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Jul 99

Party Tricks

Another one. As seen in Dumb and Dumber (damn that movie sucked). It’s right at the bottom.

ICQ 99b

Remember I made that posting about the new version of ICQ and it’s limited Alpha test? It’s genuine, but looks like ICQ has a database of “authorised users” so even if you sent in that mail to that address, you wouldn’t get a reply. But my cousin, who sent me the mail in the first place got a reply. However, you can’t log on to the network unless your UIN is on their alpha test list (I wonder if you’re allowed to set up a new account?). Anyways if you want to try it out, the address is www.icq.com/alpha, mail me if you want the username/password. It won’t help you much, though (when you download it, the install will update your database files, effectively corrupting them from the icq 99a standpoint, so if you want to try it, backup your db folder). I’ll try and get screenshots of it and post em up later.


bind “[” “say Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.”

bind “]” “say O my God, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me.”

bind “o” “say My goodness, and my fortress. My high tower, and my deliverer. My shield, and he in whom I trust – who subdueth my people under me.”

bind “p” “say Be not that far from me, for trouble is near – haste Thee to help me.”

Hmm. I wonder what character class I play the most in Team Fortress? :) And, if you want, you can mail me your answer (and reason) to see if you were right. Not that hard to figure out, tho.

Jul 99


Wartorn Beta Phase 3 started (I got my logon and password, at least). It’s a fully 3D RTS game. Looks nice :).

Hey Look!

Free web hosting at a non-corporate site.


Now there’s just four holes. This picture of my gob was taken in January this year (surgeon only just gave it back). I was sorta hoping the top teeth could just slide out along the 2nd molars. But that’s not how it works.

See those double red lines? Those are nerves. Bruise them, and part of your face goes numb.

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This semester’s computing lecturer is immediately identifiable as one. He bears a remarkable resemblance to that bearded guy from User Friendly whose name escapes me right now- the techie, and I’m not thinking about Pitr… Shorts, sockless shoes, tatty t-shirt. Better than last session’s comp lecturer though. Thongs and the same shirt and shorts two weeks in a row. We had accounting today too. The accounting lecturer was in a suit. The contrast.

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Time, July 26, Page 79

“Luckily she didn’t have a lot on,” said a relieved Woods, “because if someone come out of the stands like that and has a lot of clothing on, you never know what they have in there or what they’re hiding behind their back.” Yuh. I’m suuure you were thinking that at the time.

Who said golf was always boring? [Photo source: AP]

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For the unbelievers (“how can you not roll your tongue?”) here’s a little mail regarding tongue rolling:

hehe, well I suck and can’t really do most anything on the list.  Well, anything of any difficulty anyway.
But what I wanted to share was that I am one of the lucky few who cannot roll their tongues.  I think one in like 50 people are unable to do it.  And when I was little I always just thought I was too stupid. Hehe.  Just thought I would share that with you.
I can, however, flip my tongue upside down.  Well, not with the barbell in it.   But that’s about it.

spoon lady

Tongue pierced? I’ve got a story about that (hope I haven’t told this already)… a friend last year got his tongue pierced. Went to some concert. Someone was crowd surfing and he got kicked right in the face. The tongue piece dislodged and he swallowed it. I was cracking myself up laughing at this point cos I really don’t understand the concept of piercing body parts such as the tongue (that, and him being a Vegan)… Anyway that’s not it… the metal thing costed about $90, so he had to go out and buy a new one (the only other alternative would be to go around sifting through shit, and even after that, would you want that thing in your mouth??) By the time he got around to getting a new piece, the tongue hole had closed up and he had to go through the painful process of getting his tongue pierced again. Hahaha.

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I came across this program developed by Zero Knowledge Systems. Freedom can anonymise your net presence somewhat. You can even create multiple “virutal personas” of yourself – it will even store cookies into separate “cookie jars” depending on which persona you feel like being on the day. It will anonymise your web browsing. Useful for the paranoid amongst us. Beta signup occurring now.

Jul 99


Well the GST got passed a while back and tomorrow will see the first round of it being phased in. The wholesale sales tax gets replaced with the GST. As a result, computer component prices will drop by about 10%. Mmmm.

Amazon Greece

From Adam of the Soapbox:

Shocking news…and I quote
“Amazon Greece is temporarily off line for re-stocking…”
Change the word “re-stocking” to “getting our asses sued” and you might have it right.
So, if they’re in Greece, can Amazon.com do anything about them?

Maybe we should ask Frustrated. She’s had enough experience with litigation

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Bottled Water

This is from Defrag, a highly amusing column in the Australian newspaper on Tuesday. It’s about a company called HQ2O who’s selling bottled water from the water coolers of tech companies like Yahoo.

Defrag doesn’t know about you, but we often think, “Gee, if we only knew some way we could drink the same water as those people at Yahoo!, then we’d be as rich as them.”

Actually no, that’s a lie.

We’ve never thought this at all. It hasn’t even crossed our minds in the moments after consuming our 16th tequila before we lose consciousness, when it seems like a good idea to quit work to become the world’s first roller-skating astronaut.

