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Jan 00

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While I Wasn’t Watching
It’s good to see EBG and Ramblings are back.

Something Else

Wow, cool site, i especially like this mail submission form thing. looks really sweet, sure beats a fuckin crappy ass white box. Anyways, just emailing you to tell you about a new E/N website ive been working on with a few friends. (www.flatplanet.org).
Check it out, thanx

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There’s now a Beta 5a version out.

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I Owe, I Owe…

… it’s off to work I go…

Discovering the Net…

I signed mum up an e-mail account last night and taught her how to use Outlook Express. She’s replying to mail on the other computer as I type this. I find that sort of scary for some reason :). Mum’s normally a luddite… but I guess women just gotta communicate and gossip above all else hehe :) Hey come on… you know the gossip part is true :).

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That riddle keeps getting more confusing…

The gry riddle only works orally.  It’s really “There are three words in the English language that end in G or Y etc,” and the trick is that you hear it as “G-R-Y.”  The answer is “everyday”.


ASIO Permitted to Hack

ASIO seems to have been given a carte blanche to hack into whatever computer system they want to. Does anyone else find this troubling?

ASIO Given Power to Hack
Source: APC Mag

Big This Year?

I reckon mobile connectivity will pop up a lot in the next couple years. Bluetooth, WAP, HDML are all buzzwords to do with this field. More importantly, they are industry-wide accepted standards, which is always key for something to take off. Bluetooth looks particularly interesting.

Jan 00

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Confuse People

Don’t have two computers hooked up to the net? You can still make mischief and confuse people by running multiple instances of ICQ on one computer.

Hard Drive

It’s in but the system is still relatively bare. The IDE config on the other computer ended up as, which seems to work fine:
Primary Master: 14 GB
Primary Slave: 6 GB
Secondary Master: Orb Drive
Secondary Slave: CD-ROM

Work and SMSes

I fell asleep at work. I was waiting for a process to compile, so I was resting my head in my hands, elbows propped on the desk. I felt my arms buckle, elbows wobble and my head fall. A split second later I was sitting bolt upright. Believe me, I was very awake after that. It’s not lack of sleep, I’ve come to realise. It’s the work they hand me. If I’m physically doing something, I’m quite awake, but if you get me to read documentation, I’m drifting off in a matter of minutes. However, work has improved. I got to work with one of the 6 AS/400s they have there, finally.

“HSsadfwrag. go 1024 x 768!!!!” –Wabut
   [I would but dad’s got bad eyes and complains he can’t see the lettering under icons.]
“oh no! inferno is a trekkie!! Ghakh!” –Justin
   [What did you think… I wrote those weekly DS9 episode reviews to torture myself?!]
“You know, if you really want to piss off Theseus you should just take away his got completely. :)” –David
   [ >:-) ]
“Using other man’s pager give me happy feelings! GODZIRRA!” –RandomNorseGod
“Can I be on the SMS today? can I, can I, can I????!” –G.Starr
“You have your start button at the top of your desktop? that’s werid.” –G.Starr

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Glad I gave everyone who saw it an apoplexy :). Yes, it is usable, but only to me. It’s like an untidy bedroom – only the owner of it knows where everything is (well, everything except overdue library books). The start bar up top is on autohide, btw, so I can see the tops of icons on the first row. I’m a lazy person. Anything that saves me a few mouse clicks is welcome. My physical desktop is actually somewhat orderly.


Just a little something I dished up for today. In lieu of no cake, balloons or kegs of beer, I’ve created a majordomo mailing list. Something I hope anyone who has anything to do with e/n (be it just reading it, or writing it) might join. (Also, it’s pretty much a way to keep controversy to those who are interested restricted to those interested, and give equal say to everyone at the same time. :) The list is called Listen. Click here for info on joining it. Spread the word.

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Hear Ye! Est. 1998

Hear Ye’s 2nd Anniversary!
Wow, 2 years old. Has it really been that long?

Two years ago, on this day, I made my first proper post to Hear Ye! Exactly two years of archives accumulated over more than 700 days of posting. Excuse me while my head swells to thrice its normal size for a few moments :) That is quite a feat given the relative rarity of e/n sites that have existed for even a single, full year. If you’re wondering why I have that ridiculously long list of sites to the left, it’s because I was here from the beginning.

This site started in the beginning of ’98, a year before the term “everything/nothing” came to exist. I updated it for a full year before I got any decent amount of visitors. Today, the hits I get in a month are more than I got in the whole of ’98. The point is, hits are nice, but they are not everything. They are not my primary motivation for keeping this site. I write, because, as I did two years ago, it is a hobby for me. I get no money from it (in fact, I lose money from it). I read my archives and am reminded of events I would have otherwise forgotten. I get interesting mails from people all the way around the world. Do not start up an e/n site if your main reason is hits. With the amount of sites that pop up each week, even buying your very own domain name will not guarantee popularity (but it does help, I’ll give you that :).

There’s been a lot of bitching about the “e/n scene”. People complain of being bored by what they regard as a “passing fad” where everyone jumps on the bandwagon (or the boat, as Ramblings so infamously put it :). Equally, there has been disillusionment by people who keep e/n sites – those who lose interest and motivation in maintaining their site. Finally, there those that say, “I’m not really an e/n site, but if you really must, I guess you could call me that.” (And aren’t there a multitude of people that have said that?) Why do people say this? It’s true that many sites start up with no real goals and just die, but there are also many sites that have been around for a long time and don’t look like going any time soon. How do the sites that have been around for a long time stick around? And why do so many sites just disappear after a few months? Here’s my opinion, and it’s mainly conjectural.

