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Mar 99

Make that TWO up

Yet another E/N site. This one’s by Sticky’s friend which is how I found this one right after. Spud’s Twisted Dimension.

Mar 99

Analyse This

This movie was downright hillarious. While some movies show all the good bits in the trailer, Analyse This has plenty of gags still in store. I was watching it with a friend who happens to be Greek, so we were both pissing ourselves when the “Oedipus/Freud/Motherfucking scene” came. Sounds weird? Well regardless, it’s damn funny. A must see.

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1.2GHz CPU Chip

A Russian computer company claims to have designed a microchip that runs faster and better than Intel IA-64 (64 Bit) Merced chips which are due out next year. The company is called Elbrus and its E2K chip can take any operating system (for 64 Bit, Windows or otherwise). It uses something called binary compilation so it can run Windows stuff without infringing on Intel patents. It also uses littler power than Intel chips, meaning better battery life for notebooks. Sound too good to be true? Sorta, I guess. The chip has allegedly been in development for 30 years and its design has only just been finalised. “A lot of great technology is now coming out of Russia – they have some incredibly clever people.” Elbrus has 70 patents pending for the design, but, of course, Russia is too broke for the chip to undergo physical development. And there are no factories in Russia that can produce the components necessary for a prototype of the chip. Maybe Intel will step in and buy Elbrus out? [Source: The Australian – No link]


We’re programming in a language called Haskell (no, not Pascal) for Uni. It’s a 4th gen functional declarative language that no one’s heard of. I began coding the assignment at 1am, which in hindsight was a very bad time to start a programming assignment.

Daylight Saving

Ends 3am, Sunday morning. Set your clocks one hour back in Australia. (“Spring ahead, fall behind”… entering Autumn so clocks go “behind”, or back one hour)

State Election

The Labor party has been re-elected as Kerry Chikarovski’s coalition has been massacred. She conceeded defeat pretty early in the night. Link.

Memory Leaks?


Time to reboot.

Mechwarrior 3 Demo

Looks nice… Link to 3dfxmania

Mar 99

One up, one down

We see today a new entry to the E/N sidebar and one exiting E/N site (we also see a shot down US Stealth Fighter, although that’s another thing altogether). The Sticky Zone is the new site. Unfortunately, Screw with the System exits out gracefully. Cya Scoobie… you did provide some nice reading.

Mar 99


Apologies for not producing any juicy bits of news or any links… I’ve been flat out lately and haven’t been able to spend much time on the Internet surfing about.

State Election

Tomorrow. I reckon Labor will win, and quite frankly, I think Carr is more suited for the job than Chika (who’s a little too new and inexperienced). I’m two months away from voting age, though.

CD ReWriter

When you install a new piece of PnP (Plug ‘n’ Pray) hardware, the chance of it not working on first go is as likely as you rocking up to the urinals and finding pubic hair on them. I got a Yamaha CD-RW yesterday when my grandparents came over from Singapore. The trouble is, it came along with some cheap $90 PnP SCSI card. When something without a brand name comes in a box shouting the phrases “EASY INSTALL”, “HIGH PERFORMANCE” and “HIGH QUALITY” all over the front of the box, you can be guaranteed that your computer will immediately bluescreen upon bootup. And that it did, and that it kept doing. So now I just need a new, working SCSI card before I can start burning mounds of MP3 CDs. Grrrr.

Crazy factoid

Someone in my course at Uni bought a laptop in with a few MP3s. Mousse T’s song, Horny, came on and a friend made the comment, “Did you know they say ‘Horny’ in that song about 128 times?” Our reply was, “You mean you actually counted??”