But the mere fact that an idea is mind-numbingly stupid doesn’t mean someone won’t do it. Just look at the Franklin Mint. A company called HQ2O (www.hq2o.com) is selling bottles of water from the water coolers of Silicon Valley.

Yep, you can actually drink water that has been sourced from Tripod, Yahoo! or Wired. Guaranteed almost completely backwash free.

Or, more to the point, you can’t drink it, because the water has come from a water cooler and has not been purified in any way, so legally the company can’t tell you it’s okay to drink, “but don’t worry,” says the company’s Web site. “We wash our hands frequently, and sterilise all the containers and utensils used in the bottling process.”

Well, that’s a relief. Apparently the water is being sold as a collectable, and Defrag can well imagine a time when a bottle of water from Yahoo! would be worth, say, at least a bottle.

Friends would come over and notice it on the mantelpiece. “What’s that on the mantelpiece next to the comical ceramic tramp?” they would ask. “It’s a bottle of water from Wired’s water cooler,” you would reply, watching the look of envy cross their face. Or maybe that’s bewilderment – sometimes it’s hard to tell.

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Good episode last night’s one was (“Worst Case Scenario”). The fact that I even mentioned it means it was an episode of unusual standard (for Voyager). Next week – season finale and with it the episode I eagerly await, “Scorpion Part 1”. Yes, we’re about two to three seasons behind here, down-under.

Lunar Eclipse

The final eclipse this century occurs in about two hours – a partial lunar eclipse. But Sydney in particular always happens to be overcast when there’s a lunar eclipse. This time is no exception – it’s like the fourth time it’s happened.


I really though I had the squirrel in the sidebar. My mistake. Squirrel’s world is now nestled happily within.

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Nostradamus (Addendum)

Maybe that French fellow wasn’t referring to the world. Just this community which looks like it may ending. Are the disgruntled web site hosters, nefarious spammers, disturbed kung fu hackers (sorry… crackers) and inter-website mud slinging contests actually the cyber version of soothsayers? “The end is nigh!” Yes, maybe, but it still might end up like what happened in 12 Monkeys. (But who’s Bruce Willis?) A steady state universe in constant entrophySM. Combine that with a virtual second coming, and you’ll deduce I’m possibly quite deranged. Nonetheless, it hath been foretold by Anakill – the one who will bring balance. The one whose site just fell into the pits of molten lava (or was that a lake of burning sulfur?)… et descendit ignis a Deo de caelo et devoravit eos et diabolus qui seducebat eos missus est in stagnum ignis et sulphuris ubi et bestia.

This post written under the influence of laudanum. Don’t worry. I think I’m coming out of it now.

Hey look. On TV: “Seven Signs of Christ’s Return” – special feature documentary which kicked off Murder Call from its normal timeslot. One of those paranoia docos I was talking about yesterday. Coincidence eh? Freaky shit.

Phase 2

Muahahahaha. <ahem> (BTW, Is it muaha…, or muhah…?)

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The Second Coming

Sonic is back..

You heard me right. He’s back. And he’s not just visiting for a couple days either. He’s back. Blew his motherboard up, but even that didn’t stop him. Visit now! He’s one of the precursors of the community that’s developed. He hasn’t lost his touch, either.

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Jul 99

Corporatism & Messenger Wars

Microsoft doing what they do best. When will we see fixes to MS product bugs appearing within 3 hours?

A war erupted today between two Net titans – Microsoft and AOL – over the coveted area of instant messaging. Yesterday, Microsoft launched its new MSN Messenger which lets AOL and MSN users talk to each other, effectively ending AOL’s total control over the 25 million members of its instant messenger service. An angry AOL retaliated with a block to stop Microsoft users from communicating with its Buddy List. Today, Microsoft posted a software fix at http://messenger.msn.com to circumvent the block – but within three hours AOL had erected a new blockade. Expect corporate tempers to get very frayed . . . [The Australian]

Stolen from an e-mail from a friend.

The Communal Crier

Whoa. Someone (Adam of the soapbox, to be precise) dreamt about the community. The way the mind works.

• The Beginning of Nothing
• Newsfreaks
• Radium’s Red Domain
• Syntekz Error
• Not the Bence Jon Page (2nd edition :)

Roosh went down, got a 4th host, and is back again. Domain should be transfered any time now. Isn’t this troubling? Anyone can get anyone busted by spamming, and sticking a domain name in the reply-to field. Of course, if the hosting companies had a brain, they’d see that reply-to headers in spam are (almost) always forged. As if you’d send spam and leave a calling card “flame me back at this legit e-mail address.”

I sense a great deal of angst in the force, which funnily enough, often coincides with a depurationesque post coupled with song lyrics. Ramblings got demotivated. Because the lunatics at r33t said so. Ignore r33k.

Lastly, but importantly. Could it be? Could sonic be back after another 4 months of having the status: “last seen on the side of milk carton”? We shall remain waiting.


You read that recent issue of time, right? The one about a multitude of Japanese getting caught up with Nostradamus’ predictions? According to his (intentionally) vague predictions, something bad will happen this month, the 7th month of 1999. Six days. Then, of course, the world will end in 5/5/00 because of the way a tomb in an Egyptian pyramid was designed (as seen on those paranoia-creating, ridiculous “amazing predictions!” documentaries). We’ll see.