E/N sites are inherently personal sites on public display. People write about what interests themselves. Since everyone is different, it can’t be expected that everyone visiting the site will find what they write interesting. If you try spending so much time only writing for the visitors, the site is no longer personal. You’re catering for the public, and as a result your site probably shows none of your character. You have no strong interest in what you’re doing, and as a result, there’s no motivation to keep writing. Write on things that interest you – things that you might enjoy reading later in life. It’s hard to keep doing something day in, day out, in life that you don’t find interesting, and are getting nothing for. You’ll find you get visitors from people who have an interest in what you have to say. In a cyberworld where population numbers in the hundreds of millions, you’re bound to find a few people out there who will listen. As I see it, an e/n site is essentially an electronic journal, with the added element of public interaction from a common audience that has formed into a loose community of sorts.

End harangue.

Anyway, thanks to all you regular visitors and a special shout to all those who were around in 98 and are still there (you know who you guys are :). You’ve made this site all the more enjoyable to keep.

Jan 00

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Beep beep..

“What’s that?”
“Oh, just got an SMS.”
“From who? What does it say?”

“Attention. I have kidnapped your parents. Ransom: Red Dot.” -Theseus
“I hate you. I love Jennifer Love Hewitt. The Movie “Ronin” Rocks.” -Tkbrewer
“Me not talk well, like fat pink pussy, attached to girl name britney, peepee happy, yum, white volcano come out.” -Assman
“Read a book called Snowcrash – its like the Matrix but only better!!” -Knight
“yo yo yo…I don’t often say that. Just for you.” -GStarr
“I have lots of popcorn bits between my teeth right now.” -GStarr

“Ermm… you don’t wanna know…”


Looks like a pretty neat launching shortcut program (and skinnable, as the trend is these days…)

I Told You It Was A Dodgy Riddle

Jonez explains the meaning of “gry”:

The guy wanted to know what the word ‘gry’ meant.

gry \Gry\, n. [Gr ? syllable, bit.]
1. A measure equal to one tenth of a line. [Obs.] –Locke.
2. Anything very small, or of little value. [R.]


Installing Hard Drive

I have to transfer about 14GB of data to the new HD and install everything back. Good chance to clean everything up though. I don’t think I’ll be able to make a post for a couple days.

Here’s what my very unique desktop [450kB] currently looks like. Obviously emphasising practicality over aesthetics :).

A very big thank you to |<ayama who dregged up this site for me, and for Justin who “lent” me his bandwidth (long story)!

Jan 00


muh cousin jes lent me Buffy Season 1 on tape, along wiff da whole Neon Genesis Evangelion series on 6 tapes. In addition ta dis here Foxtel iz havin’ “Slayerfest 2000” where dey’re going ta show da entire o’ season 2 in one weekend. “If dis here don’ turn ya into uh Buffy addict, ah don’ know what will,” he tells me. ah’m inclined ta agree wiff him. Where’s Trekfest 2000 damnit? :). in da hood, brutha!

Feels Good

Sleeping in, that is :). I also archived a bit of this month’s posts to speed loading times slightly.


Today’s batch:

Atroxi Radio is going LIVE again this Tuesday. Let’s see… if it broadcasts around 9pm American EST, that makes broadcast time in Oz about noon on Wednesday, Australian EST. Give or take a few hours. Incidentally, Wednesday is Australia day and a public holiday :).

Shaf complains, “Damn riddle’s too hard!” I totally agree. The riddle’s also too stupid :).

MoFo wrongforum ebonicises: “amen brother ben open yer mouth and shovel it in!”

Jerk Ass Head wants money. “Toodaloo. go sign up for all advantage or i’ll rape your dawg. Pin – 69FU” Why does that pin look dodgy? :)

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Question on Hardware Config

The store rang and said the hard drive has been ordered in. I’ll have to pick it up sometime this week. Anyway, I’m going to have to do a bit of hard drive reshuffling as a result and I’ve got a question about it. I’m shifting this box’s hard drive to my other computer. This means the other box will have 2 hard drives, one 14G and one 6G, a CD-ROM drive, an Orb drive (removable media, slightly slower than a hard drive) and a SCSI CD-RW. My problem is – how am I going to configure the IDE setup for this? All components but the CD-RW are IDE. I would like the 14G to be the primary hard drive, to have IDE performance maximised, and have the chance of a buffer underrun when burning from CD-ROM to CD-RW on-the-fly minimised. What do I stick in as primary master/slave and secondary master/slave? Suggestions here. Thanks!

Freaky News Item of the Day

“Doc Zorro” carves initials into woman’s abdomen. That’s a rather scary article. I don’t get it though – the nurses just stood around while the Doctor scapeled in his initials? Thanks to Fuzz for that newsbit.

Riddle Solved

What a lame riddle (see yesterday). The answer was a disappointment. Many thanks to wabut, lenier and especially to F00bar who got in first with this to say (highlight first line to reveal answer):

[ The answer is “language”. ] Read the riddle carefully, you’ll get it :)

As for the actual “gry” part, there’s over 100 English words that end in “gry”, 90% of them aren’t used anymore.

You were right tho, it’s a really bad trick question :)

I knew the answer to that riddle, it’s an old one. So I never even read it before replying. However the answer does not work due to the wording of the riddle. It should read….

Think of words ending in “gry”. Angry and Hungry are 2 of them. There are only 3 words in the English language. What is the third? The word is something people use everyday. If you’ve listened carefully, I’ve already told you what it is.

A conflicting answer was given by People’s Champ. This may be justified, I guess, with the statement F00bar made about archaic English words ending in “gry”, but no longer in use, therefore not really valid – we certainly don’t use it everyday:

I’ve heard that the answer to your riddle problem is “gry”.  Apparently, this was some kind of old word that they never use anymore.  It meant something, but I can’t remember, nor give a shit.  But, thats what I heard the answer was.

