a sub-domain on that site, yeah, they usually do look the same, or say the same things.  I would have to admit that i dont usually read more than one E/N site off of any given domain name. Why? well, theres usually a few people who post around on the different subdomains saying the same thing. Usually people on one site are friends of the people with a subdomain, which usually think alike.

Kinda gets a little dull reading the same thing over and over again. Domain wars get boring. People talking shit about other domains and such get old quickly. If ya dont like it, dont read it.

Sure, i have a few favorites, one being the site I designed, and wrote all the scripts for (but dont actually post on) Shattered.com. Then there’s Bence. Gotta love Jon and his bad back. I visit BAMF, and Stileproject(i wrote a script for him a while back which he uses almost on a daily basis). I read Pants2k.com, geeklife, Hear Ye!, and DID read Ramblings (back in the days).

Im sure from the list above, you can see that there IS a big difference in the types of E/N sites I go to. And different people go to different places for different reasons. (Ha, i didnt actually think i could get the word ‘different’ 3 times in one sentance and actually make SOME sence).

Now, i dont like to think im a “kid” (im 24 and a programmer for an e-commerce software developer) but i do like to read other peoples sites, and what interests other people… Why? Because it’s fun. And it wastes some time during my lunch break…

Keep up the good work guys…


i think the way i look at this e/n community, and how to be “successful” in it, is just the mentality you take into it.

i don’t know how to explain it, it’s just how it is. i hope you understand what im talking about.  i’m fairly new to this community, but i feel i made it very successfully, for the short while i’ve been here. im not talking hits wise, but… i learned alot, met alot of new people, and i enjoy the positive feedback i get. granted, people might judge their success by the amount of hits they get(evilnet), but if everybody thinks they have a crappy site, is it really THAT successful? these are just some random thoughts, i guess kind of in relation to what you were talking about on your page. i stand on the same grounds as tba on the mail he sent out just before he removed himself from the list. and i wanted to ask you, do you agree on there being a “social hierarchy” in e/n?  like, some people are understood as, higher in the e/n ladder than others, but people mistaking their positions? hehe. yea, see ya later.


“e/n” may die, but it’ll be back under a new alias in no time. Another group out there on the internet we have no idea about is probably coining their own terms about freeform writing/journalism. and that quoted paragraph applys everywhere. gaming sites are all the same as well. But they still strive. “Although themes vary from one “gaming” site to the next, they usually contain the same generic layout, the same stolen news articles, and links to the same 10-20 “gaming” and “review” sites. ” right? It applys everywhere. That’s about as strong as a generic quote from a mad lib. Apply it to the daily news at yahoo, cnn, whatever. It’s still the same. But from the looks of it, nobodys dying (or is in the process of dying) over there.


Who really cares, why are peopling aruging over who is E/N and who is not? I keep my site going for the fun of it and the stuff I learn from it. I get usually 15-20 hits on a good day, I could really care less, sure lots of hits would be nice because I could share my opinions with more people, but it’s not something I worry about. I would say most people just do their sites for fun and don’t worry about what everyone thinks. Also how do people classify an E/N site just by its looks? Personally I can’t tell much difference between a weblog an E/N site or any other site, and I don’t see why it even matters at all, the writing is how you tell the difference. How is E/N going to die? Despite all of the followers out there, some people try to be unique, they try to stand out. Those are the people who get new things started. What I do is try to update my site before I even go to another E/N site that way I have no chance of copying their material. But even if people do copy the material everyone adds their own humor and sarcasm into it, so they aren’t alike anyways. Ok I think I ranted on enough there. By the way, keep up the good work.


my comments were not directed towards the e/n community as a whole, but rather towards the new sites which exist only to leech creative content from others. these people are obviously just trying to be part of the latest trend. am i the only one who sees this? i dont know about you, but i cant respect a follower.
– Mike


I feel bad. I started building a website a month ago before I found e/n, and then I thought.. hey, look, these sites are like mine. All I knew about was stiles site and I wanted to have a voice like stile without being stile. So I suddenly start bitching about how e/n is uncreative. Well I believe it, e/n won’t die, but the only sites that will survive are the ones who use the forum to create original content. I’m afraid that all of the copycat sites will water down e/n so much that you won’t know who the real e/n sites are anymore.
My site will be the first one to get better.

Indulging the Masses has a rant about e/n too.

Computing Audio Site

Awesome. My cuz found a site that focuses on computer audio (tons of speaker and soundcard reviews): 3D Sound Surge.

May 00

New “She Hates my Futon” Chapter

Nice and long, and it only took a whole year to get to us. View Chapter 23. What’s this I’m talking about? “She Hates My Futon” is a novella, which starts here. Be warned – it’ll chew up hours of your time before you know it.

