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Sep 00

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CFML is cleaner than PHP (but I like how PHP shares lots of syntax with Java).


I want to try out this restaurant


Went to see the optometrist earlier this week. My eyesight has dropped to about -5.25 (that makes me legally blind). I don’t need stronger glasses, thankfully, and he claims that my vision is starting to stabilise. A couple years down the track I’ll be looking at getting laser surgery done on them I reckon. Can anyone tell me about contact lenses? Like, are they worth the whole hassle (cleaning/inserting/cost etc.)? Drop me a mail please.

The Olds

My grandparents are over again. It’s quite distressing how much they talk about their bladder problems. What’s worse, is how my parents are also starting to relate to them (“oh yeah, that’s normal, it happens to me as well”). The thing that’s distressing is that we’re all probably going to end up like that and I don’t need to overhear those problems in specific detail. My grandmother needs to go to the toilet with a frequency that’s scary. Old people sleep usually are early sleepers and early risers, so she’ll be in bed at around 10.30 or so. I’ll be up late on the computer, and like clockwork, she’ll glide past my bedroom door about every 90 minutes. She’s like a ghost when she goes around the house… I swear, she doesn’t make a sound. Having a gaunt-looking figure suddenly flicker by the doorway on your peripheral vision at 3am is quite startling. Actually, I don’t know who was startled more when she went by and found me still typing away at 4am the other night.


I got lucky. I got a free Class A ticket to see yesterday’s (Day 13) afternoon/evening session of Athletics. The 200m semis/finals and long jump finals were incredible. There are pros and cons to watching an event live, but one of the biggest pros is definitely the atmosphere. I could’ve jacked the hi-fi volume to max at home and it still wouldn’t have matched the volume generated in Stadium Oz when Jai Taurima ran up for long jump. I also got to meet the team doctor of the Wallabies, Michael Jamieson, so that was pretty cool (turns out his dad, Ted, is a friend of my uncle and his wife sort of knows my dad – coincidences, eh?).

Olympic Park from space.

Someone should compile all 16 showings of Fatso’s Favourites offa The Dream.

Speaking of Fatso, they are flogging off Olympic memorabilia here and here. Fatso was going for over $3 million, last time I checked. By auctioning him off on eBay, they were asking for trouble. I wonder how they are going to sell him off now?


I went ahead and redesigned the other parts of the site to bring some sort of uniformity into its design. In fact, I made it an entirely new subdomain. Check out “Real“.

Sep 00

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Religion Matcher

Off List-en, is this quiz that matches your beliefs to a religion. And while we’re on the same topic, here’s a weird one.

Fun With Twinkies

Another food mutilation site. Thanks Pro!


Smashing GuitarsOk I’ve been bludging. Last Thursday I got back from a 48km hike which took us from the Jenolan Caves back to Katoomba via the Six Foot Track. Thoroughly buggered, the majority of the days have since been spent in front of the TV watching Olympics coverage.

Here’s a Medal Tally Table ranked by medals per capita.

Did you catch Eric The Eel’s swim? Been watching The Dream and Roy & HG’s continued trashing of Yanks? Seen Silly 2000? This Dutch left a message in the guestbook about Pieter Van Den Hoogenband (come on… say that name out aloud, I know you want to).

Ever wonder what the colours on the Olympic ID cards were? Here’s a list, courtesy of Kev:

White – VIP’s
Grey – IOC
Light Blue – Sport Federation
Green – Team
Light orange – Sponsor
Dark orange – Broadcast
Yellow – Press
Purple – Observer
Red – Sydney 2000 Workforce

Sep 00


Will be out of Sydney for a few days on a camp. Back Thursday. Aussie Aussie Aussie!

Sep 00


Wooooooooohoooo! That 4x100m Freestyle Final was one of the most thrilling swims I’ve ever seen… Aussie gold, two WRs in one event (the relay, and Klim’s individual swim) and we beat the yanks!!! And I tell you, in just about every final swam tonight, a world record has been broken. That pool is one fast pool…

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Sep 00

Opening Ceremony & More

I must say that the opening ceremony was quite impressive. Despite the governor general stuttering “Sss-sss-Sydney”, hitting the microphone when he tried to clap, the Olympic pledges not being memorised and the cauldron’s mechanical failure, it was definitely memorable. I was watching in Strathfield, and it was funny seeing the fireworks go off on tele, to be shortly followed by the sound of them coming from outside and a slight rattling of the windows.