Who wants to make a bet with me? :)

Frontpage 2000

Even better than FP 97. I’m impressed. No more “logical” <em> and <strong> tags anymore. The html it produces is still a little bloated, but at least they converted to the “physical” <i> and <b> tags. Oh, and source preservation is a welcome addition. One gripe is, though, the took out that quick script editing thing and replaced it with this clunky, overcomplicated, slow to load and unnecessary developing environment. CSS support and a little more Netscape compatibility helps a lot. The interface is clean, and they dumped the stupid “Frontpage Explorer” component, and integrated it into the editor. Except that they no longer force you to use their “webs” and other fronpage proprietary stuff. I’m “trying” out the “45-day trial” version, but I think I, uh, broke the 45-day limit thing ;)

Most original site name

Hey, well, this site is the only one with an exclamation mark in it :) j/k.

Back to Uni

Back in university for 2nd semester. No tutes on this week, so I get tomorrow (well, today, now) off. Apparently the academics are striking on Wednesday (yet again) and I’m not complaining. So that could be two days off. I learn Java and some SQL this semester. Might start tinkering with mySQL now and see if I can integrate a dbase with perl.

Jul 99

SMS Web Gateway

Know someone with an sms (short messaging service) enabled mobile phone? From this site, you can send them a message, from anywhere in the world for free. Nifty, except that my mobile doesn’t support sms. The phone company said they’d be getting it in this month… but you know these corporate types and dates.


“Amazon.gr is not affiliated with Amazon.com, Inc.” Uh… huh. www.amazon.gr


www.perfect.co.uk has daily links to neat-o type sites.

Q3Test 1.07

Was released recently here.


Up till 7am playing Half-life Team Fortress Classic with this crazy medic Gior and this crazy sniper Arcteryx… “Hey guys… the sun’s up.”


Why do most people reckon this movie sucked? I thought it was all right. It’s not a full on action movie, so don’t go in expecting one. (Don’t you just love my one line “reviews”? :)

Jul 99


JFK Jr, wife and sister in law died. Yup you know this already. Front page news for days, even here.

For the record

Saw that movie for the fifth time yesterday. It will be my last (in a cinema).


I received a forward of this via e-mail. Seems genuine, but still… The due date is the 20th (today in the US?), but if the last alpha they ran was any indication, someone’ll distribute a copy of it far and wide.


You have been selected as a candidate to receive the opportunity to take a preview peek and comment about the new (not yet released) exciting ICQ 99B Alpha version with all its new features, including the ICQ ActiveList, E-ICQ and Enhanced E-mail Check.

If you wish to make use of this opportunity, and if you are over eighteen make sure to reply to: alpha99bresp@icq.com, and include the following in the Subject Header : “My ICQ no. is ________ , grant me access” ( and please fill in your ICQ No.). Please reply before July 20th, 1999.
This is very important in order to speed the processing of your response.

Read about new features:
* ICQ ActiveList- will enable you to participate in, and create your own interest communities. The ICQ ActiveList you create is built around a chat server that runs on your computer so you will be able to control which users connect to the ICQ ActiveList. Users who join your ICQ ActiveList will be able to chat, send messages to other ICQ ActiveList users and post messages on the ICQ ActiveLists’ message board.
* E-ICQ – will enable you to join interest groups in order to receive information via ICQ about issues related to these groups. Search the E-ICQ directory and find an E-ICQ group of your interest from the wide variety of groups available.
* Enhanced E-mail Check – The new and improved e-mail checking feature, which offers greater power and flexibility for handling incoming e-mail. Enhanced E-mail Check will notify you on incoming emails and will allow convenient one click access to your email. In addition, some new features include: the ability to check more than a single e-mail account and to view and delete incoming e-mail messages without having to download them; the ability to view up to 99 lines in the e-mail header message; a special notification (e-mail icon) for emails received from a user in your Contact List beside the user name; a new VIP status which allows to check e-mail for a specific user from a number of email accounts at the same time.

We would welcome your feedback including report of bugs, errors, etc. Please note that ICQ reserves the right to limit, at its own discretion, for any reason or no reason, the number of users to receive this opportunity and will not be obligated to send the password to you or any other user. Don’t miss this time-limited opportunity.


Misc Links

• Some bizarre downloadable fonts. Looks like Japanese.
• Web History

Those Community Awards

I wonder where they grabbed the links from? :) Area-S doesn’t exist anymore, and it wasn’t even called that when it shut down. I think I’ll leave it in there though as a sort of sleeper link. Knowing them, they’ll be back when you least expect it heh.

Trans-Pacific Lag

This is why I'm not playing UO or EQ.

Palm Pilot Emulator

I’m not sure if you’d want to emulate a Palm on your PC if you weren’t developing apps for it, but it’s interesting nonetheless. I want a Palm VII. But there’s no wireless network in Australia. And they are so friggin’ expensive here. <Grumble>

I wanna see the Blair Witch Project. Cable modem, or ADSL would be nice too. No international postage, overpriced CDs, trans-Pacific lag etc. etc. Oh yeah, none of those 800 numbers too :). I’m living on the wrong side of the world for all this :(.

