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Jul 98

Water Bug

There’s bugs in Sydney water. If you drink it, the symptoms (which may take up to 3 weeks to appear), include chronic diarrhoea (how the hell do you spell that word??), smelly burps, frequent flatulence (so you can be Mr Methane for a day!) and stomach pains. 3 weeks = in trial period. As for me, well I’m in whoop whoop, so Camden’s not affected :). Take it, urbanites!

Far Eastern Economic Review

Doing 3-Unit Economics and the Comparative Economic Systems option? This is the magazine to subscribe to (or at least, read). It might help for the 2-Unit Development option, too. Check FEER on the net.

Added movie

To the Upcoming stuff section (Private Ryan).

Jul 98

Final Countdown

The final countdown to The Trials has begun. 13 more days from tomorrow. 13 days, and what happens? We get slammed with an Economics assessment which potentially could be 40 to 50 pages long. However, this assessment is really quite good in that it is essentially an aid to exam revision, so I’m not really complaining.

Oh, and don’t expect very many journal entries in the next four weeks (I keep saying that, but I somehow manage to find a few spare moments).

If you were wondering, it takes me about 5-10 minutes to make a journal entry so it’s definitely not taking up a chunk of time that would be better used doing something else. I don’t upload the page as soon as I write an entry, but I upload whenever I log on to the net, or when dad logs on. At this stage, something like this can’t take up a substantial amount of time – I can’t afford it. This entry has taken me precisely 8 minutes – I’ve already been studying for 2 hours, so I guess this is a break. Back to work now.

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Jul 98


An Englishman, Irishman & Argentinian walk along a road, and kick over a lamp. Out pops a genie and it grants each of them a wish.

Irishman: “I am a fisherman, as are my son and grandson. I want the seas to be full of fish for all time.” His wish was granted.

Argentinian: “I love my country very much but am fed up with the whole world putting us down all the time. I want a wall around my country to keep them out.” His wish was granted.

Englishman: “This wall sounds interesting, tell me about it.”
Genie: “Well, it’s 50 feet thick and 150 feet tall, and nothing can get in or out.”
Englishman: “Fill it with water.”

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Jul 98

Trek Sites

I thought I’d just put a couple of links to Trek sites I just got the URLs of from a friend.
• Star Trek Hypertext
• Psiphi DSN

Jul 98

Slut site

It’s a hoax, nuff said. And no more will be said.

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A Maths Excursion??

I went on a “maths excursion” (I didn’t know you could combine those two words :) to Uni of NSW and went to three lectures. The first was on the memory capacity of the human brain (10 to the 14th bits or something, at a rough estimate) – the lecture itself wasn’t really delivered well. The second one was tonnes better and was on RSA encryption. This was really good, and although the guy who was giving the lecture went through the theory heaps fast, I managed to get the general idea. He stuck the lecture up on the net here, if you’re insterested in RSA encryption (RSA being the initials of the people who invented it).

The lecturer looked pretty young (late twentyish), actually (the first lecture was given by the stereotypical eccentic, rapidly aging professor)… but it appears he’s got a PhD and university medal. I was thinking, like, crap this guy’s a genius, when I saw that…

And there’s more… I just managed to pull up a copy of his c.v. from his page and this came up …

1987 – 1988 : HSC at Knox Grammar School
HSC result 493 (ranked 4th in NSW)

Whoa. Did I say genius? Hah – my age estimation was almost spot on… HSC in 1988 makes him 27-28 this year. Suck that Chernih – 493!!! How does 475 compare to 493???

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Jul 98


Fixed up the problem (“document contains no data”). Maybe that error’s the cause of the lack of entries :) Sign it Now, please!

Damn keyboard

I spent a couple hours with the old keyboard, cleaning it out. I unscrewed the back panel and lo and behold – flooded with orange stuff. First time I saw the innards of a keyboard too. Anyway, I think we’re going to send the new keyboard back and get a refund :).


End tomorrow. It gets closer.

Jul 98

IT Jobs

Saw a short article on “E-Commerce Top Ten Jobs” in the SMH yesterday. The salaries surprised me somewhat. “Entrepreneurial Consultants” which help business owners “re-imagine their company for the future and turn around enterprises in trouble” (like Apple :) can earn up to $250K (required background is an MBA, though). Application developers up to $150K (who I guess manage teams of people in making new software), Network Security Specialists may get $100K (white hackers etc.), while “Internet Architects” (“Webmaster ‘with muscle'” they describe them as) may also earn $100K. Then there’s the broker – 200K to $2M, they find new business opportunities and also act as a recruiter. There’s some serious money in the IT industry to be made :). What to do? What to pick?

Big Crap

It had to happen sooner or later. I spilt orange juice on my keyboard yesterday afternoon, and last night, while I was sending ICQ messages, it decided to chuck a psycho (and so did I at that point). I cleaned it up this morning (removed the keys etc), and it doesn’t smell like oranges anymore, but the arrow keys don’t work and the zero doesn’t either. Some juice must’ve hit the circuit board. Anyway I went out and bought myself another el cheapo keyboard and I’m trying to get used to the new keyboard layout and the feel of it. I keep hitting “\” instead of the backspace. I liked my old ‘board better :).