If that ain’t the answer, then I have been told a lie.

Still confused? lenier explains:

the ‘gry’ crap is bullshit – there are 3 words in ‘the english language’ therefore ‘language’ is the answer.

What a dodgy riddle.

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Hope no one looks at my message history on the phone… there are some pretty weird ones on there now :)

Adam declares, “I like little boys. Also, read Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time or Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield (?)” Is his role model Arthur C. Clarke? :)

“Why do cricketers always play with themsleves for the camera?” Riss notes.

Pr0N f13nd sends this blind link (I haven’t seen it, so tread with care): “Send people you hate to http://www.goatse.cx /”

Theseus has another declaration to make: “Britney Spears’ breasts make my peepee reach up, up, and away!”

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Seti@Home Client Version 2

Downloadable here. Doesn’t seem to be listed on the Seti at Home site, though (and they have a new logo up).

Got New Hard Drive

However, I need a copy of Partition Magic 5 before I start moving all my data over. It’s got the ability to convert primary partitions into extended logical ones (so the old hard drive doesn’t grab the drive D label). Anyone know where I can obtain it?

For Sydneysiders

A friend has opened up a cafe, so I’m plugging it for him. It’s sort of like Passionflower (come on you must’ve heard about Passionflower if you live in Sydney…). It’s right outside Broadway on street level, so go visit it if you’re looking for something new (and if you do, tell me about it, cos I haven’ been there heh). Ok where’s my free ice-cream now? :)

Trendy little cafe just opened outside the Broadway Shopping Centre, corner of Bay and Grose Street (Bay Street level).

iGLOO dessert bar cafe

We serve delicious gourmet ice creams (green tea, black sesame, taro,etc), crepes, waffles, gourmet pizza’s, turkish bread and coffee.

Open till late. (Please pass this on) = )

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Jan 00

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• Baefed – Snitched a sneak preview. Looks good, with several days of posts already entered, so they aren’t starting contentess. They should be online within 3 hours of this post.
• Ripe Bastard
• Rokkit

Requiring Plug
• The Abode is holding a rather interesting contest of scanned body parts. Any body part. This could be very um… appealing, or an absolute disaster (hey look at my decaying, gangrenous foot).


I think I’m just about out of messaging points.

Noddy has some interesting news – an exclusive Aussie server for UO2, “Stu, that dude was talking about UO, well UO2 will have an Aussie server that only only Aussies can use for the first few months”

Solo questions, “what was Fallen Angel’s sister doing in the shower with him?” Gee good question.

Gimpy Ho sent me a URL to a porn site.

Chibi Knt has this to share, “Here’s a message from the heart. Carnie BoHo will hump the crap out of you.”

Theseus shares something we didn’t want to know about him: “Sometimes when I’m lonely I put peanut butter on my nipples and let my dog lick it off.” Actually, 5 years back when I did cadets at school I remember my demented sargeant telling me about him sticking tuna on his dick and letting his cat lick it off. Must be a relative of Theseus’.

Emily has these words of encouragement: “Keep up the hard work….It can’t be much boring…..Just remember you’re getting paid!  Smile!! :))!” Unfortunately I’m not really getting paid. Just the regular scholarship payments. The companies are not even allowed to pay us extra if they wanted to.

Inferno’s Booklist

Thanks for all those recommending books. Here’s what I got. Problem now is deciding which one to start with. Might trawl Amazon looking for book reviews.

Neil Gaimen, “Good Omens and Neverwhere”
Anthony Burgess, “A Clockwork Orange”
Robert A. Heinlein, “Stranger in a Strange Land”
?, “No One Here Gets Out Alive”

Neal Stephenson, “The Diamond Age”
Iain M. Banks, “Excession”

Melanie Rawn, “Dragon Prince”
Kate Elliott
David Gemmel
George R. Martin
Margaret Weis
Janny Wurts, “Curse of the Mistwraith”
Robert Jordan

Sara Douglas, “Battleaxe” series
Terry Goodkind, “Wizard’s First Rule”

Harry Turtledove, “Into The Darkness”

Gorgo Smashes Speaks

How could anyone not like such a loveable character. Even if he does have some destructive tendencies. Someone should start him up a fan page :).


Ok, here’s one of the riddles I’ve never solved. I would be gratified if you could tell me immediately if you know the answer. It’s starting to shit me. I did a grep search through the dictionary and it turned up nada, so it must be a trick question. Here it is:

There are three words in the english langauge that end with ‘gry’. Hungry and Angry are two of them, the third is one that you use every day. If you’ve listened carefully ive already told you the answer. Which is the third word?

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Crusoe Processor

As I said, it’s a significant development, but it’s not revolutionary as the rumoured “CPU that could emulate Intel chips faster than Intel’s own chips.” Crusoe sports a longer battery life thus making it more portable as Transmeta is so fond of pointing out. Note that their 700MHz chip is only as fast as a 500MHz Intel P3. However, mobility isn’t so much the issue – there’s the issue of being connected and able to do things while mobile. Every business these days is connected to the Net, and a great deal is done over it. A laptop that has a convenient, reliable and cheap wireless connection to the net would of be of more impact than a laptop that has batteries which last twice as long, IMHO.


It’s been hot lately. A couple days nudging the 40°C mark (over 100°F for the metrically challenged), and I’ve been stuck on Sydney trains. The non-air-conditioned silver rattlers. Oh well, at least the office has aircon.

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Today’s SMS

Beep Beep. Beep Beep. Beep Beep. Beep Beep. Beep Beep.