Train Security

They have security on trains past 7.30pm. They lock off half the train, and herd everyone into “nightsafe” carriages. There’s a pair of guards patrolling the train, but once they travel the length of the train, they stop at the end of the carriage and always have a chat for about 15 minutes before setting off for the other end. Anyway since the journey home was about an hour, I settled down to sleep (yeah, it’s a wonder I haven’t been mugged yet). I awoke to someone shouting his head off at the end of the carriage. Apparently some big, burly yobbo got pissed at the guards having their 15 minute chats and decided to have a go at them. The guards couldn’t speak English (properly), and as a result had the shit bagged out of them. The ruckus went something like this:

“Do your fucking job! I pay my fucking taxes for your job and you go have a chit chat with your mate. Shit! Go take a walk!”
“There, that can, pick up that can!”
“That’s not my job.”
“Fuck! Just… just get lost, do your job!”
“Nononono NO. that’s all you can say isn’t it? Pieces of shit. Fuck off. What disturbing the other passengers am I? What’re gonna do about it? Chuck me off the train? Go on, I’ll take both of ya on. Wankers.”

This went on for about 10 minutes. Everyone tried to appear they were ignoring what was happening but you knew they were listening in on every word. The guards were incompetent cos they obviously couldn’t handle the guy (and I think they were too scared to chuck him off the train. “Security” was totally unarmed.) That yobbo was a total dick, and finally some passenger got frustrated enough and told him to “shut the fuck up.” He didn’t, but the two “guards” started their patrol again and it quietened down a bit after that. It wasn’t a dangerous situation – the guy wasn’t drunk, just crazy. It was just scary that the cityrail security perhaps isn’t very competent. At least hire people that can speak English. Or arm them with something. Maybe it was just this pair of guards. The yobbo got off at the same station as me and took the opportunity to approach the train driver and taunt him. I couldn’t hear what the driver said, but as the train doors closed and locked, the driver must’ve said something that made the yobbo shout, “How rude! Fuckwit.”

Yo yo yo yo Yoda

To the tune of Lola. Hear this (Yoda, not Lola) in MP3 – 3.2MB. Very catchy :)

I met him in a swamp down in Dagobah
where it bubbles all the time like a giant carbonated soda
S-O-D-A soda

I saw the little runt sitting there on a log,
I asked him his name and in a raspy voice he said Yoda
Y-O-D-A yoda yo-yo-yo yo yoda

Well I’ve been around but I ain’t never seen
a guy who looks like a muppet but he’s wrinkled and green
oh my yoda
yo yo yo yo yoda

Well I’m not dumb but I can’t understand
how he can lift me in the air just by raising his hand
oh my yoda yo yo yo yo yoda
yo yo yo yoda

Well I left home just a week before
and I’ve never ever been a jedi before
but Obi-Wan he set me straight of course,
he said yoda yoda and I’ll show you the force
Well I’m not the kind that would argue with Ben
so it looks like I’m gonna start all over again
with my

yoda, yo yo yo yo yoda
yo yo yo yoda

so I used the force,
I picked up a box
I lifted some rocks
while I stood on my head
Well I won’t foget what Yoda said

He said Luke stay away from the darker side
and if you start to go astray
let the force be your guide
oh my yoda yo yo yo yoda

I know Darth Vader’s really got you annoyed
but remember if you kill him then you’ll be unemployed
oh my yoda, yo yo yo yo yoda

Well I heard my friends really got in a mess,
so I’m gonna have to leave Yoda I guess
But I know that I’ll be coming back someday
I’ll be playin’ this part  ’till I’m old and grey
The long term contract I had to sign
said I’d be making these movies ’till the end of time
with my

Yoda, yo yo yo yo yoda
yo yo yo yo yoda
(repeat ’till end of song)


Modified it for a limited time. Now it’s sorta like one of those games where each person in a group adds a paragraph to a story, except that they only have the paragraph the previous person wrote, to work on.

Party Tricks Updated

Peruse here.

If the price is right…

My hat, and sympathies, go off to the man for this. I always said his writings were, and are, of such a standard that they could be published.

Jul 99

Archived this month

Consigned prior posts this month to the archive. Because I felt like it.

10 Things I Hate About You

Saw this a while back. I’d recommend it.

Betrayal At Krondor

Hey, I found out that Sierra is giving out a full non-demo version of the four year old game. I’d play it to see how closely the novel was written to it (a rare case where computer game was written before the novel, which I’ve read) but the graphics are just too aged. Like every game, though, it had its day. Maybe when I’m ultra bored I’ll get around to playing it. Then I’ll have to get my hands on Return to Krondor too.

Idle Thought

Why is everyone doing features on “of the Century”? (Time’s Men of the century, The Australian’s people of the century, television shows on “this century”). It wouldn’t be that impractical to do something “of the Millennium” would it? And those shows they run at the end of every year, recapping on the year past, they should make a movie-length doco on historical events of the 1000s… After all, we are celebrating the turn of not only a year, decade and century, but of the milliennium.

Communal Mentions

• This Crazy World
• Virl.net

Room 8 closed due to personal circumstances. My sympathies to its webmaster.