Mar 99

Shitting Bricks

It takes me about 1 hour 45 minutes to get to university by car, train and bus (on a good day). That’s just a one way trip, too. Some days I leave uni during peak hour (5-6pm) and by the time the train arrives at Central station, there aren’t any seats left so I have to stand for the whole hour. I got told of a way to beat the crowds by a friend, who also goes to my station (Campbelltown). Although Campbelltown is a suburban station, it’s an interchange for country trains as well (it’s right on the edge). His advice was to catch a country train that went to Goulburn (about 3 hours drive from Campbelltown) – it would travel direct to Campbelltown stopping at only one station on the way (as opposed to 10 or so). Additionally, there’s always seats available, the train is air-conditioned and has a toilet. So, today I tried taking this country train. Oh yeah it was good – nice comfortable seats. I lent back and went to sleep.

I woke up again to see a station fly past the window… “Menangle Park” the sign said. WTF? Where the hell was Menangle Park? I had missed my damn stop by lord knows how far. The train was travelling really fast (faster than it had been through the suburbs) and we were passing farms and fields and shit… Meanwhile my parents were on the way to pick me up from Campbelltown. I hopped off at the next stop, “Menangle”. Damn. It was a two platform station in the middle of nowhere. A few other people got out, but they drove off in cars. I tell you, that station was totally deserted. No cars in the car park, no station attendants, no trains going past. Nothing. Well I always had my mobile phone. One slight problem… zero reception. It wasn’t even registering my phone company. I headed over to the public phone booth… to find that someone had removed the entire phone from the booth. I looked about – I’d have to find a house and ask if someone could let me use their phone, but I looked around and there weren’t any damn houses – just barns! Now I was worrying. It was getting dark and I was starting to freeze. I took out the mobile again, and lo and behold — Reception! Half an hour later I was on the way back home.

Everyone has a story where they’ve missed their train/bus (even plane) stop, and this is mine :).

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Microshit hasn’t bothered to fix up the refresh problem. You can sit there hitting refresh again and again, and the page *still* loads from cache. That pisses me off. Another thing is that if you click on a link that’s stored within a folder on the bookmark/linkbar (under the navigation bar), it will open a *new* window, or use an existing window. Why doesn’t it just use the window you selected the bookmark in??

Mar 99

Did you know?

The longest word that can be typed with one hand on the keyboard is “stewardesses”. Thanks to Shish.

Mar 99

Taco Bell

I got approached by people surveying for Taco Bell today. They enticed me with a $5 voucher :). I just answered her questions as she filled out a multipage form. I caught the name of the survey, which was entitled “Project Bellringer” :). There was also a question on the survey that read, “What is the sex of the surveyee? (DO NOT ASK SURVEYEE)” Another question they asked was to grade the 5 major fast food restaurants (TB, McD, KFC, Pizza Hut, Hungry Jacks – otherwise known as Burger King in the rest of the world). After grading TB first and McD last, they then asked me how many times I had eaten at each of those joints in the last 3 months. Interestingly enough, McD came out at the most visited. Testament to the ubiquity of the Golden Arches.

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“Hacker” Jargon

What does “foo” mean? Where does it come from? “Foo” is used as a metasyntactic variable (that is, a placeholder variable, which you’re meant to replace) in computing, but it has origins somewhere. There are many theories regarding Foo’s origins.

1. There’s the Saving Private Ryan/WWII theory, where “Fubar” was shortened to “Fu”, which was consequently mutilated to form “Foo”. It’s an ongoing joke in SPR as Upham, the translator, tries to find out what the hell “Fubar” means after being told it’s a German word. FUBAR is an acronym for, “Fucked up beyond all recognition.”

2. There’s also some truth in that “Fubar” is a German word. It may possibly be derived from “Furchtbar” which means terrible. This, and the explanation above would both fit into the situations where they are used in SPR.

3. Foo might come from “Feu” which is the French word for “Fire”. Also, Foo might mean “evil” or “devil” (archiac English?). Another possible meaning of “Foo” is rooted in aviation. If a plane were to hit “foo” (garbage) on the runway, it would be known as “Fubar” (see #1). Foo Fighters were thus employed to keep runways free of “foo”. Hence explaining the name of the band with the same name.