I haven’t, as yet, spoken to anyone who hasn’t had something positive to say about the Sydney games. Still, you have cynics. Strangely enough, I’ve only seen the cynicism on web sites. A crackhead here, a Melbournite there etc. Guess that’s to be expected. There are still people who think cynicism is the “in” thing… ah well. I mean, if you’re indifferent to the games, why do you need to mention it? It’s funny that, in their whining about not being able to go anywhere without seeing stuff about the Olympics, they’ve imprinted stuff about it on their very own web site.

Remember that “I Am Canadian” ad posted on Brain Damage a while back? Australia’s got their version of it now… it even runs for exactly the same duration as the canuckian one (Quicktime formatted). It rocks, naturally.

Sep 00


6 more episodes to watch before I finish the DS9 series!

Olympic Fever Hits Town – Olympics Day 1

Yeah not much else going on around Sydney that’s not Olympic related and Hear Ye! is definitely going to reflect this fact over the next couple weeks (what else would you expect from someone living in the Olympic city?). Was there today. George St was pretty much blocked off for the torch relay and the streets were packed with Sydneysiders and tourists. The atmosphere is awesome – everything feels so alive in the CBD. I’ve got some photos that I’ll be posting up later on. Opening ceremony is today, 7pm (GMT+11). Since I wasn’t one of the lucky 110,000 who got a ticket to the ceremony at Stadium Oz, I’ll be over at a friend’s place catching it on the TV. Don’t miss it, it should be absolutely spectacular. As those Fosters ads say, “I believe Australia is the best address in the world.”

Saturday sees the events kick off with the Triathlon. Australia should get a gold medal or two out of that :). I remember during the last Olympics that whenever news broke that Australia won another gold, everyone seemed to be buoyed by the fact, and it showed – the general mood of people seemed more upbeat. I don’t know if it’s like this in other countries, but sport is a big part of Aussie culture. I guess you could say because we don’t memorise our constitution, or learn who our Prime Ministers were, or even know the history of our country very well, that sport is the way we display our patriotism. And I reckon that it’s a much more vibrant way to show it, than being able to recite from memory the names of 50 states in reverse alphabetical order. Go the green and gold!

More Olympic coverage from Plutonia & Elementary Funk (any more Sydney e/n sites?)

Sep 00

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Tezpur Chili!

The hottest chili in the world has been discovered in India. Hotness is measured in “Scoville units of pure capsaicin” (capsaicin being the chemical causing the “heat”).


Polished off half a season’s worth of episodes of DS9 Friday night/Saturday morning with a friend. I lost consciousness around 5.30am and missed half of Ep 7.8 (Seige of AR-558). We plan to finish watching the series sometime these hols :)


The Sony CLIE is the latest PDA to use the PalmOS. Could be just me, but it’s strange that Sony’s one doesn’t look as good as the original Palms.

Olympics Stuff

• This guy has a nice name. Thanks Tama.
• The Real Australia
• Is there any reason why there was a bunch of hippies prancing around a life-sized joint in front of Town Hall yesterday?

Sep 00

Communal Crier

• Elementary Funk – Run by one of those Olympic volunteers running around with the impossibly big “I’m a volunteer” ID tags.
• 1.21 Gigawatts
• 24-X

• Burgatronics

• All of those damn yanks and canuck.

• Diary of Girls


• “i-o worldwide internet radio show session #1 has been released, come check it out if you’d like :  http://www.intermittent.org/” –ciphon

Wireless Net Access

Borrowed a friend’s 8210 during a tute earlier this week. Discovered I can get my Palm to use his mobile to dial up an ISP and connect to the net with it. Sweet :) How nifty would that be, to be able to sit in a boring lecture and connect up to the net?! Ok, totally useless, totally impractical, but hey, the novelty value is there :)

Revised Train Timetables

After a late night at uni, got to Central around midnight. No trains back to Campbelltown via East Hills! I ended up having to take the Granville train back. Stupid announcer made a mistake, announcing, “This is the Campbelltown via Granville service. Terminating a Lidcombe, first stop Redfern…” (If it terminates at Lidcombe, which it didn’t, thankfully, why say it goes to Campbelltown?) Luckily I’m on holidays now – there’s a big sign at Campbelltown station saying that the carparks will be closed for the duration of the Olympics. WHY? Where is everyone going to park?

