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Aug 98


Well, it appears that Camden isn’t affected by the water bugs… we’re too far from Sydney :). So now I don’t have to boil a big pot of water, take it up to the bathroom, and use that to brush my teeth. Meanwhile, all the city-dwellers have to continue boiling that water.


• KillKrazy’s Homeworld Rants – Everyone likes rants! Here’s more of them!


You’ve >never tasted a real mint, until you’ve tasted the SMINT. These mints are the best mints you’re gonna find. Strong and full of flavour. Heh – they’ve even got a website (http://www.smint.com). They come in small blue boxes with 40 mints each. And as always, be warned, because excess consumption may have a laxative effect. :) (Record consumption was 6 boxes in one day by a friend). Get the smints in the blue boxes – the ones in the green boxes suck. Apparently there are ones in yellow boxes but they probably haven’t made it to Australia (why is that not surprising?). Try eating about 10 at once to clear your sinuses (“it’s like sucking on liquid nitrogen” said Requiem).

Interesting Phone Numbers

A friend showed me some very interesting phone numbers that appeared in a newspaper – they appear to be all genuine, as well. All phone numbers are Australian (unless obviously not – such as the Kremlin). Looking to prank somewhere (expensive, if you choose an international number, so I don’t suggest that :)?

David Oldfield – 0412 382 044 – My friend pranked him and the number is 100% genuine (it’s his mobile phone). If you’re not Australian, and you know who Pauline Hanson is, then this guy is the person basically controlling her. Perfect guilt-free pranking on a racist. He didn’t hang up straight away on my friend, so at least he might have a sense of humour.

The Kremlin – (0117) 095 20511
Whitehouse – (202) 456 1414
Buckingham Palace – (0114471) 930 4832
Church of Scientology – (02) 9552 3733 [Aust]
Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) – (02) 9841 4333 – Mormons… what a joke

Aug 98

Trial Results

Well after the exams come the results… I guess I did okay – could have done better (as usual). I just dunno what the teachers are going to do with all that weighting and scaling crap.

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Water Contaminated … again

That really bites. Sydney water has been contaminated again with Giardia (sp?) and Cryptosporidium (sp?) – some bugs that cause sickness (basically). This time the problem is really widespread, and apparently, bug levels are 100 times higher than they were with the last contamination alert (only about 3 weeks ago). Now we gotta boil our water for a minute before we drink it – you can’t drink from the tap. To make matters worse, the bloody water board doesn’t even know where the hell the bugs are coming from. Friggin crappy infrastructure… can’t even get clean water.

Global Economic Meltdown

The Aussie Dollar fell to the the 55 cent mark yesterday against the US dollar. We were thinking of going over to the States at the end of this year (when the dollar was at 80c) but this has put a lid on those plans. Apparently the falls in dollars all over the world have led some economists to forecast that there will be a global depression of the same scale as the Great Depression in the 1930s occurring. Man, we’re part of history in the making if that happens. 50 years down the track and grandchildren are gonna be asking us “what was it like living in the nineties, in the Greater Depression (or whatever)?” What a thought.

Boris Rumoured to Resign

They’re trying to impeach Yeltsin for “crimes against the State”, and there also have been rumours that Boris is going to resign in the next weeks. Noo! I like Boris – world’s most powerful alcoholic :).

My ISP – A Small Bit of Useless Trivia

I only just noticed this regarding my ISP’s dial-up hubs. When you dialup, not only do you get an ip-address, but also an equivalent name (like if your ISP is at www.isp.com, you may get an ip of 100.x.y.z, and an equivalent name of dialup14.isp.com – just like web sites have equivalent ip addresses). Now Zipworld’s (my isp) names have been named after SouthPark characters – you’ve got kyle05.zipworld.com.au and stan12.zipworld.com.au, cartman04.zipworld.com.au and so on. Just an observation.

Maybe your ISP has a sense of humour in naming their dial-up name assignments, or even server names. For example, Altavista’s translation service server is given the name “babelfish”, which, of course, is the yellow fish you stick in your ear from Hitch-Hiker’s Guide (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, just go read the book). My school has named its servers after Biblical characters (xerxes and shadrach etc. :).