Ce/nsus – Final Call

Well guys, I must say the response to the Census has been tremendous. Due to the joys of timezones (May 19 is tomorrow in Australia, but 2 days away in the US), the census will be up for another 48 hours only. Sometime late on Saturday, I will shut down access to the database and census form and begin the long and tedious task of sorting through all the entries. I don’t know when another census will take place (or if another one ever will), so beat the deadline and get your submission in now! Many thanks all.

Oracle Sucks

Oracle Form Builder is the WORST development program I have ever used.

May 00


Something of passing interest happened yesterday when I was heading home on the train. We’d just crossed the Harbour Bridge and entered the tunnel and the train pulled to a stop in the middle of nowhere. Nothing unusual there – that was standard procedure for CityRail in peak hour. Then the airconditioning turned off, the engine powered off, and finally half the carriage lights went off. And there was silence. I mean, complete and utter silence. A packed out train carriag e with a peak hour crowd and no more standing room, and you couldn’t hear a single noise. There was someone turning the page in a novel in the semi-darkness, but that was about it.

Udder Insanity

The latest Office game and productivity killer :) But fun! heh

Neverwinter Nights @ E3

From FiringSquad:

One is the more secure method to prevent cheating – store the character on a server and that way no one can get an unfair advantage over anyone else, unless it’s the server operator. However, this has the drawback of limiting your play to that single server, which can limit your advancement and especially interaction with other players, since you’re probably going to find yourself playing with the same people the whole time. This won’t be bad if the other pla y ers are all friends of yours (one of BioWare’s key goals was to promote interaction among friends), but the opportunities to meet new people like this will be limited.

Is anyone thinking what I am thinking this is crying out for? :)

Boot Sequence

A technical explanation of a computer’s Boot Sequence. Includes info on BIOS and Hard Drive Boot records, and exactly what happens after you power on your computer etc.

May 00

Palm Dopewars

I high scored with $48.43 million in Dopewars today on my Palm :) Sweet.

Need Bandwidth

Yeah, this is definitely me. :Þ

Birthday Greets

Happy 22nd Birthday, Dom! Drop TBA a mail, or visit Brain-damage. Over two months without lighting up… I’d say he’s pretty much kicked smoking (as far as cravings go).


Thanks guys, your (lack of) maturity has made 10% of the list unsubscribe in the last 24 hours. You know who you idiots are.

The Revolution Spins Around Again

As with everything in life, E/N has cycles. Mood swings, more precisely. We’re going through a trough again. I get the distinct feel of discontent across the community. Perhaps E/N is overpopulated and has begun choking on its own waste? Perhaps it’s a temporary downturn? I mean, doesn’t the paragraph beneath look oh-so-familiar?

“E/N” is a new genre of website run mostly by people who lack creativity and hunger for attention. If you’ve seen one, you’ve basically seen them all, as most of these sites are nothing more than recycled pieces of shit. Although themes vary from one “E/N” site to the next, they usually contain the same generic layout, the same stolen news articles, and links to the same 10-20 “weird” and “shocking” sites. Nobody knows where it all began, but in my opinion, the demise of the “E/N” fad is long overdue.

There are periods where people peer into the community, see a bunch of thriving sites, are entralled and decide they want to be involved in the community. Then there are periods like this, where people peer in and see a bunch of bickering, petty sites and immediately distance themselves from it all. My my, hasn’t the small, but tight, community of 98/99 twisted into something ugly such that people make comments on it like the one above?

The question is – is E/N a fad? What is a fad? “A fashi o n that is taken up with great enthusiasm for a brief period of time; a craze.” No doubt, E/N has been undertaken with enthusiasm. This can be seen not only by the sheer number of sites that have sprung up, but also by the sheer number of sites saying, “this is the kind of site I’ve always wanted to do!” Especially note the sites that say, “I just created this site to express my creativity. I made my site before I even knew what E/N was.” The fact that you didn’t know what E/N was doesn’ t mean it can’t be classed as one – E/N at heart is a genre that only later developed into a community. And that is what E/N is about – an easy way to express whatever creativity you want. So, that leaves the “for a brief period of time” statement. How long is brief? The fact is, E/N was built upon strong foundations (indeed, before the term was coined) in 1998. How can I assert this? Well, it is interesting to note that the majority of sites created in 98 and early 99 are still around (and the s e are sites that started up when there was no established community to draw “inspiration” or motivation from – yes, motivation). If E/N is a fad, then the whole genre should die within the space of a couple years (which is already a long period of time when you consider the Internet). I see no signs of the genre dying. Perhaps the community may shrink, but in my point of view, that reflects the establishment of an equilibrium (or attainment of some sort of maturity), not the death of E/N. None t heless, time will tell. Disagree? Comments?

May 00


Pricepoint is a computing hardware/software/office equipment price monitoring site for Australia. Finally, an Aussie price monitor.

GeForce 2 GTS In Australia!

10 cards made it into Aus. I’ve found two places that are flogging it for about $670 – Computer Market Online and EYO. It’s a 32MB Leadtek model.


