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May 00

WTF is this?

Speaking of classics, I have this almost 2 decade old computer sitting in the study (which is used as a storeroom), and I can’t work out what it is. It’s got a 300bps modem in it and I recall, back when dad used to use it, that it had a colour display. It’s manufactured by Acorn and was produced (?) by the British Broadcasting Corp. I’m clueless. It actually still powers up, but it needs a cable to connect the monitor to the computer (which has since gone missing). A weird cable too – what looks like a SCART connector on one end, and the other I can’t work out. Here’s a pic of the back of it – if you can identify any of the connectors, let me know please. Sorry, it’s really blurred. The RGB port is circular and has 6 holes. Video Out is a hollow protrusion with a pin in the middle of it. I’m not sure which connects up to the monitor.

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