• AON Link added to side bar.

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Aug 98

Big Update Tonight

Big update tonight because once school starts tomorrow, I’m not going to get the chance to do many more lengthy updates (though I’ll try)… Results of the exams will be back Friday <shudder>. I also noticed I’m using ellipses ( … ) and smilies ( :) ) way too often. I gotta cut back before I start typing my essays with smilies… :) — see! There I go again.


Heh. Someone finally decided to be a smart-arse and type “something” – literally.

IQ Test

Requiem sent me a link to this IQ Test page… http://www.iqtest.com. Check it out.
I scored 160. I think you can use this link to check out the results page I got when I finished the test. Of course IQ Tests mean jack all.

Microsoft Job Interview Question

Check this out and see how you go… Kev sent me this e-mail:

Hey Stuart,
Just got this in a class today. C how u go……..
Microsoft used this test as the first step in its interviewing process for prospective employees. Those who solved the riddle in 5 mins or less moved on to the next stage and those who failed within the time period were sent packing. See how you go!

Louise and her 3 sisters (Ann, Betty, Carin) are standing on one side of a bridege and their objective is to make it to the other side in 17 mins or less.

L takes 1 min to get across the bridge.
A takes 2 mins to get across the bridge.
B takes 5 mins to get across the bridge.
C takes 10 mins to get across the bridge.

A maximum of 2 can go across at any one time and if 2 go together they travel at the speed of the slower mover. However, it is night and they must carry a torch to light the way. There is only 1 torch available and they must share it.

How do they accomplish their mission in the time available to them??

PS. Make sure u only try for 5 mins. No cheating…

If you’re wondering how I went, I managed to get it out in 4 minutes 40… must be a good night for me. Yes it is possible and if you want the answer, mail or ICQ me (ICQ preferred). Or you can bug Microsoft :) hahaha.


Looking to submit your site for an award? DC sent me this link here. No I haven’t submitted to any of them (yet :).

Aug 98


New article – the stereotypes are true! Sonic’s spew on racial stuff reminded me about this… there is a light side to racial differences (not everything is sacred), but as for racism, that sucks big time (up yours Pauline you bitch).


Damn my time’s running out… school tomorrow. Anyway here’s a link to a site that’s also been inspired by Shlonglor. Accounts of Nothing (hmm… lots of nothings around that are somethings… so why do people insist on calling it nothing? just a stray thought) is the page. Looks kinda promising…

Remote-remote telnetting?

Hahaha just had a “telnet session”… I was trying to straighten out this stubborn as hell cgi script with sonic junkie… we found the problem was an incorrect file path, so sonic fires up good ol Windows telnet and then here we are… I’m sending him telnet commands over ICQ and he’s sending me the replies from his server. Remote debugging of a CGI script isn’t too pleasant either. Anyway its working now – it’s the Warp Drive over at sonic’s Cranial Disorder (link on the side bar on this page). What an adventure hahaha…

Two Moves in One Day

Shlonglor’s site moved back to his domain name (http://www.shlonglor.com), and sonic junkie moved here – http://sonic.hardwaretechs.com/. Further updates to sonic junkie’s page include more neat hand drawn graphics… man I wish I could even draw, but I can’t draw for crap.

450MHz CPUs arrive

They’re here. With any luck, that’ll be the chip in the computer I want at the end of the year :). Link. Yeah a new Celeron is also coming out but who cares about that? :) j/k [Link to CNN page]

More on the concrete chuckers

Addition to the last post… Well there were four psychopaths – 2 adults and 2 teenagers. What they did was they loaded up a car with rocks and broken concerte slabs and spent a bit of time chucking it off the overpass. Then check this out… after they killed the guy, they drove off to a party. Wait – it gets “better” – the way the cops found out it was them was because they returned to the bridge to take photos of the scene. How sick and twisted are they? Bail wasn’t granted due to the “lack of remorse shown” and danger to society etc. Now they got murder charges against them.