Sam observes: “Pretty nifty everything here.  Aussies…well, personally, I think New Zealand Kiwis kick ass, but, you have the better women.” How can you say Kiwis kick ass when we beat you guys in Rugby and Cricket? :) As for better women – hear, hear!

I choose die. I’d like to see how he gets across the Pacific to accomplish that :).

MoFo plagarises from SouthPark: “Shut your fucking face uncle fucker.  You don’t eat, or sleep, or mow the lawn, you just fuck your uncle all day long.”

Outside proclaims, “I like cheese” while Bob says, “I’m your concious.” Woman backs this up with, “I am woman, hear me roar” Hmm.

Phil recommends another book, “Here’s another one:  “Excession” by Iain M. Banks.  The spaceships are the stars cuz they’re sentient!”

Ganymede Starr claims, “I’m fallen angel‘s sister. Right now he’s singing barbara striesand in the shower. loudly.” If that’s true, I’m laughing. Really hard. Isn’t Ganymede a guy’s name though? And do you have a 13 year old sister, FA? And don’t lie to cover up the fact that you were singing Striesand in the shower. Loudly. :)

Ghetto Princess, speaks Ebonics: “we wuz at dis ghetto party when i see them(e/n’er)puttin’ da mack down on some ho’s, wait, no, we have no life @_x”

Some guy with the same name as me says, “Dang….a 40 GB HD for only $250….” but I have no idea what he’s talking about.

Solo gets down with the lingo: “Inferno, you’re so schmick. MOVE TO THE U.S. HOMO. I NEED TO HIRE SOMEONE!” Given the excitement levels of my job right now, I’ve found the idea surprisingly enticing in my more idle moments (ie: just about to drop off to sleep and semi-conscious).

Gimpy Ho returns. “Ye shall receieve the email of Gimpy Ho now peon!  And you here about the OZ UO shard that OSI announced?” Aussie shard? Too late, Origin… Maybe for UO2, but with EQ, an Aussie server wouldn’t make me buy UO now.

Judgecal wants a plug: “Hi. I thought I would send you a note. Watch the latest episode of =JUDGECAL’S= High Weirdness – http://ParseTV.com/weirdness” (I thought this show got canned?)

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.SIG with a difference

This email is intended for the use of the individual addressee(s) named above and may contain information that is confidential, privileged or unsuitable for overly sensitive persons with low self-esteem, or no sense of humour. If you are not the intended recipient, any dissemination, distribution or copying of this email is not authorized (either explicitly or implicitly) and constitutes an irritating social faux pas. Unless the word absquatulation has been used in its correct context somewhere other than in this warning, it does not have any legal or grammatical use and may be ignored. No animals were harmed in the transmission of this email, although the kelpie next door is living on borrowed time, let me tell you. Those of you with an overwhelming fear of the unknown will be gratified to learn that there is no hidden message revealed by reading this warning backwards, so just ignore that AlertNotice from Microsoft. However, by pouring a complete circle of salt around yourself and your computer you can ensure that no harm befalls you and your pets. If you have received this email in error, please place it in a warm oven for 40 minutes and add some nutmeg and egg whites. Whisk briefly and let it stand for 2 hours before icing. Then notify me immediately by return email and eat the original message.

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Week one is over. I’m still in the testing department. Testing is boring, no doubt about it, but someone has to do it. It’s important. The R&D department is an extremely quiet place to work. Very little conversation (suits me, cos I’m a quiet person). I’m learning virtually nothing, though. I’d learn more from Solo giving me a Cold Fusion server to work across the net on, than a month in testing.

I got net access today. Needed the correct proxy settings, but yes I do have net access. No more friggin Lynx. No company e-mail address though :/. I must be the only BIT without one.

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Jan 00


Something’s missing today.


Thanks a lot for today’s messages, sent in by these people:

Fallen Angel, who sent a very timely “WAKE UP!!!!!” at 3pm when I was drifting in and out of consciousness.

Phil, whom I believe lives quite close to North Sydney recommends this: “I recommend The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson.  Top read!”

Justin mumbled, “Hey mate, i just fill  out any form i see cuz i am a boring guy.” (wow, a Canadian using “mate” in a sentence nothing to do with procreation… some Aussie must be rubbing off on him :)

Someone claiming to be “Your mum”, repeating “you suck you suck you suck…”

Gimpy Ho said, “Deez Nutz in Jo Mouth from the US of A! Hang in there!” (damn Yanks…)

Assman offers this insight, “Oprah Winfrey is hot and has firm honchos, I believe people like that should be put on an island that floods once an hour!”

Name :     
E-mail :
Message :

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Another Freebie Service

Came across Fax4Free today (at work, of all places, surfing with Lynx heh). Free faxing and free voicemail which is then scanned and recorded automatically and sent to your e-mail address. The difference with this, is that they support faxes to Australia (as well as North America)! Call US number 1-7608389251 and let me hear your Yank accents :). Oh yeah, they let you send out free faxes there too. Do these “free” services make that much movey from advertising?


This news was grabbed from Techno Weenie. BeOS looks very nice. And now they’re going to be giving it away for free (within a few months). Address is http://free.be.com (heh I like that… freebie). Sounds easy to install alongside Windows, which makes it all the more appealing to experiment with. No fiddling around with partitioning software.

Jan 00

Waiting To Install

Just thought I might as well make a post, given that I’m doing install testing and this machine is a 486-66 and is taking its own sweet time :/. Oh yeah, Transmeta released their mobile CPU. It’s a significant “contribution” to the computing world, but not revolutionary. The problem with being mobile, still, is being connected. More later, when I get home. [Posted from Work @ Aspect, North Sydney]

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Windows Millennium

Beta 2 of the next (and last?) consumer version of Windows arrived in the mailbox today. Will try it out when I get the new hard drive. I have no idea what’s different about it.