Multicoloured Screen of Death

I think it was userfriendly.org that I read this on. It was a spoof on Microsoft, who would “commercialise” the Blue Screen of Death. At least, it was a spoof until I found this program from this website.

BSOD actually changes the colour of your Blue Screen to some other colour (through the system.ini file). Bizarre stuff. I can imagine some people showing it off to geek friends: “Hey… how’d you get your blue screen to a pink screen?”


In the pre-beta stage, but looks pretty cool nonetheless. It’s sort of like ICQ. However, it tracks what web site you are on, and while connected to the Odigo server, notifies you of other surfers who happen to be on the same page at that time. The intention is that if someone else is visiting that same site, they might have similar interests to you, and may know of other sites that you might not. Etcetera. It’s recommended you turn the program off when you decide to go porno hunting. Unless you’re into cyber-orgies and other unmentionables. Sorry, just had to throw that in. It’s just a little suspicious that the Odigo server has the potential to track your browsing habits.

Kasparov vs The World

You heard so much fanfare about it before it began. Now that it has started, what does the board look like? Check it out and vote for a move. The World is down one rook. Kasparov looks to be in control of the game.

Project Gutenberg

From the Project Gutenberg site, you can download out-of-copyright “e-texts” of all sorts of literary works. All files are in plain ASCII text. Eg: Shakespeare’s Complete Works can be found there weighing in at around 5 Megs. I remember I did a project on Johannes Gutenberg a few years back. Father of modern printing, I think.


I found a site which turns your desktop into the Star Trek LCARS interface (you know, the style all those control panels on board the Enterprise and Voyager look like?) Being a Trekkie, I found this very neat.

Mozilla is up to Milestone 8 of Netscape Gecko (in future to be Netscape 5 and reputed to handle style sheets to W3C specifications. Finally).

10.2 Surround Sound? Is it just me or does the setup depicted look ridiculous? And incredibly expensive?

Here’s some article written by someone on the verge of paranoia, explaining how Microsoft tracks users. I heard it was how they tracked down the Melissa virus creator.

ActiveEarth – A nifty application giving world time, with a world map displaying which parts of the world are in night, and in day.

Hey Geeknews looks and sounds like Geeklife, but more institutionalised.

Updated Party Tricks with a semi-repulsive trick :)

Dazed and Hungry

It wasn’t that bad. I got admitted to hospital at about 6.30 in the morning. The nurse came around to ask the usual questions. You know, the list of questions you either answer “no” or “yes” to. And when she gets halfway down the list, you’re thinking, “There must be a way to vary the yeses and nos. I’m beginning to sound mentally incompetent.” But by then she’s got down to the not-so-usual usual questions. The ones you can’t help smiling uncomfortably at, or vigourously denying. Are you wearing any nail polish? (Don’t laugh, I’ve had a person come in here before who had some on his toenails.) Are you taking drugs of any kind? (Legal or illegal, you know what I mean.) Are you pregnant? (I could just have skipped this one altogether, but I’ll just say it to see your reaction.)

Ben, the guy in the bed next to me apparently was going to have seven teeth extracted. His operation took place hours before mine though, so he was wheeled out of the room, and I was left alone to immerse myself in the world of Midkemia. I had borrowed Magician from the library for this occasion, but even before operation day, I had already completed half of the 650 page book. A result of “I’ll read just the first chapter to get me started.” Just as well Raymond E. Feist had so much story to tell (and I’ve developed quite a liking for his writing). I didn’t get my pre-med injection until about 10 o’clock. The “needle in the arse” was actually quick and painless, but it itched like hell. I was told I would feel drowsy as a result of it, but 30 minutes passed and I was still awake, and reasonably aware. I was thinking about what the anaesthetist had said before (he noted he had read Magician too) – that I wouldn’t dream whilst I was under. What was dreaming? And how did they know that? I didn’t know dreaming required a certain state of consciousness. I guess people in comas don’t dream? Then what about people who claim they saw visions whilst near-death? I opened my eyes again, asked for the time and found it was 11:15. I indignantly acknowledged to myself I had fallen asleep. But if I had woken again, did this mean the injection was wearing off? At this point I tossed off these fears with apathy (and probably, help from the injection). If it happens, it happens.

The nurse came to wheel the bed to the operating theatre. Between lengthy blinks, the fluroscent lights on the ceiling scrolled down my vision, but due to the nurses stopping to chat along the way, at a far more pokier pace than E.R. and those hour-long TV dramas. They asked me questions confirming my identity again, which I answered with my eyes closed. I wondered if I was being rude. Apathy. They put these inflating cuffs on my ankles and right wrist, for aiding circulation. The mobile bed came to a stop next to the operating table and I clambered over on it, dragging the blankets along. I wasn’t sure that I was meant to do that, but they didn’t seem to mind. The anaesthetist materialised to my left, recognised more by his beard than anything else, said something that gave me the impression he was about to stick a drip in me. Apathy again, accompanied by an irritating discomfort in my left arm. I didn’t know if I was meant to, but I fell asleep at that point.