Concrete Chucker Caught

A couple days ago some loser chucked a slab of concrete off an expressway overpass. Some truckie was driving under at the time and the slab smashed through the window and killed the truckie instantly (he was the father in a family with two children). The news on tv got a shot of the truck windscreen and there’s this massive hole – dead center – through the driver’s side. I really don’t understand the dumbasses who do that sort of thing… they’ve got NFI… totally NFI. Anyway, I heard he was caught. I wonder what’s going to happen to him… Actually now Dad’s telling me that there were two teenagers and two adults and they all got charged with murder and not manslaughter (not sure of accuracy of this info).

Back to School

Well school resumes on Thursday as 60,000 people gear up for the big exams. Meanwhile the doomsday clock continues its countdown. Just watch as the journal entries get less and less lengthier and further and further apart… Oh well. Only 3 months to go.

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Aug 98

Body Mass Index

I may be short, but I make it into the healthy BMI range. I found a link to a BMI calculator on sonic junkie‘s Cranial disorder… 170cm (5 foot 7) and 58kg (128lb) comes out at 20. Haha and guess who came out at 30 (27 is overweight)? One General Batram. :)

Major Update

As you can no doubt see – I’ve done a major page layout change. Looks nicer (I hope :). And look – if you haven’t signed the guestbook, could you do so? And type something meaningful – nothing about league, please – and leave your name/nickname – not someone elses! If you want a comment on AFL use the soapbox.

Aug 98

Ecos Assessment

More evidence that the school’s economics department isn’t quite right… we’re the only subject that gets assessment tasks after the final exams… But I’ve finished them already. It seems that no one else has started and they are due Thursday! Suck it guys muahahaha :)


Finished! Completed the article on the trials. Be sure you check out the exam tips and mail me about what you think.


Finally I’m back to playing Might & Magic 6. Looks like I’m going to be disappearing into Enroth for the next two days :). Just loaded the version 1.1 patch.


• Ever wanted to know about PGP and how RSA Public Key encryption works? Go here : http://cat.maths.usyd.edu.au/~robbie/talks/rsa.html.
• Bored? Go to this site which catalogs easter eggs in software: http://www.eeggs.com.
• Still bored? Visit http://www.blackout.com for the ultimate in prank calls (you need Real Audio though). The guys that do this are geniuses. They are all so well planned and intricate – yet they are pretty much improvised with on-the-spot thinking. You’ll be pissing yourself. My favourite is Hair Catastophe. Make sure you listen to that one.


That article on the trials should be finished soon.


First weekend of release. Saw it last night. Review here.

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Aug 98

Total Annihilation

News flash: Mozzie/Mock takes ignorance to new levels.
Okay this is the story. We’re (Requiem, Mozzie and I) having a TA game. Mozzie suggests a “Krogoth Bash” (go straight for krogoths and a truce till they are built then pit krogoth against krogoth). Requiem disagrees strongly, but then changes his mind saying he will agree to a Krogoth Bash if we play on Metal Isles (which of course are four metal isles separated by vast expanses of water which renders Krogoths 90% useless). Get this… Mozzie agrees – oblivious to all this. Requiem even said it twice… “Krogoth bash on Metal isles.”

About 5 minutes into the game Mozzie says this: “Just meet in the middle and go for each other.”

About 10 minutes into the game I take a Valkyrie and steal his commander which is lathing away by the krogoth gantry. He doesn’t notice. Another five minute later and he says “Gimme back my commander!”

Half an hour later we’re telling him Krogoths can nuke.
Mozzie: “Can Krogoths nuke?”
Requiem: “Didn’t you know?”
Inferno: “Yeah”
Requiem: “Just press Contol-D to launch”
Mozzie: “Nice try.”

Okay so we didn’t slip it past him, but, afterwards in ICQ chat we kept insisting the Krogoth could launch nukes. He asked “How???” And I said “Well Control-D will self-destruct your Krogoth, but it will also launch a nuke from it… sort of like a sacrifice.” And… he fell for that. Can’t wait till we have our next game… “Yeah I self-destructed the Krogoth… where’s the friggin nuke?????” Muahahahahaha… that’s true stupidity/gullibility. Slack but fun :).