Some good reading to be found at Ironminds

Attitude Problems

Jelena Dokic has attitude problems. Of course, parental influence may a contributing factor (a very big head, the other). This article is backed up by this one. Doesn’t put her in a good light, and it stands out because normally Aussie sportspeople have good sportsmanship.

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Australian Cricket Team of the Century

The “dream team” of Aussie cricket over the past century has been announced. Ok so some think some cricketers don’t deserve to be in the list, but nonetheless, it’s an awesome team:

Of the 12 players named by the chairman of the Australian Cricket Board, Denis Rogers, nine are alive. Seven were in Sydney yesterday – Arthur Morris, Neil Harvey, Greg Chappell, Healy, Shane Warne, Dennis Lillee and Allan Border – although the captain, Donald Bradman, and his vice-captain, Keith Miller, were unable to attend.

The players included who have passed away were opening batsman Bill Ponsford, fast bowler Ray Lindwall and leg-spinner, Bill “Tiger” O’Reilly.

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Many thanks for all the people who sent in SMSes :). Got a couple in the morning and decided it could get annoying for others if my phone kept beeping all day. So I switched it off, and turned it on after work. I got all the SMSes, one by one when I was walking to the train station. Phone was beeping all the way there. Yeah I looked like a yuppie, suit and all, especially in North Sydney :P. Save me. I’m a westie dammit. Got these messages…

From Atroxi, a reminder that his schmick radio show is on tonight (last night?)

Sharkey exclaims, “No NET ACCESS?!? You poor poor Aussie bastard. I shall now bow my head in a moment of silence for you.”

Calder F. sends this haiku, “Text is made from text / Judo tops all spijitsu / Never drink the rain.” (to which I have to say makes him sound like he was on crack)

– m00n – says, “Thanks. Well burn that naked pic of your sister now.” I don’t have a sister.

Noddy recommends Harry Turtledove’s Into The Darkness to read.

Solo utters, “You said ‘scrotum'”

anti-dentite muses, “well work sucks… but it could be worse.. no wait.. it can’t. sorry.”

One truncated Nick Goodman says “This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand this format, some or all of this message may no-” Mobiles don’t take attachments or HTML very well.

Some thing cryptic from Opera Portables Inc. saying, “Opera Portables, Inc. is presenting “by invitation” visits to our web site. New updated and packed-” No URL, though. The message got truncated.

Renai called me a “hot chick” (but we’ll ignore this message seeing it’s from an obviously confused individual)

… and various well wishes from Shaf and Fuzz :)

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Aren’t you damn curious too? It better be worth it :). Action starts happening 7am tomorrow, Sydney time. Noon today for you yanks living on the Pacific coast. I really hope the site is Lynx friendly.


Ok, so it was marginally better today. I’m off docs testing and doing installation testing. Nothing thrilling, but I wasn’t nodding off as much, which is a good thing. Had a bit of “fun” at the installation farm trying to install Lansa on French and Japanese boxes. I had to translate (decipher more like it…) the French dialog boxes and correlate the buttons with the Japanese one. I ended up firing up an install on an English box and using that to guide me instead :).

I discovered I do have net access, but it’s limited. DNS is available, but the proxy is blocking external http transfers. Telnet, however, hasn’t been blocked, which means I can check my mail. Hah! And I can surf with Lynx if I get that desparate :P.

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Jan 00

Communal Crier

• Aherdofturtles

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Recommendations, Anyone?

I’ve just finished the two Feist novels I bought last week. I need something else to read while I wait for Feist to complete his Riftwar Legacy trilogy. Can anyone recommend any good reading material to me?

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2nd Day @ Work

First month, I’m being assigned to the R&D department – a department which revolves around a sole product, Lansa, an IBM AS/400 product. I thought this would be interesting. That is, until they stuck me in the testing department. Documentation testing. Go through the readme files and look for typos. Helpful to them? In the smallest sense. Challenging? Ahahahahaha. Mind-numbing? Absolutely. I mean, I’m sure normal testing isn’t as bad, but since I lack any knowledge about Lansa (and AS/400s), I can’t really test anything more complex than docs. Things better improve. Here’s what a friend is doing in comparison to me:

well, right from day 1 (in fact from about 4 hours into my IT placement) i’ve been doing monthly customer reports for our network clients. this basically involves pulling in a whole lot of network utilisation and response time data from the routers, processing it with a bit of java, producing some graphs, and creating a word document that tells them that we are providing a good service to them. I’ve also been producing similar weekly reports for some customers.

apart from all that, i’m working on a java servlets program that will act as a front-end to our databases (DB2, Oracle and Sybase). The servlet will have to be able to work with any type of database table and will do things like add new records, delete records and edit records.

i’m also doing a capacity planning project for one of our customers, basically involving a whole shitload of network data that I graph, add trendlines, etc, etc, and in the end again tell them that we are doing a wonderful job for them

one of my other projects is helping to set a standard design and configuration for the servers at our USF (Universal Server Farm)…but I’ve only just started that one.

i’m also doing a whole load of databasey stuff (yes, bdm DOES help) and learning PSQL on the side.

…..and finally, i’m also helping our expert java programmer (yep, he’s the only guy i’ve met outside of our uni that knows haskell) in redesigning and rebuilding our main front-end to our DB2 database

but what takes the cake is this:

hehehe……well, you know how they took me to that chinese restaurant for yum-cha as our welcome lunch. well, about a week later, we had a christmas lunch just for the “boys”. it was at a strip-club down the road. it was hilarious watching my managers go crazy at the sight of all these naked women around us!