I regained semi-consciousness. Bracing for an explosion of pain that never came, I was left wondering if the operation had actually taken place. Common sense would have told me otherwise, but it was currently as drugged out as me. I bit down cautiously and felt some strange foreign object (later discovered to be cotton wool) down where my wisdoms should have been. At least I knew the operation had happened. It was about 7 o’clock in the evening at this point, and when I finally decided to try and rouse myself from my drowsy state, I realised my tongue was completely numb. And the left side of my face. I put it down to the “long-lasting” local anaesthetic they gave me as a (I must say rather effective) painkiller. Talking was difficult, not to mention how remarkably good a job I did of sounding like I was mentally impaired. I was really disorientated after that, but apart from my head, the rest of my body was in a passable condition. Except that I was constipated. That, and the drugs, made pissing a new experience. It was a stop-start endeavour. Mix in dizziness, and you have a recipe for pissing all over the toilet seat, which, although I managed not to do, left me quite exhausted afterwards.

By the time it was 11 pm, I had arrived back home, and the facial numbness had subsided. On the right hand side. The left side of my face, lip and would you believe, left half of my tongue were numb. Not totally numb. It was sort of like a mild pins and needles sensation. Touch in that area was discomforting. All the talk about nerves being compressed, or even cut, was making me uneasy. It didn’t help to find out (from e-mail received, and more official sources, such as my orthodontist) that bruised nerves may take up to months, or even years to heal. Shit. I wasn’t going to walk around like this for a month.

I began my regiment of penicillin, savacol mouthwash and panadeine forte (nice, strong and sedative – everything you need in an analgesic). Swallowing water was peculiar. The right side of my tongue would feel the coolness of the liquid, whilst the left side felt no temperature at all. My face had started to swell in the meantime, which drew comparisons to me looking like a chipmunk from Dad. I wasn’t amused. The numbness wore off the next day, thankfully, and I was left to the unwanted diet of no-solid food for a few days. I’m still hungry.

Oh yeah, and thanks to all those who sent me mail about the ‘teeth. Funny thing was, a lot of last minute mail I got about the operation told me it wasn’t that bad.

Jul 99

Wisdom Teeth again

Because I’m having them out on Wednesday (meant to be in hospital at 6.30am. Ow.) I’m going to take a break from updates for the week or so it takes me to recover (then I can write all about it). From other people’s “war stories” it’s not an operation that’s pleasant. Maybe I can get Dad to prescribe me some sedatives or something :).

“I was bleeding for eight hours after the operation.”
“I couldn’t control my dribbling. It was really pathetic.”
“Your cheeks bloat up and you look like a gold fish.”
“Yoghurt for a week! Hahah!”

Then there’s the possibility of a cut nerve. There’s this nerve that runs through the jaw area, under the root of the tooth. If the surgeon cuts it (a small chance) your jaw goes numb on one side for, I assume, life. Another interesting thing I’ve heard is, if you undergo a local anaesthetic instead of a general one (where you get totally knocked out) the surgeon takes more care instead of hacking away, because you’re awake and aware.

Once more. They hack away the gum, pull out the tooth (all four wisdoms for me) and you’re left with a gaping hole afterwards that you can’t let get infected. I’ll see if I can get my teeth back after the operation. Here’s a picture. Wince with me.


Spam Again

This spam was too crazy not to post. The “special optical lens” one is not too far fetched, though. Remember Sony? Who unwittingly released a “night vision” mode on their camera which turned out to give “x-ray vision”? ;)

How to See Through people’s Clothes
Have you ever dreamed you’re able to see through people’s clothes like Superman or James Bond? Now at last your childhood dream can come true!!! All you need to SEE THROUGH CLOTHES is a special optical lens made in Japan. This lens enables you to see LIVE nude images at the beach, at the pool, and even on busy city streets. You can not believe this then click http://www.kaya-optics.com
How to See Through people’s Mind
Do you know if the person you’re talking to is telling the truth? Here is the world’s first personal lie detector software for PC. This new product made in Israel provides a real-time analysis of vocal segments from phone or face-to-face conversations right on your computer screen. Now you can know what’s really going on behind the words. For more details click http://www.truster.com


I don’t think I played a game since uni started back in March. So I got my hands on Mechwarrior 3, Thief, TA Kingdoms and the Ultima Collection (which finally dropped to $30). The first two are addictive, to say the least. Thief is plain scary with the lights out.

Jul 99

Solosier wanted to know about cricket. And I guess a lot of visitors from North America might too. So I’ve written an article up on it. What’s cricket?

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Jul 99

Whoa bro get a whiff of this…

Some Malaysian youths sniffing cow dung. News from the Straits Times. Those are some very bored Malaysians… Thanks to Kev.

Squibs of the Week

Unfortunately my willpower isn’t strong enough to refrain from commenting on the Frustrated v Ramblings situation. I’m not sitting on the fence this time. From what I gathered, which may not be entirely accurate, Ramblings posted some parodical picture based on the Milk Industry adverts with Frustrated as the target. Frustrated hired a paralegal and threatened legal action (or something along the lines of calling in the law).

If I had a copy of that picture, I’d stick it up, and invite her to sue my ass off. Because I don’t think she’d get very far. Don’t get me wrong – that picture wasn’t particularly funny, and it certainly wasn’t very tasteful, but it’s not so much the picture but her reaction. Or, rather, over-reaction. The picture made reference to the pseudonym Frustrated. It had a picture “representing” her, though it was not her real picture. How personal is an attack at an alias? Is libel or slander (can’t remember which one is applicable in this case) even enforceable if it’s against an “Internet persona”?