One good thing, though – trains are running 24 hours as of next week. Trains from the city leave for Campbelltown every 15 minutes which is awesome cos I’ll never have to worry about how I’m going to get home after a late night out.

[Re: No Bins] Haven’t you seen those people walk up and down the trains in the morning picking up the junk with an arm and bag?
How many indians have you seen getting free travel using fake passes? –Sleeper

Speaking of the Olympics… here’s that link off Burgatronics where a bunch of guys buggered off with an Olympic torch after crashtackling two cops, an escort runner and the torchbearer. They then proceed to, uh… enthusiastically stroke the torch in various… positions. Complete with pictures.

Fun With Foreigners

It’s 3am. I’m about to call it a night, but out of the blue a random ICQ message comes from a Honkie by the name of Kong (apparently a horny 17 year old) and the following conversation ensues (I was being a slack bastard… but hey, it was late :)

Honkie: hihi, iwant to ask u are there very open in australia?
Me: very open?
Honkie: i mean about sex!
Me: oh yeah… they do it in the streets
Honkie: really, then have u ever c it?

[Now thinking, “Is this guy for real?”]

Me: all the time! why do you ask?
Honkie: coz i will go to ur sch, and i want to know will i have sex experience in australia!
Me: UNSW? yeah… plenty there. just add alcohol
Honkie: then are the girls in unsw have so many sex partner?
Me: yes. i think they are known as sluts.
Honkie: then will i need to pay money for it?
Me: not at all… no money needed

[Ok, now I was wondering how far I could push this…]

Read the rest of the conversation. (Easily offended? Then don’t click. Don’t worry, doesn’t contain anything explicit.)

HAHAHAHA… well, goes to show that that “tips for Olympic visitors” mail I sent to List-en isn’t as ridiculous as it may sound

Great Flaming Pop-tarts!

You heard me right the first time… Thanks Pro!

Phone Directory Ad

Heheh… Thanks Kev.

This is an advertisement out of a phone book in the US. This was in the yellow pages….. until they realized that if you turned it upside down and  covered her head and the hand holding the glass, all was not as it seemed. The telephone company has now taken this ad out because of the content but we found it for everyone to see. Take a look at the first picture, then look at it upside down, putting your hand over her face and the glass and see what you get. [Click here]

Alternative Music

Great MP3 site (esp if you’re a regular Triple J listener, which I’m not) but there’s lots of good music there.

Sep 00

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Wanted Plug
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Giving myself a break from tomorrow onwards posting SMSes (unless they are something special).

• “Have fun working on your computer shit while I have fun with my heuristics….” –Fallen Angel (the IT guy and the psych guy…)
• “Irish is out to kill my children. I will defend my kin with a large, frozen trout! ENGAURDE!!!” –Squirrel Boy

Ordering Pizza Online in Oz

I stand corrected. It appears you can order pizza from Pizzanow, which isn’t a single chain of stores, but a group of stores that are in on it. Thanks Sleeper for that info! Might give that a go one day…

Aussie Joke

At the 1997 World Women’s Conference the first speaker from England stood up: “At last years’ conference we spoke about being more assertive with our husbands. Well after the conference I went home and told my husband that I would no longer cook for him and that he would have to do it himself. After the first day I saw nothing. After the second day I saw nothing. But after the third day I saw that he had cooked a wonderful roast lamb.” The crowd cheered.

The second speaker from America stood up: “After last years’ conference I went home and told my husband that I would no longer do his laundry and that he would have to do it himself. After the first day I saw nothing. After the second day I saw nothing. But after the third day I saw that he had done not only his own washing, but my washing as well.” The crowd cheered.

The third speaker from Australia stood up: “After last years’ conference I went home and told my husband that I would no longer do his shopping and that he would have to do it himself. After the first day I saw nothing.  After the second day I saw nothing. But after the third day I could see a little bit out of my left eye.”

Top Aussies

Yeeeeah… top Aussies! Funny shit :)


Two things. Firstly, as featured in Column 8 in the SMH a couple days ago, someone repainted the blue lining marking out the olympic marathon route so that it lead into Doncaster Pub (Anzac parade, near UNSW). I bet you it was college students :).