Aug 98


• Added Cranial Disorder to the General News Sites – a site just like mine (with emphasis on music). Blame Shlonglor for all this :) j/k.
• Added link to the guestbook above – do you realise it exists?? Well now you do.
• This page needs a major layout change… more curves :) I’ll see what I can knock up within the next few days. Should be something good.

Seinfeld : The Aftermath

After a day at a friend’s house trying to get a bogged car out of the mud, I returned for the final episode of Seinfeld. So what’s my verdict?

It was quite a good nostalgic piece, very well put together. It sustained a level of humour better than any other show, but it lacked that “special moment” that’s in all classic episodes where you truly crack up for the next hour. I think it was more for the fans… if you never watched the shows, you wouldn’t understand half the jokes (you’d only be laughing half as hard…). Nonetheless, a fitting, if somewhat subdued (comparatively) episode.

Battlefield Communicator (again)

It works and it rocks! Got it working with Requiem just then…


Also watched Clerks over at my friend’s … it’s pretty funny. Now I know where all those words are coming from :).

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Aug 98

Battlefield Communicator

Download the beta at http://www.shadowfactor.com – it’s a program that allows voice communications over the net while playing a net game (eg: talk with a team mate over a game of TA or Starcraft). The problem is, I’ve just spent an hour with a friend trying to get the damn thing to work, and it doesn’t want to. We gave up because of the time (note time of this journal entry), and we’ll try again tomorrow (or today, actually)… Looks like a very promising piece of software, though.

Well this wraps up my 15 hour 10 minute marathon on the net since I got back after lunch… :) Shit I’m tired…

Aug 98


Finished!!! Read all I have to say about HSC Trials HERE. (It’s an article)


I knew it!!! Read all I have to say about that loser HERE. (It’s another article) Also, vote in the new poll.

Water and floods

Camden got hit pretty bad… for a day, there was only one road into Camden. That’s right – one bridge from Camden to the city. It’s funny, dad’s work is only a 5 minute drive away, but since everyone had to use that main road to get into and out of Camden, he took 40 minutes to drive up. Mum arrived at work in about 10 minutes because she was smart enough to use the back roads. Hahaha.

Flooded rivers look so intimidating. The Nepean River flooded was about 3 times it’s normal width and it looks powerful… big. The other river flooded out the entire bridge so that exit out of Camden was closed for the day, but the water level is still pretty high.

Words for thought

New one coming… sooner or later :)

You’re joking…

I got an e-mail from some person who’s running a “UO” (Ultima Online for the uninitiated) Bank… they will convert REAL WORLD MONEY into Ultima Online GOLD PIECES (1 to 2 US dollars per 1000 virtual gold pieces)… The organisation/person running it is Russian, however, so I am really suspicious (even though I don’t even play UO). With the recent currency devaluation of the Rouble (hahaha Kisliakov! Might have to bring rich Chernih in to bail Russia out — again :), however, I can see the thought behind the idea. Here’s the link : http://uobank.express.ru/.

Seinfeld and Armageddon

Final episode of Seinfeld tomorrow. Armageddon will also be released tomorrow. WHAT TIMING!!! Just finish the trials, and I’ve already got stuff to watch.

Aug 98


I’m not going to bother moving July to the archive yet… too time consuming. Anyway today the phone has been ringing once an hour and its getting really annoying because I’m the only one at home to answer it today. And I’m trying to study. I got a call from Mum, a call from one of Mum’s friends (who can’t speak English properly, so that was fun… :), a friend from school, my cousin, and goodness knows who else. The latest one was a stupid woman who was given a wrong number to dial:

Hello, is Lorraine there?
“Uhh… Sorry, there’s no one by that name here. I think you’ve got the wrong number.”
“I got given this number <blah blah blah>
“Yes, that is this number, but you’ve still got the wrong number… you said were after Lorraine?”
Yes. It was about buying a horse.” [Horse?!]
“Then you’ve got the wrong number.”

And then I hung up. Just venting a little stress. Come to think of it, my neighbour’s name is Lorraine… but I don’t know her phone number, and she breeds poodles… not horses. Anyway it doesn’t matter. Not even a tiny bit.

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