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Sep 98


I’m at home studying all day now (14 hours of day to get through – man that is so tedious), so I gotta use up those internet hours somehow… so I spend my time downloading heaps of stuff while I’m off in my room studying (I think I got 50+ megs of stuff today – my liddle Getright program has been churning away… over half a gig in half a month). Anyway being online the whole day is interesting, cos every hour or so when I take a break, I check the puta and there’s people on icq with all sorts of n/a and away messages. So I thought of this way to keep updating the journal without making long entries… It’s the ICQ quote of the day (how lame… this is what endless studying does to you :). Updated daily or at least, sort of daily. Click here to see today’s quote (you must be as bored as me :) :

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Sep 98

Comms Blackout

As the HSC rolls closer, there will be no further journal entries – unless something very important happens.


I regained the use of my computer last week (new hard drive), but I haven’t had the opportunity to update this journal because last week was the final week of school I’ll ever have in my life, and the prelude up to the mother of all Australian exams – the HSC. In lieu of regular updates, I’m recounting the events of the past week.

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In Review : The Final Week of School for me (ever)

• Sometime after Sept 14
11 Boys were suspended from school for streaking in a g-string across the grounds of other girl schools. They took off at Lunch. In “retaliation”, only days after, some girls from MLC (or some similar school) jumped in a few cars and drove up and down the street at the back entrance of the school – they were horning repeatedly with half-naked chicks leaning out of windows and out of the occassional sunroof. The Head Master came out afterwards asking, “Did anyone get the plates?” Back of course – who the hell would be looking at license plates when there are better things to look at? :)

• Wednesday (Sept 23)
We had a “farewell lesson” for our Maths teacher today. For those who don’t know, our teacher is the kind of teacher who wouldn’t know what a detention is. If you videotaped a single lesson he conducted, the stuff on that tape would get him fired (smoker drinker gamble with a massive beard – see the link under the “sponsored by” section in the side bar on the left). Anyway the gifts we decided to get him were… 2 packs of cigarettes (never been done before, ever, in this school :), bottle of wine, and a quit smoking pack with nicotine patch and tape. I’ve got photos of the event, and when I get heaps of time (ie after the HSC. I’ll devote one page to the occassion). That lesson was hillarious and will definitely remain in my memory for decades to come!

• Thursday (Sept 24)
This was the second last day of school for me, and the formal day of school for all us Year 12 students. Today was the day everyone brought in their shirts to be signed, and also to get their Year 12 diaries signed (little books people write comments in – either wishing good luck for the future, or hurling bags-outs culminated from 6 years of school life). This day in school is traditionally termed as “muck-up day” (self-explanatory I hope). Now, in what may have been one of the worst decisions made by the school, they sent us home, without prior notice or warning, at recess (about 11am, or two hours into the day) – probably in an effort to thwart any muck-up attempts. Bad mistake. Many people were angry because they still had some shirts to get signed, and many had absolutely nothing to do (some went to the pub tho), so what did happen in the end?

Basically, you had hordes of students from our school roving all over Sydney, targetting other students’ houses, and other schools with eggs, water bombs and flour. Students in cars drove all around Sydney from Ashfield to Marrickville to Five Dock etc. PLC was apparently assaulted pretty badly – I heard that there were guys dumping flour in girls’ hair in front of parents and chucking eggs out car windows in “drive-by eggings”.

I was in on some of this too (only water bombs though, and only against people I know – eggs are too dangerous/messy and I didn’t want to get busted). After we were sent home, I went to a friend’s place (I live an hour away from school, remember – so I wasn’t going back that early). From there we took a car armed with water bombs to another friend’s place which we heard was “under seige” by a group of other guys in our grade. Anyway we drove into the street. No one there. So we coasted slowly down the road until we saw a couple guys with bombs in their hands. We were about to offload our bombs on them when suddenly, about 20 guys appeared out of nowhere – all with bombs. We sped off, of course, with only a couple bombs impacting. Making a trip around the block, two of us jumped out of the car with a bucket of bombs (“who wants to be a hero?”) as we made another pass. This time it was much worse – we saw the mob, decided not to chuck any bombs, wound up the windows and locked the doors, an jumped on the accelerator. I swear it sounded like cannons going off as the bombs smacked into the car – you couldn’t see out of the windows because of all the water. Anyway it turned out the attack had bloody well broken the windscreen wiper. After picking it up we turned around and slowed down to speak with “the mob” to see what they were planning to do afterwards (only one more bomb was chucked, and that was at the two guys who got down from the car earlier, and who were making their way back into the car).

Here’s another tale from a friend as heard over ICQ : “yeah, my car got attacked as well
sid stopped in front of us so we winded the windows down yelling “fuck u, dickhead, asshole etc then out of nowhere fuad blocked the road with his car….. then all 5 of them came out of the car with w bombs, u can imagine how desperate we were winding up the windows!!! it’s like one of those mafia thing u see on the telly
” He was using powered windows too… “yeah, but u know it’s fast with only one [window], but all four at the same time it slows down a bit. one bomb got into my car BTW“.