Well, I thought this was amusing.
Person 1: “You mean, you can have more than one browser window open at a time?”
Person 2: “Yes, when you’re power browsing it’s usual to have 2 or even 3 windows open at once.”

Communal Crier

Has a location been, at long last, finalised for an E/N IRC channel? Perhaps. Time will tell. Seems to have gained some measure of community acceptance. I mean, if sung’s chatting on it right now, something must be going right :). Server: irc.unigrinder.com Channel: #E/N

• Evil Oliver

• Baefed (and the Baefed network)

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Small World

Anthony (who keeps a blog) is actually only two degrees of separation from me (via Bridget).

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• “Yeah! Team E/N has officially passed 1 year of processing time! And you have about 80% of it! Haha.” –Justin
• “what??! you never told ME happy birthday” –G Starr (oops… now I’m in trouble… Happy belated birthday to you too)
• “I hate AOL!!! Damn chain letters! I feel like I’m in 6th grade!” –Tom

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On #E/N…


During the 5 minutes of my stay I was flooded by a script kiddie joining hundreds of clones and taking the channel over, I saw a kline message calling someone “jew” and finally I was kicked out of the channel without a warning.

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Bypassing the Napster Ban

Beat the Napster Ban. (Thanks Burga)

Venture Capital

America has too much money.

In relation to your post the other day, there are actually venture capital companies out there that do that. They look for small up and coming companies that only have a lack of funds holding them back. They will basically do a thorough investigation of them and determine if they are actually likely to go anywhere. If it does look worthwhile, they will throw the capital at them expecting massive returns on it…


[…] Generally speaking, when it comes to computer/Internet related ideas there are people lining up to hear and invest in  the “next big thing”. It is a growth/growth market, after all. I have to admit, I’m not exactly sure who to approach to sell an idea, but there are firms out there that do nothing but invest in ideas and put the money up to complete and market a product. Since I didn’t actually create Napster, I haven’t done my homework and researched firms that could or would potentially invest in my product. :)

The process can work in reverse, but I don’t think that happens too often.
Alien Hate

That’s the trick, finding someone to approach. Thanks guys. And no, I don’t have any business ideas I need capital for. I was just curious, after missing my train that night and having to wait 30 mins for the next one. (But in the future, this info could be handy :).

“Blind” Phone Number

Where the hell did you pull this phone number from, Joel?? (02) 8250 0327. I hope Aspect doesn’t log phone calls…

Silly Me

As Johnathan and Charlie pointed out, Romeo Must Die is not directed by Joel Silver, it’s produced by him. RMD was directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak, and The Matrix by the Wachowski bros.

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May 00

Communal Crier

Has a location been, at long last, finalised for an E/N IRC channel? Perhaps. Time will tell. Seems to have gained some measure of community acceptance. I mean, if sung’s chatting on it right now, something must be going right :). Server: irc.unigrinder.com Channel: #E/N

• Dark Magnet – spiffy

• endo locusta credo


• “Yeah! Team E/N has officially passed 1 year of processing time! And you have about 80% of it! Haha.” –Justin (Have you joined up yet? Join Now! Keep your Seti client running as “always running”. It will run at low priority meaning it will step aside if any other program needs cpu time. In other words, you won’t drop frames when you fire up Quake.)
• “My dad has a mug that his dad gave to him (when he was 8) that says “Talk is cheap.. Until you hire a lawyer.” My dads now a lawye” –Russ
• “I think this is a typo: $4.95 a month for a T1 connection… some gimmick, gotta be.” -Tom
• “mmmmm…. broadband…. makes me feel all warm and gushy inside.  You’ll understand… someday =)” –Solo (bastard! stop taunting me! Just because you have access to OC-3 doesn’t mean you can torment the peasants :)
• “we should have a tetrinet clan.” –sung (yes… tetrinet… legendary games… really wasted my time in year 12. Really, someone should open up an e/n clan/gaming centre heh)
• “unf?” –gimp
• “my dad even makes fun of sung.” –opp
• “It’s my birthday today – my 21st… damn, where’d I leave my walking frame.  XD” –Phil (cheers and Happy -Belated- Birthday Phil!!)
• “How has the human race survived this long with the average intelligence level so low??” –Venus (look at it this way – there are stupider races on this planet and they survive…)
• “Hey Inferno, try Venturecapitalists.com =] (leave it to the business student to point that out, haha)” –Venus (sound advice :)
• “dope wars 2.0 beta is out!” –Wabut (anyone have a copy of it?)

Scorched Earth

What a classic DOS game.


This mp3 Shaf sent me is incredible. It’s of some guy singing in Hindi. But what makes it incredible, is he sings for about 2.5 minutes straight on one breath (ie: he never refills his lungs for the entire duration of his singing). It’s no coincidence the song is called Breathless. Amazing. I swear, it makes you breathless just listening to it.

Mobile Phones & Nematodes

More bad news.