4. In VAX (a computer op system?), FUBAR stands for “Failed UniBus Address Register”.

5. Mr T said, “I pity the foo…”

6. In the 1938 cartoon “The Daffy Doc”, a very early version of Daffy Duck holds up a sign saying “SILENCE IS FOO!”

Check out Slashdot for more (a long conversation thread) on this topic.
Also check out a “Hacker’s Dictionary” – comprehensive coverage of “Hacking” jargon.

Bandwidth of a Nerve Cell

Slashdot has a nice section called, “Ask Slashdot” where you write in to ask a question and everyone answers. One such question was submitted by someone trying to determine the bandwidth of a nerve cell.

Mar 99

Gee, doesn’t that sound familiar?

Most major news seems to be echoed on all E/N sites. I think I might devote a section of this page to news that gets replicated on multiple sites. But this page is cramped already… where can I put it?

Anyway, as you’ve no doubt already seen, Microsoft released IE5 (I’m currently waiting for a nice 50meg full install version to come in from… Czechoslovakia, of all places). Ard sent me this link to 5 Unruly Janitors (the name of the site speaks for itself :). Then there’s some article on Microsoft trying to get in on MP3 (sort of).

What’s my opinion how IE and NS rate against each other? I’m not going to hold anything against MSIE because it is MS. The truth is, IE loads faster (hehe that’s probably because it’s integrated into Win98 so much), the interface is nicer, and it just appears cleaner (I hate its caching problems though). However, all this could change with version 5 of IE and NS – for once Netscape is going to release its browser after MS.

Job Interview

I got one tomorrow for a webmastering position. I submitted the applying e-mail over a month ago. Apparently the delay was because 800 people applied. It’s good because if I get the job, they give me shares and I can work from home, but I don’t know how good the company is because it just started up. Side note: webmastering has been rated as the best job to have (another one of those links seen on multiple sites).

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Wisdom Teeth

I have impacted wisdom teeth. That is a bad thing. 90% of the human race get impacted wisdom teeth. That makes me feel a bit better. Today we submitted my form confirming that I want the operation – $770 it’s costing! All four wisdoms are being extracted when I go on holidays in about 10-11 weeks from now. Sounds like pain.

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Mar 99

Commie Newspapers

There are these people going around campus trying to sell “Green Left Weekly”, some left wing newspaper. This question should be posed to them, however, “If you’re so left-wing, why are you selling off these rags for $2?”. Also, the University decided to Strike again, today (someone told me it didn’t happen very often, but this is the third day of strikes in one month). The accounting department still worked, though, so I had to turn up anyway, just for that one damn lecture.


Went bowling today, a group of about 20 of us, and some very bizarre things happened. It started when I bowled a gutter ball (about my 10th one :). It bounced back out (I didn’t misthrow it that badly!). Then another guy playing got himself in a split pins situation, so he decided to bowl two balls down the alley. One ball reached the pins first, and the mechanism that sweeps away pins and sets them, came down before the second ball reached the pins and stopped it. So there I was, about to bowl with this ball stuck in the gutter. I stuffed my throw (again), and my ball headed straight for the stuck ball. Quite unintentionally I hit the stuck ball and it richoched. My ball flew off the alley under the ball return conveyor belt, and the stuck ball ended up in the other gutter. And I failed to knock over any pins.

After that the whole system stuffed up and the pins failed to get reset. So we just bowled our balls down the alley, without there being any pins to bowl at. Our “hit” is recorded as a strike. When the next frame rolled around, the pins finally reset themselves. I think we screwed the system somehow :) Then a friend went on to make five legitamate strikes in a row. Crazy stuff.