What caused the reaction? Maybe because it was posted on a web page. Maybe because it was that offensive. Maybe because it was tasteless. Whatever the reason, the reaction was, at heart, as immature as the picture. We see parody every day. Politicians portrayed as slugs… celebs being bagged out ruthlessly by Letterman and Leno… even pictures of royalty in compromising positions and lack of clothing. Most of them take it in their stride. Some of them complain (and with reason), but only a few of them would be petty enough to turn to the law. And these are high powered people.

Turning to the law for something as petty as this is definitely immature. It may seem like a “mature” action – displaying that she knows she can call in the law (which is a rare move on the Net) – showing that she means business. But no – it’s much more like running to mummy when a child gets teased. I thought it would have been better to just ignore the whole matter. For someone who’s trying to distance herself from this community, she’s not doing a very good job at it. Seems like she’s having a hard time ignoring things. Sure, respond when the line is crossed, but the line was no where near being crossed in this case. Although I respect Frustrated’s opinions, views and what-have-you, I no longer respect her as much as a person. Of course, this shouldn’t mean anything to her.

Lord have mercy on the person who should throw a cream pie in Frustrated’s physical face. Bill Gates and Kim Beazley took it without pressing charges, but no doubt it would have Frustrated hopping up and down demanding life imprisonment for assault.

A minor scuffle happened between Roosh and Solosier. I think it’s fairly clear that most things said/typed between yourself and another individual are said in confidence (it’s also clear when they aren’t). What’s typed on a web site, however, is open to being quoted (in context).

Another interesting thing I’ve noticed… stuff like what’s quoted below is always said in reply to attacks along the lines of “get off the net and get a real life”:

(Attack) you spend too much time online. try to get a real life and maybe youd see what are you doing is pathetic

(Defense to attack) dude, i spend maybe 1-2 hours online anymore. I go to clubs, pick up women, i hang out with friends, i run two businesses, i do have a life. i dont even want to know about you.

There was an even better one I read on some forum that went on for half a page. Quite sad, really.

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Party Tricks

One addition to it, in the “with your mouth” section here (thanks to Phil).


Hey… my Star Wars CDs from CDNow arrived… the double CD sets for each of the trilogy movies costed about $18 US, whereas they cost $50 in Australian stores. CDs are too damn expensive here.

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Does no one leave anything witty in their ICQ away or n/a boxes anymore? All I get are default messages… boring.

The force was not with him…

Hey doesn’t Pat Rafter bear an uncanny resemblance to Liam Neeson as Qui-gon Ginn? Got killed in very much the same way, too. Oh, the winners were Davenport and Sampras, btw.

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McDonnell Douglas Survey

This was actually posted very briefly on the McDonnell Douglas web site by an employee there who obviously has a sense of humor. The company, of course, does not (have a sense of humor) – and made the web department take it down immediately. (McDonnell Douglas is one of the world’s chief suppliers of military aircraft).

Thank you for purchasing a McDonnell Douglas military aircraft. In order to protect your new investment, please take a few moments to fill out the warranty registration card below. Answering the survey questions is not required, but the information will help us to develop new products that best meet your needs and desires.

1. [_] Mr. [_] Mrs. [_] Ms. [_] Miss [_] Lt. [_] Gen.[_] Comrade[_] Classified [_] Other
First Name:……………………………………………..
Initial: ……….
Last Name:………………………………………………
Password: ………………………….. (max 8 char)
Code Name:………………………………………………
Latitude-Longitude-Altitude: …………. ……….. ……….

2. Which model aircraft did you purchase?
[_] F-14 Tomcat
[_] F-15 Eagle
[_] F-16 Falcon
[_] F-117A Stealth
[_] Classified

3. Date of purchase (Year/Month/Day): 19……. / ……./……

4. Serial Number:………………………………………..

5. Please check where this product was purchased:
[_] Received as gift / aid package
[_] Catalog showroom
[_] Independent arms broker
[_] Mail order
[_] Discount store
[_] Government surplus
[_] Classified

6. Please check how you became aware of the McDonnell Douglas product you have just purchased:
[_] Heard loud noise, looked up
[_] Store display
[_] Espionage
[_] Recommended by friend / relative / ally
[_] Political lobbying by manufacturer
[_] Was attacked by one

7. Please check the three (3) factors that most influenced your decision to purchase this McDonnell Douglas product:
[_] Style / appearance
[_] Speed / maneuverability
[_] Price / value
[_] Comfort / convenience
[_] Kickback / bribe
[_] Recommended by salesperson
[_] McDonnell Douglas reputation
[_] Advanced Weapons Systems
[_] Backroom politics
[_] Negative experience opposing one in combat

8. Please check the location(s) where this product will be used:
[_] North America
[_] Iraq
[_] Iraq
[_] Aircraft carrier
[_] Iraq
[_] Europe
[_] Iraq
[_] Middle East (not Iraq)
[_] Iraq
[_] Africa
[_] Iraq
[_] Asia / Far East
[_] Iraq
[_] Misc. Third World countries
[_] Iraq
[_] Classified
[_] Iraq

