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May 01

Big Brother and other Reality TV

Big Brother continues on, but it’s just not that interesting. I can’t believe Australia voted the dominatrix off… she would’ve made things more interesting… Fuzz dropped me this link to an upcoming movie, Series 7, which plays on the recent obsession with reality TV.

Additionally, Oklahoma bomber Tim McVeigh was executed recently. Some US media company got refused rights to broadcast the execution. I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing. I supposed decency says that it shouldn’t be broadcast, but if society is sentencing a man to his death, then why can’t society watch? Hangings sure were a popular public attraction a few centuries ago, but I guess society has become more “civilised”, if you want to look at civility in those terms. On the other hand, the ulterior motives of the media company wanting those broadcast rights are pretty obvious – they are in it for the publicity. Is that civility? What do you think?

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