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Archived Posts for May 2001

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May 01


Two 1.30am nights at uni don’t do a lot of good.

My Birthday

Well, hit the big two-oh and into the third decade of my life. I’m no longer a teenager, unfortunately :).

May 01

Still Alive

Give me a couple weeks. Two large assignments and one quiz down, three to go (programming a reliable data transfer protocol, writing a thesis proposal revisal, writing a seminar critique… fun fun fun, not). This is one part of one of the assignments for my E-commerce subject: The Spot. Catchya in a bit. Anyone who sent in their site URL will get it posted eventually.

May 01


This has to be said… you would not believe how much that Girls = Evil mathematical proof has been going around. I have received about 7 copies of that same mail forwarded from different people. I don’t need a mathematical proof to know that :)

May 01

Communal Crier

• Neutral Emotion

• The Web Dominion
• The Wrapper

On the Side
• The Automatic E/N Site – interesting concept heheh…

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Star Trek DS9: Wrongs Darker than Death or Night (Ep 6.17)

Kira gets shocked. She learns that her mother and the man she probably hates the most, Dukat, were lovers. This episode didn’t really excite me. There’s a bit of irony in her mother being considered a collaborator, and a little personal conflict over whether her mother deserved to live or not, but apart from that, it didn’t stimulate me that much. I mean, it was a decent episode, just that I don’t have too much to say about it!

Big Brother and other Reality TV

Big Brother continues on, but it’s just not that interesting. I can’t believe Australia voted the dominatrix off… she would’ve made things more interesting… Fuzz dropped me this link to an upcoming movie, Series 7, which plays on the recent obsession with reality TV.

Additionally, Oklahoma bomber Tim McVeigh was executed recently. Some US media company got refused rights to broadcast the execution. I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing. I supposed decency says that it shouldn’t be broadcast, but if society is sentencing a man to his death, then why can’t society watch? Hangings sure were a popular public attraction a few centuries ago, but I guess society has become more “civilised”, if you want to look at civility in those terms. On the other hand, the ulterior motives of the media company wanting those broadcast rights are pretty obvious – they are in it for the publicity. Is that civility? What do you think?

Changing Nokia LEDs

Kicking yourself because you bought a Nokia 8210 a week before the 8250 came out? The 8250 with the swank backlight? Well change the colour yourself. Thanks Burga!

Video Format Conversion

Video format conversion utilities (and other info).

Different forms of the same URL

I think I might have posted this link before, but it’s on how to obscure URLs.


Interesting article on Asians undergoing surgery to obtain double eye-lids.

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Anal Mice??

Misheard song lyrics and parodies.

Nice Quote

“The miserable lot of the Third World’s poor results from a history of corrupt governments; it has nothing to do with McDonald’s or Coca Cola. The true enemy of the poor is the corruption of the state. Capitalism is actually part of the solution.” -Mark Latham, Labor Party commenting on the M1 protest, 2/5/01

DVD Rewriteable Drive

The Pioneer DVR-A03 DVD-RW drive will be released at under US$1000. Good news. Prices have hit 3-digits (even if it is in US$) and may be affordable in a couple years.

Cordless Optical Mice

I didn’t know these existed until recently, always thought they would consume too much battery power… but Logitech has one. Nice. I could do with one for the TV box… then I wouldn’t have to find a flat surface roll the mouse on. Review 2. Another item for the wishlist.

SoundBlaster Audigy

A little (old) news about Creative’s Audigy line of cards that will replace the Live! series. Damn, looks good (should sound good too).


Ever wondered how anti-buffer-underrun technologies like JustLink and BurnProof work? Quite logical, really. Apparently the second generation of these technologies is meant to leave a zero-width gap upon burn resumption (after a buffer gets too low).


Esperanto is a language created in the 19th century that claims to be at least 4 times easier to learn than English. It features conventions that don’t have exceptions (eg: no conjugations of verbs, same suffix endings for tenses, prefixes/suffixes that can be added to anything to change meaning in a predictable fashion – such as “-ega” for emphasis).  Don’t ask me how I came across this site. I don’t remember.

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Good Call!

The smiling man makes a good call.

Gadget Review

Envy News reviews tech gadgets and other expensive nice-to-haves. My kind of site.

E-Mail Disclaimer

Corporatism gone crazy? Thanks Vic.

Douglas Adams

So I’m driving back from Camden last weekend and Shish sends me this SMS… Douglas Adams has died of a heart attack aged at an early 49. Sad news indeed.

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The XPs

Windows XP (Home and Pro editions) is scheduled for release on the 25th October. Let’s see if they make that date. Furthermore, Win2K’s SP2, not yet officially released, is available for download here (SP2 FAQ). (Links off Dark Magnet!)

