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About the Author

I'm an Australian from Sydney who is currently based in California. Generally, the things that I post on this blog reflect my main interests. Science, tech, lots of internet-related things, travel, finance, legal things, movies, and so on.

I'm currently a Californian attorney. Although, a lawyer by formal training, I'm really a techie at heart. I did an IT degree as an undergrad, but apart from a few maths and computing courses, it was primarily a soft-skills program. It turned out that all the hard, technical skills I know, I learned on my own time - programming, database admin, network admin, graphic design, building computers, etc. Graduating at the nadir of the dot com crash, I soon decided to go to law school. After practising law in Sydney for a few years, I went back to law school for my master's. I always wanted to study and live overseas, so when I got the chance to do so at a small law school near San Francisco, I was stoked. It was a great year.

I've held a variety of jobs over my life. My first experience of work was when I spent a month at a small, local ISP in 1996. Since then, I've held a variety of jobs in the IT, finance, and legal industries. I've been a tech support guy, a BIS business analyst, a web developer, a credit approver, a banking lawyer, an IP and tech lawyer, and I've run my own web design consulting business and worked for a couple of Silicon Valley startups.