Romeo Must Die

Gang movies involving Asian actors speaking English invariably end up, at best, as B-Grade movies (don’t even remind me of the shocking movie that was Mr Nice Guy). I can say that Romeo Must Die was an exception. When the director’s name (Joel Silver) flashed up in the opening credits, I was thinking, “gee he sounds familiar.” Indeed, he directed The Matrix and the influence from that movie comes through very strongly in the fight scenes. One thing though – remember Shlonglor’s comments about a lack of wide angle shots? That’s quite true. Small gripe, though. Watch this if you want to see a nice action flick on a Friday night and don’t mind hip-hop music :)

Fatima Mystery

Bahh… the third vision was all hyped up :P (Regards the Fatima visions where a few kids saw the virgin Mary who gave them three prophecies, the last of which has not been revealed until now.)

May 00

Mobile Phone Transmission

Question: Where exactly do startup companies get their venture capital from?? (And so much of it?)

May 00

Slashdot vs MS

Interesting stuff brewing on Slashdot. I’m not particular familiar with the DMCA, nor the full circumstances of the situation, but what I found particularly interesting are the user comments.

So many /. readers are utterly biased that they close their eyes, cover their ears and start screaming at MS. The fact is, if indeed /. has material in user comments that is clearly copyrighted by Microsoft (not links to, but actual copy and pasted material), then /. should be under obligation to remove them. Isn’t it fair to say that an information service should not be liable for what users post, but upon being made aware that there are illegal activities occurring (breach of copyright in th i s respect), they should be under obligation to remove such material?

As for this comment, “If I posted a list of 100 stolen credit card numbers to Slashdot, would they remove that?” and its reply, “No, but they (gov’t) should put yo’ ass in jail. If they could find you… You do know that the FBI reads /., right?” I shake my head. You’re telling me that /. would refuse to remove credit card numbers on the basis of “free speech” and the fact that site users wrote that? Dodgy. There are intelligent comments amongst the rabble, though.

Tricky, Tricky

Salon: Napster throws Metallica a Curveball.

Component #2?

Last month I posted about getting 512MB RAM. The chips haven’t been touched. In fact, they’re still sitting in a box with the other 768MB of RAM my cousin ordered. Why? Cos I’ve got no mobo to put them in (actually my current system could do with more ram, but I’ve been too damn lazy to grab a screwdriver and open up the case). I’m also waiting for my bank account to recover. One of these new 16x Pioneer DVD drives would be nice. Still shopping around for the best price for a SBLive! Plat w/ LiveDrive 2. Lowest I’ve found so far is at Pioneer computers for ~$420. Might be buying a case with a 400W power supply next week (only $20 more than a 300W, so why not? :) I won’t have anything to put into it, but that won’t stop me from adding fans and all that cooling shiznitz to it. And a GeForce 2 GTS would be nice… albeit fricking expensive.


After today, I only have 7 weeks of work left. Then I can get back to being a full time uni bludger.

Telcos Suck

I can’t help it, but there is a massive grin on my face (read with regards to yesterday’s post):

FUCK OPTUS!!!!!!!!!!! There’s been a problem and the installation has been moved to the 22nd of June, which is more than a months wait.

I’ve been waiting for cable since December last year. I think I should just cancel this bloody application and pretend cable never existed. It’s let me down far too many times.

I AM NOT going to believe I’ll get it 22/6 … I AM NOT going to believe I’ll get it 22/6 … I AM NOT going to believe I’ll get it 22/6

Hmm… you’re probably thinking. Hmm.. Dave… that’s what you get for rubbing it in the face of someone who won’t be getting it in the coming year. =) Geez.

Try, “someone who won’t be getting it in the upcoming decade”. I live in rural Australia here (or at least on the boundary of where rural meets urban)… we get Foxtel Pay TV by satellite and the street I’m on has underground electricity/phone cables anyhow so even if it does come to Camden, they’re not going to tear up the neighbourhood to lay new cables in a hurry.

When the going gets tough…

“The company said it would allow computer manufacturers to drop Microsoft’s Internet Explorer desktop icon, and also promised to prominently feature any software, including from Microsoft rivals, on the Windows desktop.” And more.

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n0\/\/ j00 C4|\| $P3@|< LIkE @N l33+ |-|4c|<3R, TO0 \/\/Ith thI5 TRa|\|5l4t0r. [or]

n0w J00 C4n 5pe@K LIK3 @N l33t H4CkeR, +00 w1+H th1S +r4n$lat0r. [or]

Now you can speak like an elite hacker, too with this translator.


Just a reminder… one week until the census closes! Need about 20 more entries to make it a round 400 submissions, so if you haven’t filled it out, please do so!

May 00

E-Mail: “Cable in a week. Not rubbing it in this time.”

Dam. Did u know that 1 week may not sound like a lot but its like eternity when you’re in my position. You’ll understand … someday . =)


Dave, I’m gonna kill you. :Þ

@ Detonate.net

Whassup?! Matrix-style.

Online Diary

This one’s a little different – it’s written from the chilly netherregions of Antarctica.