There are many other various stories and experiences – but in our draconian school, they could potentially get people busted, so I won’t tell them here.

• Friday (Sept 23)
An informal day, because, according to tradition, Year 12 got sent to the beach. However, today was horrible… overcast, cool, windy and rainy. The Head Master said before we left said, “The forecast says it’ll clear up by the time you reach there.” So 1 and a half hours later we reach the beach, get out of the buses and it’s still overcast windy and raining. After about 15 minutes of shivering under some shelter (I’ve got a photo of a group of about 50 of us huddling under this small covered area), we head back into the bus. Someone tried to ring for pizza, but we were so far out of Sydney that there was no mobile phone network available there. About 1 hour after that, we are on our way back to school. That was about it for the trip – except that we dialed Pizza Hut again, only to find they didn’t deliver to moving vehicles :) “Fine! We’ll try Pizza Haven instead!” was the hangup line… That’s about it for the interesting, memorable stuff. Certainly one of the most interesting and entertaining weeks I’ll have in my whole life.

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Saw the Truman show last Saturday – very good film (that’s the brief synopsis). I also saw a teaser for Star Trek IX : Insurrection and I must say it looks good :)

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Sep 98

She’s Breakin’ Up, Captain!

It’s finally happened! My computer has decided to die on me. Yesterday, after a year of many components of the computer stuffing up, the hard disk decided to take a dive, and there are bad sectors written all across the hard disk – including the registry. Right now I can’t access windows – I’ve lost most of my data and yes I’m not very happy about it (that’s an understatement). I’ll need a new hard disk, but that’s gonna take some time to get. Well, a couple more months and I should have a brand new system, fortunately.

Anyway, the implications for this page are that I won’t be able to update it until I can do something about my stuffed hard drive. Until then, go and visit Digital Discourse to check out some other fine journals (and of course, you’ll hear from Digital Discourse’s news page when I get back online, as well).

I really need a new system. The whole thing is crashing down around me:
•The CD-Rom drive is stuffed – the tracking mechanism is misaligned and sometimes it can’t even recognise there’s a CD in the drive.
•The crappy el cheapo speakers are stuffed – one of them cuts out when you turn the volume too high.
•There was that time when I spilt orange juice on my keyboard (even though I got it fixed, the zero on the numpad still doesn’t work).
•The old laser printer needs lubrication big time (it squeaks and whines really loudly when paper goes through it).
•The graphics card blew a while ago, and we had to get it fixed.
•The power supply blew a fuse a while ago, and again, we had to send it in for repairs.
•Now the hard disk has crashed.
•I’m really looking forward to a new system right about now :).

Okay that’s enough whining and feeling sorry for myself :). No more updates until I can get this whole thing fixed. That bites.

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Sep 98

Starr Report

Released! One step close to possible impeachment :). Here’s a list of impeachable offenses.

Shameless Plug

It’s here! The alleged “top secret project” I’ve been involved in is here. It arrives in the form of Digital Discourse – a cataloging site containing links to quality journal sites. Heh. Enjoy. Link is here. The link is also on the side bar.

Sep 98

WC Secret Ops

Time to begin downloading the mega-file. Secret ops is a Wing Commander add-on, basically, fully downloadable from the net at www.secretops.com. It’s like 100 megs.

School Story

You will never meet a more serious person (not strict, but serious) than our physics teacher. Anyway, one day he was away from class and there was this message on the whiteboard saying “Would a prefect or monitor please mark the role?” Now the way absenteeism works in the school is that one person goes around the classes picking up forms which have the names of people missing from class. Then the school sends out forms during morning assembly asking absent people to go to the office to “explain their absense from class”, and if you can’t, you get a detention. The forms are sent to the House Captains (the school is divided into 16 houses) in the morning to distribute to members of the house. Anyway, one smart-arse goes and marks down our teacher as being absent. This morning, one of the house captains (a friend who just happened to be in the same physics class ;) got a slip of paper with our physics teacher’s name on it. None of us could believe it! Hahahahaha…it appears the school has no idea about checking to see if the name is valid or not, and that all we have to do now is hide the slip and wait for the detention to come around :).

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Cranial Disorder Layout Change

Admit it. Changing layouts, and looking at changed layouts is therapeutic (spelling?). Sonic’s kicks ass again. Go check it.

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Sep 98

Almost there…

Work on that Something is almost done. I should be able to say something about it soon. On a tangent, (because nothing else happened today) school reports are going to be sent out Friday apparently…

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Sep 98

HSC Countdown

We’ve broken the 50-day mark on the way to The Exams… it’s getting scaringly close now. Pretty soon I’ll be virtually locked away in my room studying, so there’ll be a “comms blackout” for about a month while I do the exams :(. But after that… well… life’ll get about 100 times better :). Three weeks left of high school for me – the last three weeks ever. I suppose that’s a good thing and a bad thing. Ah well… life goes on.