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CD in a Microwave (also, a viable use for “Join AOL” CDs)

Have you tried it? Looks like a fireworks display, with all these sparks arcing in a circular pattern around the disc. I don’t suggest frying the disk for more than 2-3 seconds after it starts sparking, though. :) In fact, I don’t suggest it at all, so don’t blame me if your microwave explodes, causing its door to blow off its hinges and decapitate you.

I saw this when I was doing work experience at a local ISP. The boss, running the ISP from his house, all of sudden turned to me during the day and said, “Hey, have you seen a CD in a microwave?”
“Come around, I’ll show you.” And indeed he did. I just stood there shaking my head as he shut off the microwave, fanning the fumes from it, “gotta get rid of the smell… my wife’d kill me if she found out.”

E/N Extravaganza

Now sporting the largest E/N/Journal site listing (thereby also doubling the load time for this page :), they keep coming. I’ve added three more. Sharkey’s Badass MoFo, Ajamedor’s Online Journal, and one found off Screw w/the System: Dethstryk. These sites are not brand new, but I only just found out about them (except for Ajamedor’s, which I merely forgot to add to the sidebar)

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Mar 99

Mobile Phones

They do, they don’t. They do, they don’t. It’s beginning to look as if the radiation from mobiles is, to an undetermined extent, harmful. Although I’ve been told there’s “no correlation” between the radiation and brain dysfunction, scientists performing mobile phone research, “tend not to use them themselves.” Then over the radio, mobile phones reportedly cause lapses in short-term memory when in use. Now there’s this. Someone’s doing what everyone does these days when something goes wrong. Sue. A man is attempting to sue British Telecom for damages …

“I’d lose my memory of the time I was on the phone, so even when I got the information that I required, I’d have to ring up again because I’d already forgotten it,” he said on Sunday.
Source: Reuters

… apparently caused by his mobile. Of course, if he succeeds, do you realise what it would happen? People everywhere suing their phone company’s ass for brain damage. Then phone companies would have to start displaying stickers on phones saying, “Surgeon General’s Warning: Prolonged exposure may cause permanent brain damage.”

In Other News…

An Egyptian truck driver cut his wife’s throat and beheaded her in a mad rage after she accused him of earning too little and slapped him, police said. Source: AFP

Yikes. “Wife who belittled hubby, beheaded.” Crazy Egyptians :).

News from the Left Field

WARSAW — Nato’s latest recruits from Poland are often smelly; many do not get time to wash and some change their underwear only once a month. Source: Reuters

Link to the stink.

Mar 99

Deaths – Beware the Ides of March!

Notice the string of deaths in the last week? There was a baseballer, director and musician. (Sorry, struggling for something to write today :).

Mar 99

Star Wars at The Box Office

I just had a small debate with a friend over whether Star Wars would exceed Titanic in revenue at the box office. It will be interesting to see what happens. Titantic had heaps of girls rewatch the movie about ten times to perve at Leonardo. However, everyone knows Star Wars, and I reckon 99% of people will watch it all over the world. But how many people will rewatch it? There’s a large fanatical Star Wars following composed of many people that would gladly rewatch it over and over, but is this base larger or more fanatical than the Titanic zealots? My money, and hopes, are on Star Wars to kick Titanic’s ass in revenue. Think about it, multitudes of people have sat at home for the past few decades, quite contentedly watching reruns of a 20 year old movie. Now, in their lifetime, there’s something NEW! Whatever happens, George Lucas will be raking it in.

Another annoying “Did You Know?” post

The current version of IP (called IPv4) is running out of allocatable addresses (256^4 = about 4.3 billion). You know that IP addresses are currently written in the format w.x.y.z (where w, x, y and z are numbers from 0 to 255), and are used to give computers an address on the net. Well, the new version of IP, called IPv6, will allow 3×1038 possible combinations of addresses and have the format: FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF (eight sets of four-digit hex numbers separated by colons). Have fun remembering your ISP’s DNS server addresses when IPv6 starts being phased in (which won’t be soon, I might add).


Get Back at The Man. E/N Site #14.