Communal Crier

Markside has release an e/n “top sites” chart akin to many of those dodgy Warez and MP3 “top 50” sites. It’s here. Those lists suffer from the snowball effect. Nonetheless, it’s interesting.

• Paranoia – is back. They never left the sidebar, actually – that’s how badly it’s maintained.
• WorlDomination – Was wondering when someone would name their site that.


• “We’ve got a couple of Cisco Aironet Wireless PCMCIA cards and Host stations around the office…they’re pretty neat…..and really easy to set up too…..and they look pretty cool as well…i fully recommend them” –Shaf
• “A diablo2 clan, yes. And definately a TF2 one. (Note to self: kick irish in balls.)” –Silverweed
• “sung sucks eh?” –sung (if you say so, mate)
• “I want an airport for MY pc…” –GStarr
• “what is irish’s gender? usually I think female, then male, then…nope…definitely female” –GStarr
• “Irish:  1×1 SOF Death Match…..[and it’s through, not threw…]….oh..& bitch!” –entdiablo
• “I was strolling through the park one day. In the merry merry month of May, when I was taken by surprise, by a pair of German thighs, so I fucked her all today!” –Tom (uh…)
• “Hear Ye is like the Times Square of E/N” –Spaz

The Great Blog-Off

It’s some type of blogging competition. Intriguing. I’m not sure how it works exactly, though…


I have nothing to post about today :/. Except that one of these would be sooo handy in tech support. I want. (It’s a Swiss Army Knife geared for techies)

Searchable List-en Archives

I’d forgotten all about this: Search List-en Archives.

Na na na na

Which state won the first State of Origin match? Huh? Huh?! :)

May 00

In Case You’re Interested…

How DNS Works.

Communal Crier

• Beyond Teen Loser (formerly House of Reign)

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• “Don’t worry baby… ::strokes thigh:: no one will blame you with me here… ::puts arm around Inferno’s back::” –RegBarc (*shudder*)
• “Yo, sfingaz from Big Hairy Balls here. Just wondering dude, how did you implement that SMS gateway?” –Cameron (Since you’re Aussie, go here -> SMSMeBaby and get your mobile an e-mail address)
• “entdiablo: 1×1 half-life deathmatch. bitch.” –Irish (I’d like to see that. I mean, I’d really like to see that.)
• “James: What is up with Ramblings, man?! I’m going threw withdrawl from lack of posting! E-mail me, man.” –Irish (Hey! This is not a message relaying service.)

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Yet To Be Seen?

A gaming clan for the E/N community. Perhaps when Diablo II comes out? (Although the clan will probably end up fighting itself :)

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Misc Mobile Phone Info

Various miscellania. See the innards of a Nokia.

An AirPort for the PC

You know how iBooks have the AirPort for wireless net connectivity? Now PCs can have it too (wireless net connectivity, not the AirPort). It’s more practical than pretty (compared to the Mac’s AirPort).

Military Quotes


May 00

Communal Crier

• Guruchild.com


• “Stu, list-en kicks ass.” –SilverWeed
• “notes on niterider – buy a car stu – ya skumbag – an drive down tha shops an buy me some bacon” –billyjoebob
• “who is this? im on to you….” –minus
• “GayRegBarc? wtf?” –RegBarc112 (*shrug* don’t look at me)
• “Why DID the chicken cross the road?  Cuz there was a KFC and he was hungry!  HAHAHAH!” –Surebrec
• “For Irish:  Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand…..think about it.” –entdiablo

Portal Updated

Added a shopping portal to the portal. I only am affiliated with Amazon :)

$1 Handsfree Mobile Phone Kit

Bargain!!! (Thanks Pete)

Hi, I am now helping my friend in selling mobilephones products and would like your support, especially those with handphones.

He is selling a New French product, a handsfree mobile kit that is universal for most of our market’s models. Cost only 149FRS…converted to AUD is roughly $1.00 each. Models compatible : all models of Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola,Siemens, Samsung, Sony.

For those who want to retail, there will be a special discount for big lots.

Please see picture for details…

May 00


Word game for IRC: Fragnut


• “2 PM and all is well. 3 PM and all is well. 4 PM… Ahh! Huns! RUN! AHHHHHH!” –Tom (couldn’t help but smile at this one :)
• “everyone has to send me love notes on Tuesday–my birthday (picasso@huntel.net)” –GStarr
• “Conform with us damn you.” –Spaz

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Couldn’t resist and finally stuck Dopewars on my Palm today.

Online Shopping

Just noticed Buy.com has an Australian branch. It’s selling the Intellimouse Explorer at a bargain price: AU$71. Wishlist is another nice Aussie e-commerce site orientated at giftware. What makes it interesting is that it’s an early implementor of WAP access, so with the right mobile, you can order goods via your phone. M-commerce (for some reason that just doesn’t sound as catchy as e-commerce). It’s starting.