More on the slut site

[See previous entries] Hahahaha.. the Financial Review made a stuff up. They gave a link to that site, but they gave the wrong url. The url they gave was linked to a hardcore porn site, instead of the site in question (they’re really the same thing, though…). They admitted to their mistake, but I don’t think they apologised for it. Hahaha. They’ll be the last you’ll hear of this. Hopefully.


George Bush is parodied in the latest wave file to hit the humour page (nicked from EBG again :).

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Ray of Light

Help! I swear I’m hearing this damn song everywhere – radio, shops, malls – and at least once a day. Stop it!

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Jul 98

Renovations complete (mostly)

If you got to this journal directly, click here to see the main page.

Channel 9 dogs Trek watchers AGAIN

The season ends, and they chuck DSN off the air (um… we’re two full seasons behind and you chuck it off the air?). Okay, I can live with that if they replace it with Voyager. They replace it with TNG. WHAT? WHERE’S THE COUPLE THOUSAND EPISODES of Voyager we’re behind by??? Dogged again!

More on the slut site / xxx feed in disguise

[See post “Net at Night” two posts below, first] I heard it first on 2-Day FM. I read it on Shlonglor’s site. But then, would you believe, I read it in the Australian Financial Review. Geeze. The whore site is getting publicity, that’s for sure. It’s interesting that the AFR made an observation that the couple (both 18) may not go the full monty — their faces have been blacked out like criminals on tv.

I have a theory. The faces are not blacked out to protect those in question for anonymity… no. I have another reason. A couple weeks ago when I went to that party which kicked off in a German restaurant. Anyway this band came around – a drummer, tuba player, trumpet player, and an accordian player. Apart from the observation about the super tight shorts (do they get paid extra for that?), my friend Glen (“man, that chick was staring at me, she wanted me, you know?”) made another freaky observation: “Hey, I reckon the accordian player’s a porn star… yeah I think he is! I’ve seen him on a porn video.” The troubling thing was, he was dead serious (Glen wasn’t drunk at that time… besides, you can’t get drunk on a Lemon Ruskie and one beer). Glen was just about to ask the guy if he was involved in the porn industry, but luckily (lucky for the rest us, Glen, or the accordian player?) the band had moved on.

So what relevance does this have? Well, the couple in question are already porn stars. They are not virgins. This thing is being masterminded by a sex company, and it’s all a setup. The reason they’re keeping “anonymous”, is that, being porn stars already, they could be recognised by nymphomaniacs that have seen them before doing their sexual antics (ahem… Glen?).

Okay, I don’t buy it either – but it’s not a bad conspiracy theory, is it? Most conspiracy theories are as bad as that.


OGRs going broke? Area-S has a countdown going for time until OGR is bankrupt. What???

Jul 98

Net At Night

I was putting in more hours of work last night and I had the radio tuned in to 2dayfm. It was about 11 and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. They were actually plugging a porn site. Okay, maybe not blatantly, but it was. Two virgins are going to be “deflowered” on the net, in response to the Live Birth on the Net. Ummm… why? The live birth I understand – some people will never be able to see a birth etc. etc. But this? Hell, you could put on one of those millions of XXX video feeds that fly around the net and no one would know the difference. This is no more than a sex show. If you want to watch sex, go to world movies, or type in any domain name with sexual connotations (really!). If you want to watch a birth, you have to be a doctor, or a (soon to be) parent. Sex is sex – first time or not (I was going to say first time or last time, but thought the better of it). Crock of shit this. It was funny cause I don’t think the DJ could believe the other person was plugging that site. You could tell he was trying to distance himself away from it all (could be just keeping his own reputation away from “nyphomaniac”) – “I don’t buy it.” and “I think it’s just one of those XXX feeds,” he says really quickly while his partner’s going, “yeah I’ll watch it – I’m a voyeur.” Like I said, I couldn’t believe that they were broadcasting that crap.

Jul 98

Obsidian 2 3D Accelerator Card

obsidian2.gif (17024 bytes)I gotta get myself one of these. Not likely… it’s one grand.

  • Single-slot SLI (Dual Voodoo2 Card using only 1 PCI slot)
  • 24 Megs of memory + TV Out
  • Link here www.quantum3d.com

Star Trek DSN – Broken Link

Awesome. No other word can describe the Founders. Hats off to the writers of DSN – never for one solitary second had it occurred to me that the changelings had infiltrated the Klingon, let alone as high as Gowron… Guess it’s my human-centric view of things :). This is a great plot, but I still can’t figure out why the Dominion don’t just overrun the Federation in a tick. I’ve got a few couple theories regarding this, though. Firstly, they still want the Federation on their side – intimidate them and infiltrate them so much that the Federation command structure, and its strongest asset – diplomatic relations – are in choas. This leading to an assimilation of the Feds into the Dominion. Secondly, the Federation is more than a match for the Dominion in terms of firepower, so this is the only way the Dominion can ensure victory. Whatever happens, it’s certainly clear that the Founders are the ultimate espionage agents, and the only weakness I can think of is that they have an extremely centralised system. Destroy the homeworld, and they are dead. Destroy Earth, though, and you’ve only dented human moral. It wouldn’t be a big a loss as blowing up the Founders homeworld. Which leads to an acknowledgement that Garak is really, really smart.