Not the Sunscreen Song MP3

I uploaded it and it’s available at this address (~5 MB). Enjoy. You’ll need to unzip it first (as opposed to merely renaming it). If you don’t know what this song is, it’s a spoof on Quindon Tarver’s “Sunscreen Song” (which is not really a song, just some guy giving advice on living life). This spoof is a cack.

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Mar 99


In Your Ear. Also in the sidebar.

Not the Sunscreen Song MP3

Yes I do have this Mp3 (lotsa search engine referrals regarding this). I don’t have space to put it up on the web, so just buzz me on ICQ (766185) while I’m online if you want a copy. Or, even better, does someone have any space where I can store a 4 Meg MP3?

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PC IT 99

This show was supposed to be targetted at the commercial business market, but it turned out to be more orientated towards the home-level consumer. Looking at this convention today, and conventions like it 3 years ago, it really looks much more high-tech and slick. I was going to meet up with a friend at the cafe at 6:30pm. At the entrance, they make you register at a computer terminal, then they print this card with a magnetic stripe on it which contains your particulars. This card is used by the retailers to quickly grab your details (address etc.) – one swipe through a magnetic reader and you’re instantly added to their mailing list. This probably has been around for a while, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it firsthand. Pretty neat stuff.

Anyway it turns out I was quite lucky to find my friend. It turns out that PC IT was staged over three convention halls, each with its own cafe, and somehow, we arrived at the same cafe. Anyway I saw the Orb Drive which was camped right next to Iomega. Interesting comparing the Jaz Drive to the Orb Drive. The Orb is more than twice as cheap as the Jaz, and holds 10% more on one cartridge. The next stop was the Sony stand. I can tell you, it’s no lie when they say they make the best monitors in the world. I took a look at the top of the line 500PS (21″ Platinum series) – the best consumer market monitor available. That thing is simply awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping and drool-inducing.

Then it was a matter of going from booth to booth looking to scab some freebies. At Iomega they were giving away tonnes of these obnoxious devices. Their sole purpose in life is to annoy the hell out of everyone by producing a sharp and loud “click”. So all over the convention centre there was a background noise of constant clicking that got progressively louder as you approached the Iomega stand. They were using the device to promote the “Clik” drive which takes 40Mb disk that’s about a quarter the size of a 3.5 inch floppy (designed for digital cameras and laptops). Intel was chucking away little bunny men at the Pentium 3 stand, but I didn’t get one, which was quite annoying (I do have a Linux penguin sitting on top of my monitor now, however :). Last year Gateway was giving away small cows. One of those would be nice on top of the monitor. Do you have anything interesting on your monitor? Mail me. All in all it was quite a good convention, considering that I got free entry and ended up with a frisbee, a drink bottle, and various other miscellania.


Preview of Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honour at IGN. That was quick.


A few days ago I got mail from Cowy about an “alternate” joke pronounciation of Cache. “I say ‘Catch-ie'”. What’s notable about this is, I was at the MCSE course yesterday, and we were watching a video on Proxy server. The Yank on video says “cash” and everyone yells out, “It’s ‘Kaysh’ ya nob!” Then someone else calls out, “ah just pronounce it ‘catch-ie’.” Which jolted my mind back to Cowy’s mail. Another coincidence.


The latest in “hey that’s neat!” geekware. The University of California is enlisting the help of computers across the world in processing radio signals collected by the Arecibo radio telescope that’s part of the SETI program, monitoring the radio waves for any sign of intelligent life. The program will act as a screensaver, downloading raw data from Arecibo to a computer, and as your computer analyses the data, a frequency graph is displayed. Allegedly, a quarter million people have already signed up for it. Go here to find out more.

Trailer 2

Out now (in case you’ve been living in a cardboard box for the last few days). www.starwars.com

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Mar 99


I noticed that a few people are coming to this page from search engines looking for “joke.win.stupid”. If you are looking for info on this “virus” (that’s not a virus), click here and go down to the entry dated Thursday February 4, entitled “Virus???”.