So, take pity on me. Brighten up my day and page me on my mobile (I don’t have a net connection at work, let alone an e-mail address) while I’m working with a message, or some obscenities… or something (message restricted to 130 chars):

Name :     
E-mail :
Message :

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Jan 00

Communal Crier

Courtesy of another string of e-mails saying “hey, great site. Now gimme a link.”

• Absolute Zero
• The Fix

• Ex-pimp (formerly Blonde Haired Nothing)

• Crackerjap

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Expect less posts during weekdays. I’m tired. More about work later. Let’s just say these are looking very appealing to be bought, right now, cos I don’t drink coffee *gasp*.

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Jan 00

Communal Crier

More from Ramblings. Your chance to act. Go Sharkey, go do your ass-whuppin’ :)

well inferno, since you basically know al about E/N with that E/N gateway of yours…

after a lot of thinking and planning, i’ve thought of what i could do in order to let the school know how a lot of people feel is by e-mailing their one e-mail account with letters about how this is illogical, highly overexagerating, and restrive of those people’s basic rights.  if you want, you can copy and paste what i sent you explaining the situation and then the e-mail link to the school and direct people on the page who want to send their thoughts in a letter to do so to that e-mail address.  or, do it however you want, or just don’t respond if yer busy :)

e-mail: cowens@scrantonprep.com
site: http://www.scrantonprep.com

i’m done dealing with them, so, after this, i’ll see what i can do and post updates on the ol’ domain. they’ve gotten letters from a few people about it already, and if they get enough, they will think twice….it’s happened before.

James (RegBarc) from www.ramblings.net

• 7 – 5 – 7

Ruin Sorbees!

Shaf sent me this. It’s a cack.

How Fast Can You Run?

The perfect t-shirt to wear while running through a crowded shopping mall during Christmas shopping! (Thanks Ananda :)


The new Crusoe processor is expected to be revealed on the 19th.

Mobile Soapbox

E-mail here to sms me on my mobile. Keep the message to under 140 characters (Or it will be truncated). And no, I don’t have a vibrating battery, so you can’t really send messages like “tuck me under your scrotum now.” (but you can try) Ahem. Sorry. [And remember mobile phones don’t recognise HTML so send mail in plain text! Duh]

Ok This Is Just Too Funny Not To Post…

Baa baa black sheep is back (after being branded racist)

Communal Crier

• WS – hmm.

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Spam & Hotmail

If you keep a hotmail account, you’ll know how much spam you get. And if you send every spammer to the blocked senders list, it becomes very long. Not my account btw, I don’t use hotmail, for reasons such as this.

Finally… More Space

It’s been ordered – a new IBM 34 gigger, that is.

Jan 00

Communal Crier

So… Ramblings is down again. Not infighting this time though. Apparently, the crew got busted by their school (check it out James’ e-mail beneath). They’re not the first. This guy also got busted (threatened suspension and grounded) for posting up a classmate’s essay. A rather nasty essay written with the sole purpose of tearing him apart. That essay has since been taken off his site, but being the resourceful surfers you are, you can probably discover one of the mirrors with the essay. Did the schools have a right to do that to Ramblings and that other guy?

But we all know that schools are not governed by democracy. Schools are dictatorships. The Geneva Convention doesn’t exist there. I had a friend last year who was refused permission to go to the toilet. “You walk out that door and you’ve got yourself a detention.” He walked out the door. He got himself a detention, but after kicking up a big fuss, got it revoked. However, everyone has to endure the 12 or so years of school, but after that there’s uni – which is definitely not under a dictatorship :).

School intervention in students’ online affairs is nothing new to me. In early 1996, me and a friend, Glen, both created two separate sites tearing apart a student (Sims) of particular distaste (what a gross understatement) to not just us, but just about everyone in the whole damn school. Sims complained, not only about me and Glen, but a few other friends as well (who had nothing to do with the site, save they had viewed it). This happened unknown to us. Then, one morning, in science, the head of the computing department walked in and rounded up everyone Sims had named (he had shown the teacher the sites) and took them outside to talk. I happened to be taking a half-day off school at the time doing a musicianship exam, so I had missed the bust. The outcome was pretty damn funny, though. From threats of suspension, the 6 of them managed to turn the whole thing around against Sims saying “he brought it upon himself” – which only worked because all the teachers also found Sims annoying as hell. Glen got a warning and was ordered to take the site down, and the matter was considered closed, much to Sims’ annoyance. Sims actually got indirectly told off for being such an annoying prick (not in those words, of course! :). However, since I wasn’t at school at the time, I was never directly told to remove my site by any teachers, so to this day it still remains online somewhere on the web – its URL long forgotten by all but me. The site I made bashing Sims is pretty juvenile and immature – it was written almost four years ago (“Sims is so constipated, that the crap gathered all the way up to his esophagus, causing its bad breath.”). 15 year olds are juveniles. It just gets worrying when adults start writing pages like that.

• Apt103.net
• Iggy’s Waste Of Bandwidth
• PCD2

• TBCG – Now officially open

• Ramblings:

Hey, I hate people.

Ok, all of the ramblings posters go to a catholic school called Scranton Prep. The principal there got a complaint from one student after all these rumours went around school about our site. He saw the page. He called it unchristian. And suspended everyone associated with it. Nice guy huh? that’s not all, he called here and said if he finds anything on it from me, he’ll call the D.A., his little bitch lawyer i guess. Oh, and my poster Pevis? expelled. Juseck? he’s next. G? his dad banned anyone to talking to him, and now they’re making the ramblings posters take their midterms after school because of threats and such…

I’m spreading the word, what’s happening here is bullshit. I want to go back up and post away, but…eh, i prolly will, just not tonight.