We know so much more about Garak, and he’s no longer a really mysterious person. “Plain, simple Garak” has even stopped denying his past… he’s merely not saying anything. One thing is certain though, this has been a great plot building season finale.

It’s been four seasons, but the merits of being on a stationary starbase are quickly being realised – a continuous plot. Better than any soapie :).

Five episodes to the Tribble one :) Channel Nine better not cut DSN off…

Jul 98


2-0 after half time and I’m, like, WTF?!? I’m talking about the France-Brazil World Cup Final of course. It reminds me of Croatia-Germany. The underdog scores two goals in the same way, except that they are mirrored (curled in from two directions in the Croatia match and headed in from corners taken from either sides of the field for the France match). Then a stray third goal just to top it off. Damn. Except that last time, I was going for Croatia.

Jul 98

No more Net

For the rest of next week I’m trying to refrain from Net usage, so I might not get the chance to upload the journal, but instead it will be updated locally and uploaded at the end of the week.

Take it Skase!

Almost got Skase… the Spanish government has decided to terminate Skase’s residency because he doesn’t have his Aussie passport anymore :). Once the order goes through, he’ll have 15 days to leave. The problem is, the country he goes to may be one Australia can’t extradite him from. I guess it’s wait and see again, but there’s a chance we’ll get the bastard now :). He’s probably one of Australia’s most hated men.

Jul 98

Preliminary Theological Certification Exam

PTC is just a fancy word for Christian Studies, but in this course they make you take an exam – it’s basically a correspondence course. Schoolwise, it doesn’t count for anything. Anyway I got word about my results in the mail today – 62% pass without studying. I don’t even think I read the textbook out of class. Who’s da man?! :) 62% worth of crapping on.

Star Trek DSN – Body Parts

Quark? Any episode in which he takes a main role is bound to be a winner and Body Parts is no exception. If you haven’t seen this episode, it’s about how Quark finds out he’s about to die and floats his body on the futures exchange. Yes – 52 vacuum desicated discs of Quark up for sale on a futures exchange. Oh – and Keiko’s baby has a “change of address” which is meant to be an interesting development but it pales in comparison to the developments with Quark and at his bar. I think Quark is actually losing his Ferengi qualities – he’s become too exposed to “hu-marns” and the final scene is almost mushy. It’s his Ferengi attributes which make him such a lovable character and I think (or hope anyway) that the Trek writers know this and won’t try to humanise Quark too much. Very interesting development that will have repercussions for future episodes. After all, if you were condemned by the rest of your race, that would have repercussions for the future.

Jul 98

Clive James

Watch his postcards from wherever on TV. They’re the best documentaries you’re going to get, and they are hillarious.

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Yeah! It’s started screening again, starting tonight.

Jul 98

Page Status

The front page of the site is 80% done… still making a few pictures and so on. New poll put up.

Jul 98

Poll Script

It’s up with a topic I’ve been debating with my parents. Go there and try it out – it’s also on the bar on the side. Link here.

ICQ Message Log

Check this out… apparently he called himself Mozzie because we drilled it into his head that he was annoying. Well, here’s the annoyance theory at work…

6/07/98 11:30 mozzie wassup?

6/07/98 11:31 Inferno i dunno what is?

6/07/98 11:31 mozzie haha… whatcha been up to all last week?

6/07/98 11:31 Inferno games work etc

6/07/98 11:40 mozzie oic… hey with star craft how do u finish the second mission of the zerg episode???

6/07/98 11:40 Inferno grab the egg with a drone

6/07/98 11:40 mozzie how??? drones can’t move stuff!! it won’t gather!!

6/07/98 11:41 Inferno left click drone, right click on chrysalis.

6/07/98 11:42 mozzie u sure??

6/07/98 11:42 Inferno OF Course I’m sure.

6/07/98 11:43 mozzie not the overlord?

6/07/98 11:43 Inferno no use the drone

6/07/98 11:43 mozzie ok… thanx…

6/07/98 11:45 mozzie i can’t believe how slow my connection is!!!!

6/07/98 11:46 mozzie have u got world cup 98?

6/07/98 11:46 Inferno nope

6/07/98 11:47 mozzie bummer… i’m tryin to d/l it but it’s taking ages!!!!

Night before last

Got half an hour of unbroken sleep on sat night/sunday morning. Went to a party. We got back at about 12:30 in the morning from a nice German restaurant and stayed awake from 1am till 7am we saw Argentina get beaten (damn) and Croatia beat Germany 3-1!!! I feel dead today.

Removed Random Quotes

Can’t be bothered updating them.

Poll Script

Wrote a poll script which actually works. Just have to find out where I can put it on this page.

Jul 98

From a would-be “hacker” friend over ICQ

do i need a soundcard to talk to ppl through netmeeting?
I’d say he’s got a while to go before he achieves what he wants…

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