PC IT 99

I be going to the PC IT 99 convention tomorrow. It’s a large PC convention being held in Darling Harbour, Sydney. They will be demonstrating the new Orb drive. It’s a “Jaz-killer” sporting 2.2GB cartridges at a fraction of the cost of Iomega’s Jaz Drive. The IDE version (over 10MB/sec transfer rate) of the Orb drive should come out at $400 (US$200 in America), and I think the cartridges are only $50 or so. I made a post on the Orb about half a year ago, when it sounded too good to be true. So it turns out it’s not vapourware.

Mar 99

Film Director Dies

Stanley Kubrick, who directed films such as Full Metal Jacket, The Shining and Clockwork Orange died. Link to CNN. I’m sure you’ll find other E/N sites with more info if you’re interested (as soon as America wakes up :). I’m not altogether familiar with his films, but I’ve seen a few of them.

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One More

Squeezed another E/N site into the left bar. If you’re looking for some serious amount of time to burn, go through the list on the left methodically. The New one is White “Ty” Affair.

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Mar 99

More Sites

Wordpage, and Screw with the System make their debut into the left sidebar.

We’re cursed, I tell you

The temperature was up in the high 30s today (Yank conversion: around 100 degrees). It was hot as hell with not a cloud in the sky… and the public transport system decided to give us hell. A friend and I were going back home from a BBQ at Coogee beach. Bus to Central Station, Train to Ashfield Station. Should be a 30 minutes trip, tops. Uh huh.

Round and round we go.
You’ll need this map if you want to follow my story and you aren’t a Sydney-sider.

The bus to Central was fine. We wait at Central. The first train to Ashfield that arrives is jam-packed, so we wait for the next train, which might be an express, if we’re lucky. Deciding to give the frist train a miss was a mistake. Twenty minutes later, the second train pulls up. While it wasn’t an express, at least there was room to breathe in the carriage. Some derro (slang for derelict, in case you are unaware) was sitting on the stairs that go to the upper carriage level. He wouldn’t move, so people had to clamber over him to get to the exit, eliciting comments from people such as, “You stupid fucking old fart.” The doors shut, but the train didn’t move. The heat was making everyone lethargic. The silence in the carriage was punctuated by the derro mumbling some weird shit – “How’s your mum? Oh you don’t have a mum or dad,” and “Fuck this. Don’t have one.” I don’t think anyone was in a mood today to be sympathetic or empathetic.

Five minutes later, an announcement comes. The train has broken down, catch it from the other platform. But someone forgot to open the train doors, and we were effectively locked in. People started hammering on the doors. Finally someone forced the door open and jammed it. We got to the platform we were referred to and caught a train to Town Hall. Since the entire line we were travelling on was blocked by the train on Central, we headed for the bus stop. However, it was announced that “due to a fault in a train in Central, trains on the Granville line will leave from Platform 6 instead of 1.” We turned around – they had rerouted the trains! Now some people don’t have any frigging common sense. We headed down the escalator to Platform 6, and the train’s there just about to depart. The problem is, no one had the consideration to keep to the left on the escalator, and although we were in a rush to catch the train that was about to leave, there were thirty people blocking us. Luckily, we managed to claw our way to the train. Except that this train wasn’t going to Central. It was going the other way (further away from Ashfield), and to make matters worse, it was on another line. The train made a lap of the city circle (via Circular Quay – see map) and stopped about 100 metres before Central station. Shit. The broken-down train had well and truly stuffed everything – it hadn’t been moved yet, and until it did, we weren’t going anywhere. So we baked for another interminable period and finally dismounted at Redfern, the last stop before the the lines (train routes) diverged and we ended up somewhere obscure.