Secondly, torch came through good ol’ Camden today, and I managed to nab some photos:

• One – Old guy running with torch on Argyle Street, Camden’s main street
• Two – About to get run over by a cop on a Harley
• Three – Check out the people on the shop rooves… and the advertising for Holden :)

Sep 00

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Diary of Girls is down:

i duno what happend but tripod lost my pages…:( So i am setting up shop else where.
I was wondering if you could send a shout out that i am looking for a few good females to post on the page. Sorry, no guys, I am trying to keep it all female based. –nettie

• Desensitized
• Fitzdisc
• ZGeek – Aussie

• Bombshelter
• Head Wired (formerly SynNet)
• Pointless Things

• Sungs

Bit of a redesign wave goin around the Aussie sites!
• BillyJoeBlog
• Dark Magnet
• Plutonia

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• “I’m not a mother fucking leprachaun. I am going to go murder Squirrels. Hold my pot of gold, Inferno.” –Irish (you’re a worry)
• “school sucks” –Dav@School
• “Holy shit… I finally got a T1 here at school. Man, my 56K is gonna suck when I get home again” –Tom
• “wow what happened to http://morsetka.nathanism.com ?…who would do such a thing?! :::snicker:::” –SiC
• “Damnitttt the family dog is trying to eat my head again! Arrrgh!” –Grilled Cheese Man
• “sung, you’re korean…what’s “la” mean? I mean, you should know and everything….what’s ‘la’ mean?” –GStarr
• “glad to see you back online!  Missed you!” –nettie
• “Yes, www.pageofmisc.com is finally back up, and for a limited time only – you can watch me peel the carrot there. =)” –Grilled Cheese Man
• “i came here with my d*** in my hand, don’t make me leave here with my foot in your ass.” –kalebsan
• “*sends the rain clouds your way* I sick of dark skys…i as pale as a ghost… :)” –nettie

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Pizza Pizza?

Was reading Solo’s experience with ordering pizza over the net. So I poked around Aussie sites and found none of the pizza chains had net ordering, backwards country that we are… Pizza Hut (net ordering “coming soon”), Pizza Haven (404 error!), Dominos (nada).

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The Sims

Some people just don’t like The Sims

Diablo 2 Expansion Preview

Here. Starring Baal. No surprise there. It’s sounding good… two new classes are assassin (so you don’t have to make your necro run around with a poison dagger to simulate one :) and druid.


“I’m not going to do engineering. Too many guys. Scary.”

I overhead this when I went in to uni today to help run the Co-op stand for courses and careers day (helping Year 12s decide what uni course they should do post-HSC). It’s probably the real reason why there is a dearth of women doing engineering/science courses :).

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Mail via WAP

Check your Hotmail or POP3 account via a WAP-enabled mobile here.

Nokia News

Nokia released a new phone this week – the Nokia 3310. It’s basically the new model replacing the 3210. Looks similar (equally spiffy). Probably the most bizarre feature is the screensaver available for it. It uses anything in picture message format to display on the phone after a certain period of inactivity. Cute, but LCDs don’t really experience phosphor burn-in like CRT monitors do :) No WAP support, however. I’m still hanging out for the 6210 which is slated to be out in Europe in October, so hopefully it’ll be in Australia soonish.

Finally got an answer to the question: What is the difference between the 8210 & 8550 that makes the 8550 twice the 8210’s price? In a nutshell, the 8550 is the yuppie’s phone – the difference in price comes from the 8850 being a “status symbol”. The extra $600-700 for the 8850 certainly doesn’t reside in the differences in phone features. The 8850 is made of the now-trendy-in-gadgets anodised aluminium, has a white backlight, a sliding case which ends calls/protects the keypad and has an internal antenna which is slightly bigger (meaning marginally better reception). The phone software is identical except that the 8210’s is labelled NSM-3, and the 8850 is NSE-3. That’s it. So now you know that the people with 8850s are yuppies with too much money :).

Scary Movie

Side-splittingly funny. It’s a must see :) They spoofed quite a large number of movies in it. Only Galaxy Quest has made me laugh harder this year. Another one for the DVD collection.

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Fishermen Find Colleague’s Head Inside Fish

This is grisly enough to be an urban legend, but of course, it’s not.


Lotsa uni work due, but only one more week left of it – then I’m on a month-long Olympic break. The construction and work around Sydney is beginning to pay off. The rings on the Harbour Bridge are up, the train stations have all been upgraded with those schmick LCD train information screens, the blue marathon line has been painted on the roads, roadside Olympic banners have started to fly… It’s all coming together, basically. The torch relay passes by my house in a couple days. I’m only two streets off the highway which is where the torch is supposedly going to pass.  I wonder how much the Sydney atmosphere will change when all the tourists start coming?

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