Entrancing battle scenes, stunningly realistic depictions of the ancient Roman empire (especially the streets of Rome and the German landscape) and credible performances from Russell Crowe and crew. There’s a few reasons why this movie made over $1 million in Australia over its opening weekend. See it on the big screen – it does the opening battle justice.

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May 00

Mobile Phone Transmission

Being alone in Campbelltown at 3.30am is an experience I can do without for a very, very long time.

Mobile Phone Transmission

First time on a Nightride bus. Gonna be a long trip back to Campbelltown. As to how I’m gonna get to Camden? No idea. But that’s part of the fun :)

May 00

Communal Crier

• DX5
• KillPussy.com

• Another Brad Klaus Production


• “Hey theseus, #E/N #E/N #E/N #E/N #E/N #E/N, btw, i know you love the strugglers mail flame :P” –Alecks
• “Would anyone believe Stile if he faked his death by heart attack?  From having sex with a woman?” –KPC
• “if your torn between suicide and homicide, just go on a killing spree until the pigs kill your ass.  then, you become the victim.” –red scare
• “can you beleive it? for the first time in human history – there is NO-ONE in my icq contact list online – i have 283 contacts ffs!” –billyjoebob
• “Shakespears World has been facelifted please let you readers know” –Shakespear
• “5/5 is my birthday.  If its a doomsday then Ill get the greatest present ever.” –Jonez
• “You’re lookin’ good in the Daily Tele!  Cor blimey, you could make a man turn.  =D” –Phil (don’t get any ideas, mate :)
• “Aww, c’mon Stu. If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine. :)” –Dennis
• “hey looks like stileproject is down – have you heard anything?? how am i supposed to get thru the day w/out scat pr0n?? ….. bacon” –billybaconbob
• “¿Yo quireo blowjob? Stile can go blow a goat. Slipknot rules.  If you think differently, screw you :(.” –Surebrec
• “Where do you get all that He said/She said stuff? It’s utter crap.” –Bonhomme de Neige (interesting to see some people haven’t worked out the Soapbox yet)
• “Nostradomus meant May 5th CENTRAL time of course?  Why would he base his apocalyptic prediction on any other timezone?” –sonic junkie (hm was America colonised at the time that guy was around? Don’t think so…)
• “You stayed up all night to babysit the computers?  I bet you had fun on New Year’s Eve r.e. Y2K.  :D” –Phil (no 5/5/2000 is not a computer malfunction date – it’s a universe malfunction date, or it was meant to be :) heh and I was overseas on Y2K far away from any computer :)
• “OK,Ok, I admit it, I made about half the wazzaap pics you see, some of the Alien ones too. Ok, Elian the Alien, what next. Well..” –Tom
• “FUCK! I opened the Iloveyou virus… I feel like your dad after fucking your mom without a condom on, entdiablo. :o(” –Irish
• “But, ofcourse I was at work wasting my break on their comuter and shit, so I don’t really give two fucks anyway. Hah!” –Irish
• “Whooo areee youuu? Who? Who? Who? Who? Tell me! Tell me! Who r u?” –Irish
• “Creating Hierarchical Menus 1_5/4… PLEASE wait while your computer freezes…” –Tom
• “I like cookies…” –Scratch

Riddle Ye! VI Solution

I take it that since there are no posted riddle solutions, you haven’t received any…that is really really poor!! Shame on them.

(I am somewhat unwilling to provide this as noone even had an attempt…)
Let us split the coins up into 3 piles of 4. We weigh two of them against each other.

Case 1 – They weigh the same.
That means the counterfeit is among the remaining four. Take two of them, and weigh them one against the other.
If they are equal, take off one and put on one of the remaining 2. If they are still equal the remaining one is fake, if the one you put on is heavier or lighter then that is the fake. (3 weighings)
If they aren’t equal, take off one and replace it with a real coin. If the scales don’t shift, then the one left on them is fake, if they balance out, the one you removed is a fake. (3 weighings)

Case 2 – They are not the same.
That means that the 4 remaining coins are real, and the counterfeit is among those eight. One side of the scales will be higher than the other. We then take 3 coins from the bottom plate and put them aside, take 3 coins from the top plate and put them on the bottom plate, and take 3 real coins (from the 4 we haven’t weighed) and put them on the top plate.
If nothing happens, the counterfeit is one of the 2 we didn’t move. Weigh one against a real coin – if the same, the other is fake, if different, it is fake. (3 weighings)
If the scales balance out, that means we have removed the real coin, and therefore it is one of the 3 we removed, and heavier than a real one (as they were off the bottom plate). Then, weigh two of the 3 against each other – if one is heavier, that’s the fake, if they are the same, the third is the fake. (3 weighings)
If the scales change (ie. the top plate becomes the bottom one), then we have moved the counterfeit coin from the (former) top to the (former) bottom. Therefore it is one of the 3 we moved thus, and it is lighter than a real coin (it was on the top plate). Then, weigh 2 of the 3 against each other. If the same, the third is fake, if one is lighter, it is fake. (3 weighings).