I got my hands on a final copy of Office XP Pro, which also comes with FrontPage 2002. The step from 2000 to XP isn’t gigantic (not as much as Windows Me is to XP) but it’s a nice upgrade nonetheless. The interface design has changed a little, and there are a bundle of small sometimes useful features that’ve been added. These include smart tags (little buttons that appear when you perform certain actions such as pasting), language tranlsation dictionaries, handwriting recognition and very dodgy voice recognition. It’s not an essential upgrade by any means, but it’s nice.

Women Drivers

Look at this. And they get lower insurance premiums… pfft.

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Star Trek: Enterprise

Well it’s almost here. With 4th series Voyager finishing filming last year, and the final episodes currently screening in the US, the fifth incarnation of Star Trek takes the name of Enterprise. Production begins today. Scott Bakula (of Quantum Leap fame) takes the helm in this one, and it will be interesting to see how the writers differentiate him from the other captains. The worst thing is to give him an insipid character, or one too similar to the other captains. Trek lives on :)

Regarding Star Trek X, it looks to be released sometime next year.

New Logos

Thanks to Pete for doing a couple more mastheads: 1, 2. Nothing like a bit of pre-exam procrastination, eh Pete? :) BTW, anyone’s welcome to submit a masthead or two (jpg format, same size).

11 Days

11 Days without an update? What’s going on? Um… a whole lot of laziness combined with other stuff. It’s that time of session again and I find myself having 6 fairly major deliverables (mostly group assignments) due within the next fortnight, and none of those are more than half done. Ok excuses, excuses. Once the holidays come, I’ll start working on a content management system in php to facilitate posting. Anyway, there is no guaranteed date that I will make my next post on, so make do with this large update :). Birthday is this month too… luckily, by the 31st, most of my assignments have been handed in and I can actually go out and do something.

Birthday shouts to TBA for hitting 23 on the 16th of May, btw!

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May 01

Communal Crier

• E3R
• The Ass-Osciation

• Bombshelter


FAQ on ABCs (American Born Chinese). Side observation: Is it just me, or does there seem to be a dearth of ABC (Australian Born Chinese) girls who can design a good web site?…


Yep, definitely a geek’s film. Many people haven’t really heard of “open source” and most of them don’t understand the arguments for both sides. Nonetheless, it’s a bit of fun, and it opens up realistically with a good argument for the corporates (and closed source), while the open source side of the argument looks ultra-left wing :). Of course, it is a Hollywood movie and things start to get unrealistic from then on. Pringle-munching soft-drink-slurping IT “professionals” aside, I thought it was interesting to note that Nurv (obviously representing Microsoft) uses Unix. It’s a hacker movie, so they had to make it look hackerish and use a command line operating system. Even if the “evil fascist empire of MS” is all about GUIs and the CLI is more associated with open-sourced Linux. One more thing – if you look closely, Synapse is written in Java code… also notice that Scott McNealy, CEO of Sun, appears in the credits. Hmmm…

Star Trek DS9: Change of Heart (Ep 6.16)

An episode into the bonds of marriage and love. Nothing to be excited about. What was more interesting was the B-Plot when O’Brien tries to take on Quark in a game of Tongo using Bashir. While this is amusing, what Quark says during the game also is intriguing – both mourning over lost love. I never thought that Quark was that taken with Dax, so it was a good way of wrapping it up when Bashir asked if Quark was serious with what he said, and he replied, “Doctor, don’t expect me to show you all my cards.” Erm, that’s it for this review.

School Reunion Type Pages

Classmates.com, and Schoolfriends.com.au.


Slot-load DVD players can’t take 8cm CDs…


Product Activation & Windows XP. Interesting bits, “Customer has a product key, he can go through a FEW COMPLETE computer overhauls, use the same product key, and be just fine”, “Changes in hardware are expected, and allowed. It is only when a PID is trying to be cleared on several hundred/thousand configurations that Microsoft would even care. Microsoft isn’t in the business of screwing customers, but they would definitely like to give the shaft to thieves.” and “We’ve determined that a crack will be out for this method of activation within one week after RTM, but this is not to stop those guys. This is to stop the casual piracy of Windows, and I think it will be a viable solution. Bottom line is you should pay for the software you use.”

Recording Media

Here’s a good overview of the types of recording media out there.

Dynamic IP with TLDs

Got a web server on your machine, want a top level domain name, but your IP is dynamic? Well, easy solution is to sign up with a dynamic IP service like DynDNS. Once you’ve done that, add a CNAME entry onto your dns name server that references the subdomain (www or @ or whatever) to point to your dyndns name, like so. Of course, you need to have access to your name server zone file.


If you haven’t noticed, it’s the end of an era of fine writing. KillKrazy has decided to end his site. Fortunately, he’s not completely out of it – in the future we may see a project or two coming. It’s interesting, his last post. I remember a rant from a year or two back where, in typical wry wit and sarcasm, decided to label parts of the rant where he was joking with a $. Unfortunately, this time it doesn’t appear to be a joke. The forum is still active, so drop him a message there!

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