At Redfern, we walked to the correct platform. The “next train” board said, “First Stop, Ashfield.” Shit! We snagged an express! Should be home in 5 minutes. Then the conductor popped out of his room, retracted the “First Stop, Ashfield” sign, and replaced it with an “All Stops” sign. Bull. No, not just bull, but bull + shit. The train came, we got on, the doors shut and the train didn’t move. Five minutes later they announced they had made a mistake with the train’s destination. They told the new destination, which sent everyone clambering for the route maps, but fortunately Ashfield was still one of the stops. The train didn’t blow up or get hijacked, which we were half expecting.

The whole journey took over two hours. Funny how everything stuffs up in the worst possible weather conditions.

(Sorry about the grammar, I’m aware I’ve switched from past tense to present tense and back again several times.)

I think it’s meant to be an MCSE course…

A room full of MCSE-to-be adolescents (MCSE? what’s that?). A networked room hooked up to a chunky ISDN line (Hey! this is Australia – free use of 128 Kbps of bandwidth is a dream!). What would you expect? We were meant to be covering the MCSE IIS4 course, but instead everyone ended up covering their desktop with bikini women wallpaper (This site is an… example), dance music blaring in the background whilst nuking computers in another classroom who had “hacked” us earlier. Dropping off anonymous e-mail love letters to the tech support guy down the corridor.

And of course there’s how we burnt up one laser printer toner cartridge in about three hours. I think the printer went through about 700 sheets of paper in those three hours while we ran off copies of exams and crib notes. Then we had the gall to ask for more toner :). Unfortunately when we talked to the tech support guy it was about 5:10pm. He said, “Stuff you, I’m off my shift now. I’m outta here.” (In so many words)

Why didn’t our instructor care? I don’t know, but I can say he seemed to enjoy browsing through a variety of gross sites like Rotten, GoreGallery, anus.com and so on. Did I mention he has two theological degrees in Christianity? Very strange.


Linux is the latest “cool” thing. The attitude that seems to be going around is, “Man, I have Linux. I’m not using Micro$hit. I’m cool. I’m 31337.” Yeah, well sorry, but many guys of this type are wannabes. Sure, Linux is more stable, more well developed, more bug free than Windows, but it’s not a perfect OS. It’s the furthest thing from user friendliness, and the hardware support… well… it’s not exactly all-encompassing. The GUI is lousy compared to Windows and although this will change, the fact is, non-user friendliness does not make Linux cool. Just because you can hammer out a few CLI commands does not make you elite. And getting a hard on from sledging Microsoft 24 hours a day does not make you cool, either. Get over it. If you’ve got Linux, good for you. You don’t need to make a big deal out of it. “Oh I’ve got a quad-boot Linux, NT, 98, and DOS box, but I only use Linux.” I don’t give a shit. Most people that say that to show off and make themselves look cool, aren’t. Hey, even I was guilty of this when I first learnt how to dual boot.

My MCSE instructor told me of this incident in the Newsgroups. People sit there sledging Windows and extolling Linux’s virtues. One guy said, “I’m so happy. Linux can change its IP without rebooting. Windoze can’t.” Um. NT can. My instructor couldn’t resist, and he wrote a message back. He consequently got flamed by Linux zealots. Amongst the responses was one that read, “I tried changing my IP in Windows 95 and I had to reboot.” Some of these people aren’t very smart. 95 isn’t NT. Yeah yeah I’m not saying Windows is better than Linux or anything, I just don’t like people acting like they’re so good cos they use Linux. So why do I have it? Because it’s a promising new OS, and I want to learn how to use it now, as opposed to later – I’m sure it will blossom. It does not make me cool or a “hÃxØr”.

Ok, you can flame me about this now.

Mar 99

More Links

Just doing my daily rounds, and I came across a few more E/N Sites. PlanetWank, PlanetCrap and Troz. Although PW isn’t really an E/N site… more a gaming one. All these E/N sites has given me an idea for an article… which I will write after uni quiets down (which won’t be for a while it seems).