There you go…not that hard now was it?
Bonhomme de Neige

Cable Whores

This and this are just obscene, ok? (It’s off Optus cable, btw, not BPA.) Dave ya bastard, stop gloating… :)

Daikatana Gone Gold

Daikatana, the Quake 2 killer, finally went gold after about a decade of development :Þ

Reader’s Digest

This month’s Reader’s Digest had two articles I found really interesting, so I scanned them (about 300kb/article). The first is on the topic of sleep and raises some interesting points about it. How you can fall asleep for a few seconds, even with your eyes open (and how they experimentally determined this), how sleep affects health, lifestyle, mood and quality of life. It also explains why most people feel really awake at 9am and 9pm, with a trough at 3pm. Right now I have a sleep debt so large I might as well declare bankruptcy.

The second is about shyness and social phobia – what causes it, what it means, how to get over it etc. If you see the “spectrum of shyness” on the second scanned page, I’d probably be very close come under, believe it or not, “extreme shyness”. In certain, very very specific situations, maybe even social phobia. Or maybe that’s the product of low self-esteem? Or lack of sleep? Or all three :)

“Shyness is a nearly universal human trait. Almost everyone has bouts of it, and half of university students surveyed describe themselves as shy. But at some life juncture, according to one study, one out of eight people become so timid that they suffer from social phobia. During certain kinds of encounters, the heart races, palms sweat, the mouth goes dry, words vanish, thoughts become cluttered and an urge to escape takes over.”


Pages like this are a virtual deathtrap. Do you really think Hotmail Admin has an account at pass_opert@hotmail.com? And why would Hotmail allow employees to have access to user passwords? That’s a violation of privacy. My guess, is that if you did what that page said, your Hotmail account’s password would be mysteriously changed the next day. Very slimy and a nice example of “hacking” (oh sorry – cracking) via social engineering.

May 00


Raging, Altavista’s copy of Google, simply isn’t as good as at searching as Google is. They sure look similar, though.

Network Diagrams

Fluke Network Inspector + Visio = Pretty network diagrams. Interesting that Visio is now owned by MS too.


Jes never get tired of it… Whasssssup?

Another Virus Scare

The LoveLetter Worm (more frequently referred to as the “I Love You” virus) has been causing a bit of a fuss today. It’s basically a VB Script file, so you can view it and be safe, as long as you don’t run it (viewable in ASCII text here, via Camworld), and also here’s a full description of it.


Look at the date. Oh. The world hasn’t ended yet. Read up on it.

May 00

Beta Signups

Now: Diablo II B.Net Stress Test
Within hours: Dark Reign II Beta


George Lucas has finally bowed to fan pressure, regained his senses, and is going to release Star Wars on DVD! It won’t be out this year, however, but it will come out :). Discovered via Techno Weenie.

More On Sleep

This is an interesting article on sleep – always a fascinating topic. It it it links to this site, which is researching sleep and getting people to submit to them a “sleep diary”. Also on that site is “40 facts about sleep”, including things like: the World Record for staying awake is over 18 days (during which the person experienced hallucinations etc.) and going 17 hours without sleep affects you the same way as having a 0.05 blood alcohol content (hey that’s me today… woke at 6am, drove home at 10.30pm). Really interesting.

In The News

Here’s the article I was in. (I took out my pic cos I reckon it’s crap heh… yeah I know – I’m no fun at all :). Some of my thoughts about the article: I’m not 19, I’m 18. I did not say I “collect EN [sic]” – that sentence doesn’t even make sense. I recall saying the site was E/N. Not all “interesting” news I post about is useless – some of it can be significant. And I don’t think anyone buys that psychology mumbo-jumbo that Kip Williams spouted. Nor did I get a direct link/plug (so I got bugger all hits from it). But hey, it’s a tabloid :). I keep this site because it’s fun, engaging, develops my design and technical skills and it’s memorable (in the way I can look back on events in life and the world). I don’t bare my soul here (though I may choose to do so should I be in the mood, that’s missing the point – this isn’t a diary).


Reading a long list of small facts is a great way to kill time :)


Tomorrow. It’s too late now.

May 00

Mobile Phone Transmission

It’s bizarre when people sitting around me on the train are reading the Daily Tele. Like right now.

Daily Tele

Sydney-sider? Check out Page 16 of the Daily Telegraph. Yes, Hear Ye! and a reference to the E/N community made it to print media :) However it seems they lost my URL and misquoted me, but that’s the media for you :)

So True

Mobile…Palm…Wallet…Pen…Train Ticket…Car Keys…

Fact Found Inside a Packet of Chips

An army clerk requisitioning a $6.04 light globe typed the wrong code number and accidentally received a $28,000, 7 ton ship’s anchor. No one noticed the army base was hundred of kilometres from the ocean.