Viva Le Revelution!

James Mack, Jr.

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How Sensitive of Them

Pete sent me in a little observation he made last night.

stu: look at this
a US NBA player has just died in a car crash, u may have heard
and i found this link on a news page its his official nba.com player file
[ Link ]

Well they updated really quick… and made it sound like it was a career highlight or something.

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Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

Reasonably funny movie.

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• Usenet threatens @Home with UDP – I’ve never heard of UDPs until I read this, but they do demonstrate a positive side to the net. The users can make the corporations listen, and there’s nothing the corporations can really do about it (there’s certainly no one to sue)
• DNA Computer – How many of you know how a CPU works… I mean really works (given you’re not a hardware engineer or something). You know it works on electrical impulses, gates, transistors and a whole lot of 0 and 1s, right? But not much else. DNA CPUs are even weirder… not to mention Quantum computing – but both are still years away to be of any practical use.
• Gates No Longer CEO Of MS – But he’s still Chairman. And he’s still richer than Steve Ballmer.

Jan 00

Communal Crier

• Simpleminded – Back from the dead. I guess this means we won’t see Solo and Theseus bitching about each other on the same site anymore.

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I’m getting an offer for a job that essentially is the design of a single web site. The only problem is I start full time work (industrial training) at Aspect next Monday. Combine that with a few evenings back at uni for a couple subjects, and the four hours I spend on public transport each day, and that might leave just enough time for something that vaguely resembles a social life or free time. But now I’m getting this offer which I want to take, but don’t know if I can. The company’s based up in North Sydney, like Aspect, and I just agreed to a meeting with the guy who runs it during a lunch break sometime next week. Hm. Dunno what I should do.

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Jan 00

Hey, What Gives?

Unravel the mystery. Check this out too.

Communal Crier

Some people’s sensitivity amazes me. I write a line on a site yesterday, and it elicits one 2-page rant and an e-mail. Someone feels quite insecure to be sparked off that badly. Some excerpts, some replies.

Maybe he means a site which has opinionated writers…… Well; what should i have, dull writers such as your self? … You are in no possition to say i’m a wannabe [refference to #2] – your site isn’t the greatest and it sure in hell isn’t better then this webpage, you don’t really write about anything at all … Please attend to your attention seekin’ somewhere else – if you don’t like my site don’t link it; you have no sign on what you are voicing, and you certaintly didn’t make any point whatsoever except that you can only write in a substantial manner, and that you needed something to finish your post:
I don’t know you at all, i don’t care who you are – all i know is that i get people who visit your site to come to mine, to read what i have to say.

I make no claims that my site is “the greatest”. And you don’t have to be to criticise other things. (When was the last time you heard a movie director go off at a movie critic saying, “you’re in no position to judge my movie, you haven’t even made any yourself!”) I’m entitled to an opinion, just as everyone is. I didn’t force him to listen to it, agree with it, or even care about it. I wasn’t trying to make a thought-out point, just an offhanded comment which seems to have inadvertently smacked him right in the face. Because for someone who doesn’t know me, and doesn’t care who I am, he’s sure taking the words I said to heart. 

And as for the e-mail, should I laugh really hard here or what?

but it is better then your site…. and i don’t know how long you have been publishing web pages – but i have been doing it for 2 years…:/

2 years, what a big man. Now should I expect myself to be bashed on his site? Perhaps some comments on how small my dick is? Or my sexuality? Isn’t there also something weird about someone who seems to advocate free speech, but will yet not listen to anyone else’s opinions? I think it’s called ignorance.

• Random Online

Hong Kong Street Air

This quote sums up the air in Hong Kong pretty well. I’m sure you know where it’s from: “I can’t stand it any longer. It’s the smell … I feel saturated by it. I can taste your stink and every time I do, I fear that I’ve somehow been infected by it.” They don’t use dry ice to create smoke for theatrical productions, just compressed street air.

Napster Tip

There isn’t just one Napster server. There are several which are at present unlinked to each other. The master server transparently forwards you to the “optimal one”. So, if you can’t find a song on the server you’re currently on, disconnect and reconnect and most likely the master server will assign you to a different one, with different people.

Communal Crier

• Views of Venus (new to fissure.org – get a female perspective on life)
• Wired-abuse (a wannabe site wanting to be another wannabe site? what will they think of next? maybe being a Pom explains it? :)

• United Fellowship of Bullshitters

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Sanity At Last?

Tabloid The Daily Telegraph ran an article entitled “Not guilty – Why computer games don’t turn players into violent anti-social slobs”. Excerpts:

Computer games do not prompt players to morph into anti-social, aggressive couch-potatoes, a four-year Government-sponsored report has found.

The majority of players feel happy, exhilarated, relaxed or challenged when playing, according to researches, who witnessed “very little overt aggression” in video arcades. “The main type of aggression was robust tratement of the equipment. Verbal aggression towards others was negligible and, if it did occurm, laughter and playful talk accompanied it,” the report states. Researchers point to international research which suggests that playing computer games can improve children’s co-ordination and analytical skills, increase interest in computer education and enjoyment of leisure time.

“There is little reason to believe that the activity itself should be a cause for concern and little evidence that it is a major source of anxiety within the community,” according to the report. “Young players reported that the aggressive content is not the central attraction of games. Many players said that they perceive the aggressive content as fantastic and preposterous, with the result that they do not take it seriously.”

But it was still a tabloid. An accompanying picture of a wild-eyed psycho was captioned, “Cleared… this Playstation character does not make players more aggressive.”

Time-Warner/AOL Merger

Yeah it made front page news here too.