Cash, Caché, Kaysh, Cache

Ok. It’s still a mystery. I received a few e-mails about this, and I tallied votes for all three. Great help there, guys :)

“Cash” – This one is said in Microsoft training videos (as in “disk cache” etc.). It’s also in the dictionary. The Oxford Dictionary and the Macquarie (Aussie) Dictionary as, phonetically, kæ§ – where the æ sounds like the “a” in bat, hence cache). However, when the Yank on the Microsoft training video said it as “cash”, everyone in the room remarked “cash???” and sniggered.

“Cash-ay” – This one is used often too. Well, cache is from the French word cacher (to hide, I think). So maybe this pronounciation makes it sound more French. Perhaps the e has an accent (é) which gives the “ay” sound, but the use of the accent dropped off and we spell it without the accent. But this theory sounds dodgy.

“Kaysh” – Seems to be used a lot. My Microsoft instructor uses it. The rest of the class uses it. Could be an Aussie thing.

Shit I’m still clueless. I’d go with “cash”, as the dictionary can’t be wrong, but I can’t scrub the “Kaysh” pronounciation which is etched into my neural pathways.

Watch the World Die

Almost lost KillKrazy there. What would we have done without a daily dosage of wit from the person who could be the world’s greatest cynic? (slurp :). Probably 15 minutes less laughter a day, which would be tragedy.


Who knows synonyms for the act sycophants perform? Better known as: flattering, toadying, currying favour, lip service, sucking up, slurping, brown-nosing, ass kissing, cock sucking. Mail me if you have any more to add.


Uni has been a major pain in the ass so far. They’ve spent the whole of the first week on administrivia™. I’ve only got four subjects, but there’s too much going on. Registering for labs and tutorials. Submitting forms. Getting schedules and just remembering where the hell I’m meant to go and do. And don’t get me started on the text books. The cost of textbooks for this session (half of the year) comes up to about half a grand. It’s like they’re having a friggin competition to see who can write the biggest book and sell it at the highest price. The maths textbook is 1200 pages and weighs more than me. Then of course, for homework, we have to go on the net to find out what we’re meant to do. I guess they’re too lazy to just photocopy handouts at tutorials for us. Argh… as a friend said, “I’m gonna kill someone soon.”

Mar 99

Earth 2050

Earth 2050 is starting a new round today. If you haven’t heard of Earth, it’s an Archmagish type game (as seen on Slonglovision :) that’s been around before Archmage and is a bit less complex. It’s a turn based text game over the net set in the future. Try Earth 2050 or Utopia, both hosted by Echelon Games.. I prefer Utopia myself – it’s time-based, with the game moving forwards on the hour, which is slightly different from Earth where you stockpile moves.

Mar 99

Did You Know…

… that Microsoft’s Headquarters are at the address “1 Microsoft Way, Redmond”? The only company whose street address is the same as their corporate policy.

And How Do You…

… pronounce “cache”? Is it “kay’sh”, “cash” or “cash-ay”? ICQ or Mail me what you think.

More MCP Madness

Last month, I was talking about the MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) Logo Usage licence agreement. Anyway, one day when I was at Educom (the training center where we get taught the stuff for certification), a bunch of us were back coming back from lunch on the elevator. Apparently Microsoft is trying to sell off t-shirts and other merchandise with the MCP logo on it. We were commenting on how “cool” it would be to have an MCP Shirt (there’s sarcasm there, just in case you think I said that seriously :) and making jokes about who on earth would buy one. Then another guy on the elevator says, “Shirt? That’s nothing. You hear about the guy who got the MCP logo tattooed on himself?” Stunned silence. “You’re joking.” He wasn’t. The tattoo earnt him a visit to the nerd’s Nirvana, Bill Gates’ very own mansion. Shit, eh?

How uh... groovy, Mr Gates.
No, I didn’t believe it either.

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