Mmm Uptime

You don’t get 29 days of uptime with Win98, nosiree.

View From the Office

This is the view I have at work. Sometime in the mid-morning, they switch the traffic flow direction of 3 lanes and I’ve never caught them doing it, yet. Look down, look back up and suddenly the cars are travelling the opposite direction.

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May 00


Hey why does Google have a UFO on their frontpage today?


That date ring a bell with anyone? Yes, that’s right. It’s one of those doomsday dates.

Communal Crier

• Full Waffle Jacket
• Honest Jony
• l33t p1mps
• Wit’s End

• Absolute Zero
• Wired-abuse

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• “Maybe I shouldnt have made that promise… Ive popped 10 niggas already and it is only 5 mins…” –Tom
• “BTW, what are the “x,” and the “aussie flag” picture next to the links on the left for?” –Irish (uh… it should be fairly evident)
• “I’m so white that if you saw me in the dark, you’d ‘prolly mistake me for a ghost. :'(” –Irish
• “this census sucks…there are too many unnessecary questions” –G Starr (see today’s census post for a reply)
• “nice site..  gee i wonder how many msgs you get like this a day..” –DRACO
• “mmmmmmmmmmmm………chicken…..mmmmmmmm” –Spaz
• “Do you post all of these SMS you get? And wtf does SMS stand for?” -SaltyBalz (SMS = Short Message Services. And I only post on this site the SMSes I get through the site.)

  11:00pm (GMT +10.00)  •  SMS  •  Tweet This  •  Add a comment  • 


If this page is loading up slow for you, I suggest you select the “shrink list” link above The List (on the sidebar). This will permanently chop the list down to about 12 sites for you (click expand list again to view all sites).

Foreign Speed Traps

It’s a global listing of road speed traps. I don’t know how accurate or up-to-date the info is, but it might be worth checking out anyway. Here’s the NSW traps page (hah it’s got the plates of unmarked police vehicles there).

Win ME Beta 3

The “Windows SuperSite” has a review of WinME Beta 3. Looks to be coming along quite nicely. Given how I’ve gotten used to the stability of Windows 2000 (it just feels stable), I wonder if the updated interface of WinME would make it seem deceptively stable, when in fact it will crash about as often as Win98?


It’s gone off again. Shag pissed Theseus off, and the next thing you know, there are 50 new e-mails in the inbox. This is all quite amusing to watch (in a sadistic sort of way :), although if you’re not in the mood for it, it’s real easy to be ticked off by it. My opinion? Quit plugging #e/n on list-en every second hour, ok? There’s been heaps of problems setting up a central e/n IRC channel, simply because people can’t agree where to go. I think the main feeling behind an e/n channel is that it would be nice to have a place where e/nners can lurk all day and chat on. The problem is no one can agree on where to centralise it. (See Synnet’s take on this)

  11:00pm (GMT +10.00)  •  E/N  •  Tweet This  •  Add a comment  • 

Win 2000 Compatibility List

Find out what hardware and, more importantly, what games are Win 2K compatible (also suggests remedies if a game does not work out-of-the-box with it). Thanks Ajamedor.


“That barstead inferno wants to know your age race how much money u make i saw screw you inferno”

I see that even a clear disclaimer, repeated twice, still does not prevent stupidity (besides, I never asked for income). Anyway, I can defend my choice of questions with ease. I don’t know about the USA, but in Australia we have a census every 5 years. It is compulsory to fill out and mail in. It comprises of a questionnaire spread over 10+ pages and asks questions that are far more probing than the 5-minute ones I have. Check out a range of stats from Australia’s 1996 census (as you can see it lists a ton of things including: religion, citizenship, citizenship before naturalisation, english proficiency, age left school, income, qualifications, race/ethnicity etc. etc.). Not only that, but it’s The Man you’re submitting your details to. Of course, most of the people complaining are under 18 and have never even seen a real life census form, let alone filled one out.

  11:00pm (GMT +10.00)  •  E/N  •  Tweet This  •  Add a comment  • 

Red Alert 2

Kept under wraps for a while, Red Alert 2 is Westwood’s “sequel” to Red Alert. Let’s hope it fares better than Tiberium Sun, which flopped pretty badly in my mind (gameplay-wise).

One Big Happy Family

You’ve seen it before. You’ll come across a page where someone has put up their pic. And they’ll have such a rude head that you just can’t help but burst out laughing. What if these people all lived in one family? Shocking. Shockingly funny :). Thanks Gavern.

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Slate: The Size of Shopping Carts

Often changes in very specific things in society reflect changes going on with the whole of society. Slate looks at how the size of shopping carts (the physical kind!) has changed over the decades and what we can deduce about society’s traits at the time with regards to income, time management, technological change and even our choice of pie! It’s pretty intriguing – the amount of extrapolation you can achieve with such a simple starting point. Thanks Fuzz *”*!

  11:00pm (GMT +10.00)  •  Culture  •  Tweet This  •  Add a comment  • 

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