Bid Overthrown For Oatley Campus

My uni, UNSW, is trying to get rid of a remote campus. Throughout the past year, my old high school, Trinity, has been trying to acquire it offering $19 million for it. Now, it has been “sold” to the government for $4 million. Rumours have it that one of the reasons Trinity wanted this extra campus (which would house years 7-9), which is situated South of Sydney to not only enrol more students from other areas, but to bolster the school’s sports teams (rugby, especially) – apparently after year 9, students from the two junior schools would merge into the same, single campus. Pretty weird, but I wouldn’t put it past the new guy in charge (the same guy that was quoted saying these these things: “…recognise the economic… err… educational advantages of the IB [International Baccalaureate]” and “We all have a role to pay. I mean, play.”). Deal’s off, thankfully.

You Tell ‘Em, Richie

The SMH reports that Richie Benaud, talking about the 1-day cricket reinstatement of Shaoib Akhtar, “summed it up best” with this statement: “It’s a shemozzle. Not just an ordinary shemozzle, but a straight-out, full-blown shemozzle.” Right.

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I Didn’t Know This…

E-Bay has come to Australia.

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End Of Days

Quite enjoyable, but not spectacular. One thing I did find interesting though, was an ad before the movie advertising a site called Hot Dockets. Seems like the perfect site for the miserly. You select your locality and they provide a list of dockets you can print out that entitle you to discounts at a variety of places. Exactly like the Shop-a-dockets you get at Coles and Woolies. And I don’t see any catch from the consumer’s viewpoint (asides from the enticement to buy something you otherwise wouldn’t have bought normally).

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Visited Dymock’s today and picked up two Raymond E. Feist books. A hardcover Krondor: The Assassins and A Darkness At Sethanon for $53. On hindsight I thought it might have been cheaper to get it from Amazon. To my surprise, it’s not really. By surface shipping (up to 12 weeks wait), Amazon works out at about $3 cheaper, and by standard air it’s quite a bit more expensive. I guess Amazon’s more suited for buying the more expensive books, like computer manuals.

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Jan 00

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• portal.scurvy.net
• Wedgee

• Losing Our Minds – domainified


We went on a 3-day cruise up to Malaysia and back while overseas. It’s just slightly troubling to know that at least some of the systems aboard a 78,000 tonne cruise liner were running Windows NT. Here we see the emergency drill video displaying an IP conflict error message. I couldn’t resist the photo opportunity. [Another pic]

Sorry... didn't quite get that phone number

Communal Crier

Yes, more. What’s wrong with you people, can’t you give me a break?

• Digital Existence
• Eyez World
• Fragile Minds
• News From The Far Side Of Venus
• Red Scare – new to Fissure.org (well, newish)
• Simplicity Online
• Sungs
• XenoZero

• Ezis (formerly Moment of Clarity)
• Perpetual Motion (formerly Amazing Rando)
• Sloppy Rage (formerly Westford Inc.)

• Shazbot

Wanting Plug
• Aphex


The Intellimouse Explorer just isn’t quick enough for Quake. It can’t hack it when you whip the mouse to do a 180 turn, and you end up looking at the ceiling. So now I have two mice connected to this computer. :P

Was Bored

Created this. I need a new hard drive – and fast. 20 Gigs, all full.

Jan 00

Communal Crier

Good grief. After reading through all my backlogged mail (almost all, anyway), and making the rounds, well… take a look for yourself:

• Brad Klaus
• Misunderstood
• Pixelated Vision
• Presto’s Ramblings
• saQ
• the evil network
• Tunk Tank
• UNPC.net
• Wastedlife
• xion
• Zero

• Get Back At The Man
• Loopyweb
• Neoflux (formerly Absurdities Observed)

I’m Back

And we’re still unpacking our bags. Normal operations will resume shortly.

Jan 00


Back from a three day cruise up to Malaysia. I leave for the trip back to Australia tomorrow, so barring any mishaps with the plane flight (our Qantas flight number is “124” which has some rather unfortunate implications in Cantonese when said aloud… Chinese superstition which my grandparents are especially quick to point out :), I’ll be back in Sydney tomorrow and making semi-regular updates once more. And back with a webcam too – one that dad (of all people…) got conned into buying!

Jan 00


Back in Singapore. Got loan of a laptop and net connection from my aunt. I’m happy :)

Sim Lim Square is a 7 level computer shopping mall in Singapore and there are easily a dozen stores that openly sell pirated software spread out amongst the 7 levels. So there I was, looking at a copy of the (alleged) final release of Win 2000 when the store lights went out. The shopkeeper hurried everyone out of the store, wheeled the outside displays inside and slammed down the shutters. The store had been closed in under 30 seconds. All around the mall you could hear shutters banging down. Funny, that. I’m still trying to work out how the signal got around that police were coming. One hour later, all of them had reopened. Real, original game software is even cheaper in Singapore. $49 for new releases.

I finally found a store with the Intellimouse Explorer in stock. Hardware in Singapore is that much more cheaper than Sydney. It’s a really schmick mouse. The scroll wheel could be a little more stiffer (it rolls too smoothly) to provide more tactile feedback, but apart from that, it complements Microsoft’s excellent hardware range quite well.

I bought my digital camera, but it wasn’t the Kodak. The storekeeper convinced me to go with the 2.3 megapixel Fujifilm MX2900. I’ll probably put up some pics taken with it later.

Some net news. Andrew told me of SMSMEBABY, an sms web gateway service for Aussie mobiles. It allows exchange of sms to e-mail and vice versa as well. Looks nifty… I dunno how they can afford to provide it for free though. Surely they don’t make that much from advertising?

As for e-mails anyone has sent me, I will get back to them when I get back to Australia, so just hold on tight.

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