9. Please check the products that you currently own or intend to purchase in the near future:
[_] Color TV
[_] VCR
[_] ICBM
[_] Killer Satellite
[_] CD Player
[_] Air-to-Air Missiles
[_] Space Shuttle
[_] Home Computer
[_] Nuclear Weapon

10. How would you describe yourself or your organization? (Check all that apply:)
[_] Communist / Socialist
[_] Terrorist
[_] Crazed
[_] Neutral
[_] Democratic
[_] Dictatorship
[_] Corrupt
[_] Primitive / Tribal

11. How did you pay for your McDonnell Douglas product?
[_] Deficit spending
[_] Cash
[_] Suitcases of cocaine
[_] Oil revenues
[_] Personal check
[_] Credit card
[_] Ransom money
[_] Traveler’s check

12. Your occupation:
[_] Homemaker
[_] Sales / marketing
[_] Revolutionary
[_] Clerical
[_] Mercenary
[_] Tyrant
[_] Middle management
[_] Eccentric billionaire
[_] Defense Minister / General
[_] Retired
[_] Student

13. To help us understand our customers’ lifestyles, please indicate the interests and activities in which you and your spouse enjoy participating on a regular basis:
[_] Golf
[_] Boating / sailing
[_] Sabotage
[_] Running / jogging
[_] Propaganda / disinformation
[_] Destabilization / overthrow
[_] Default on loans
[_] Gardening
[_] Crafts
[_] Black market / smuggling
[_] Collectibles / collections
[_] Watching sports on TV
[_] Wines
[_] Interrogation / torture
[_] Household pets
[_] Crushing rebellions
[_] Espionage / reconnaissance
[_] Fashion clothing
[_] Border disputes
[_] Mutually Assured Destruction

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. Your answers will be used in market studies that will help McDonnell Douglas serve you better in the future – as well as allowing you to receive mailings and special offers from other companies, governments, extremist groups, and mysterious consortia. As a bonus for responding to this survey, you will be registered to win a brand new F-117A in our Desert Thunder Sweepstakes!

Comments or suggestions about our fighter planes? Please write to:
Marketing Department
Military Aerospace Division
Pieter Kastelein

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Jul 99


Last Thursday I went to a party. I got to sleep at 6am, on Friday. I woke up at 7am, Friday. Can we say “tired?”.

Coming Soon


squib \Squib\, v. i. To throw squibs; to utter sarcatic or severe reflections; to contend in petty dispute; as, to squib a little debate.


teenage adj : being of the age 13 through 19; “teenage mothers”; “the teen years” [syn: adolescent]
adj 1: relating to or peculiar to or suggestive of an adolescent; “adolescent problems” 2: being of the age 13 through 19; “teenage mothers”; “the teen years” 3: displaying or suggesting a lack of maturity; “adolescent insecurity”; “jejune responses to our problems”; “their behavior was juvenile”; “puerile jokes” 4: in the state of development between puberty and maturity; “adolescent boys and girls” n : a juvenile between the onset of puberty and maturity

angst n : an acute but unspecific feeling of anxiety; usually reserved for philosophical anxiety about the world or about personal freedom

Because I ran out of time and want to go to sleep now.


Updated link to Illegal Op. New Pages:
• Yetiness
• Red Eggplant


Well hasn’t it been an interesting tournament (esp from the Aussie point of view)… Dokic, after beating Hingis (whom I suspect many have lost respect for) and Pierce, got downed by another unseeded player. Phillippousis forfeiting the match from injury after leading one set to Sampras. And Rafter is playing Agassi right now. www.wimbledon.org

Collins Class Submarine

Hahahha. Said to be “the most lethal submarines the Western world has known” five of these submarines produced for the Australian Navy turned out to be duds. And they produced six of them. What a joke. Australia would be such an easy target should a war break out… such a large landmass, small population (only 18 million) and crappy military force.

Trivia for Austin Powers 2 from IMDB

In the US, “shag” is far less offensive than in other English-speaking countries. Singapore briefly forced a title change to “The Spy Who Shioked Me.” (“Shioked” means “treated nicely.”). Aren’t you glad you live in a country which doesn’t censor so much (isn’t that right Senator Old-Fart-Harradine?).

The Mummy

Why did some people think this movie sucked? I thought it was actually pretty good. One interesting thing (spoiler ahead)… you know how Imhothep (spelling?) plucked out that Yank’s eyeballs? Um – that Yank was blind as a bat. Imhothep got ultra-dodgy eyeballs… so how did he see? Then again, it’d look pretty damn stupid to see a mummy wearing glasses.


Guess what movie I’m going to be seeing later today?


So much for the Democrats (the party with the “keep those bastards honest” campaign motto). Australian good and services tax got passed by parliament this Monday – due in mid-2000. I reckon, as I posted some time last year, that we needed this tax reform. And it means cheaper computer hardware/software :).


Some corporate analogy joke thing


“Although they restricted themselves to one drink at lunchtime, Howard and Tom still found they were not at their most productive in the afternoon.”

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