Sydney Water (yet again)

This is an absolute farce. Sydney’s water supply is stuffed again, with contamination “worse than before”. I think no one cares if they get sick anymore…

Uni of New South Wales Open Day

Went to a uni open day today. The lectures weren’t that bad – pretty informative I guess. Pretty miserable day because it was raining all day – totally overcast. Funny thing was that at the main quadrangle, they had this 100m track in the shape of a figure 8, and get this… they were holding a solar car competition at the time. It was pretty much a joke – 90% of the cars stopped after the first bend because there wasn’t enough sunlight, and the water on the track was stuffing the cars’ motion. They had to get some guy in to use a broom to sweep the water off the track. The worst of the cars stopped after 5 metres. There was also some announcer… “And race 14 has started… [5 seconds later] and race 14 has finished!” Well that was about as exciting as it got for the whole day.

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Sep 98

Sidebar Update

The picture on the side is a pic of my maths teacher. Eccentric? Very. Meanwhile, work on that Something continues… I’m not saying what it is right now, but I hope it turns out well, and should be interesting…


Check this out. It’s the home site of ORB – a low-cost high-storage removable media device… 2.16Gb storage per disk, 12Mb/sec transfer rate etc… the main difference between this and Iomega’s Jaz drive, or Syquest’s drives, is the cost… it’s unbelievably low. Go visit the site to see what I mean… looks 100 times better than the next-to-useless Zip Drive I’ve got.

Sep 98

Sex in UO

Who says there’s no sex in UO? Check the bottom of the sidebar :).


I’ve been snowed under with all sorts of things to do, and things I’d like to do (but can’t get around to it), in the past two days:

I’ve had/have to…
• Study for the HSC (der)
• to write a web page for a friend (whose friend’s father died)
• to write a whole web site
• I have to fill out about 4 forms for various things
• arrange seating for the table I’m going to be sitting at for the valedictory dinner (thank goodness Nick got my e-mail when he did) – the form which has to be in next Monday
• co-write a report for the school’s end of year magazine
• to help a friend fix up his computer which had various critical systems files corrupted due to bad sectors on his hard drive (he’s made 5 phone calls to me today)
• to help another friend fix up his computer which got a virus which wiped his win.com and stuffed up his a:\ drive in some mysterious way (he’s giving me a call tomorrow)
• do two past HSC maths papers
• write an English essay
• get a web forum online
• go to a uni open day on Saturday
• think about what I’ve forgotten to do, that I have to do…

What I’d like to do:

• update this page (which I’m now doing :)
• put some hours into something in the vein of “Something Big” and “Something Swank” … I term it “Something I hope will make us famous” :)
• other stuff that I can’t do because of the bloody huge list above

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Sep 98

Get Medieval

Get Medieval will be a game released soon that is based upon the old, old Gauntlet game (you know, insert more money for more health? and you’d keep inserting money until you ran out, reaching ridiculous levels? heh – I’ve got a rom of it). Looks good… I’ll be keeping an eye out on it.

Sep 98

Liberal Party Site Hacked

With the Federal Election less than 5 weeks off (3rd October), someone hacked the Liberal Party Site (for you Americans, there’s two major parties – Labor and Liberal, with the Libs in government). Anyway, the hacker(s) redirected a few links off to porn sites, and relabelled descriptions of MPs (Costello – treasurer for the rich and stuff like that). I don’t think the stuff is still there, but the site is at http://www.liberal.org.au/.

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Keanu Reeves???

Hahaha a really funny thing happened to a friend (who will probably kill me if I say his name :) last weekend. He went off to a Uni open day and on the way back he dropped into a store which sells posters. You know how the posters on the rack are numbered, so you can go up to the counter, say the number (instead of having to describe the poster you want) and the store will pick out a fresh copy of the poster (already rolled up in a tube) with the corresponding number? Well my friend bought a poster of Starship Troopers – poster number 58. He pays his ten bucks, gets a poster numbered 58 and goes home. Anyway, it’s about midnight and he’s about to go to bed and he decides to take the poster out. And lo and behold, it’s a half-naked picture of Keanu Reeves and not of Starship Troopers. I would’ve paid money to see the look on his face when he saw that. Now, as you know, Keanu Reeves is gay, so my friend starts panicking (I mean, what would the rest of his family think, if he went out and bought a picture of Keanu Reeves topless? This is a male friend, btw :). So now it’s hidden somewhere in his room, and he’s praying his brother doesn’t find it (cos he’ll be crucified) hahahahaha… We’ve been bagging him out about it all day (“Bought the poster so you could use it late at night, eh? ‘Ohh Keanu… uh uh uh’ We know the truth…” etc.) Cheap shots, but damn hilarious. He’s absolutely furious about it and he’s going back to the store this Saturday to trade the poster. Hahahaha.

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That’s Customer Support

I got an e-mail from the guys who make Battlefield Communicator. It basically said “we noticed you were having problems with our software, so give us an e-mail and we’ll help you figure it out.” Proactive customer support. Actually looking for people in trouble and going to them and offering help. Very, very impressive.

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