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Jun 98


Two lawyers walking through the woods spot a vicious-looking bear. The first lawyer immediately opens his briefcase, pulls out a pair of sneakers and starts putting them on. The second lawyer looks at him and says “You’re crazy! You’ll never be able to outrun that bear!” “I don’t have to”, the first lawyer replies. “I only have to outrun you”.

I like that one :)

Jun 98


He got his own domain name :). I’m betting that his “something big” is something along the lines of a layout change? Probably not…

Jun 98


Went there last Saturday, and that place rocks – I’m definitely going back there – maybe for a midnight to dawn session at the end of the year.


I got Mandate! I decided to get the limited edition one for an extra $20, which includes MM1 to MM5, and some el cheapo “strategy guide”.


Watched it again – it’s a really good movie and I recommend you watch it.

Star Trek

Bloody Channel 9 took it off for three weeks while Wimbeldon is on. WHY IS IT ALWAYS TAKEN OFF WHEN WE HAVE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS??? Bloody hell.

Jun 98


Holidays start tomorrow, and I’m really gonna need them. They said the stress buildup is exponential, and that is 100% true. I can feel it building each day, and my parents are NOT bloody helping. Incessant nagging, is among one of the biggest problems. I mean, do I really have to be reminded I have an assessment due next week? Yeah – like I’m really gonna forget all about it. And I really hate it when they remind me to do some piece of work, and I’ve been thinking about it for the last week – and then telling me I don’t seem concerned about school work, when that’s all that has been on my mind for the last oh… 10 bloody months? And of course, there’s the line that they’re more stressed than me. Bullshit. I mean, if I off loaded all my stress on them, they’d hear no end of it.

Laughter is a great stress reliever – it’s really great, but the downside is, when you appear so happy, everyone thinks you’re not stressed. When this happens, it can only take a small comment like, “you’re not stressed, you don’t look stressed,” to set you off. Stuff them for the next 4 months I say.

Now that I’ve had my little stress relieving harangue :)… on to other things. Might be getting Mandate of Heaven this Saturday (finally!). Notice that my entries are getting shorter and are becoming a weekly event.

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World Cup

Wow… three upsets. Brazil beaten by Norway. Nigeria beaten by Paraguay (or was it Bulgaria? Doesn’t matter – it was a 3-1 loss to Nigeria), and England lost to Romania.

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Jun 98

HSC Countdown to Armageddon Page

You’ll see, when you click this link. I made this when I had too much spare time today.

Saw Deep Impact

Review is up… boy was that queue long. Actually it was funny – the session before us came out and this guy was talking, and our portion of the queue overheard two words, which we can only assume were directly related to the movie. “Everyone dies.” I look around, and everyone is like looking at everyone else, before our little section of the queue cracks up. I dunno why. Trailers that came with this movie were Saving Private Ryan, Sliding Doors… um I think there was one more but I can’t remember it.

Star Trek IX

Has been giving yet another (working?) title. It’s now Star Trek Insurrection. It was Defiance before this one, Star Dust before that, and then Prime Directive and about 5 names before that.

Star Trek DNS – The Quickening

This episode generally hasn’t been looked very favourably upon, but I found it to be satisfying. Of course, it could have led to the issue of Euthanasia, but it didn’t. I think it quite nicely showed what a true doctor might go through (true as in a missionary-type doctor – no money, etc.). So Bashir is a very good doctor, but not a perfect one, which is gratifying, since there are so many perfect things in Trek (which is just plain unrealistic). Next week’s episode is Body Parts, and I’ve heard it’s about Quark “floating” his body on the stock exchange. I’m not sure if I heard that right… Which reminds me of the cameo appearance of Quark in the beginning of this episode. “Come to Quark’s, Quark’s is fun, Come right now, Don’t walk, run!”. Hahaha, and the singing cup – that was funny.

General News

• Gonna see Deep Impact tonight.
• Starcraft.org has been remade a while back. Link : www.starcraft.org.
• Holidays in one week. 7 weeks to trial…
• NSW Lost Origin. Crap.

Jun 98

$10 World Cup Bet

Dad put $10 on the Romania/Columbia match that happened today (really early today), for Columbia to win. He lost. Romania won 1-0. I thought Romania would’ve won, but I didn’t think of betting anything…

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Adam’s Platform

An Aussie called Adam Clark (spelling?), 22 years old, has designed a system that can deliver full screen, high-quality video, along with FM quality sound, along a normal, copper phone wire. In other words, a compression ratio of 1000:1. Extremely unbelievable – a 22 year old designing something HUGE corporations have poured millions into. I await the outcome. They’re currently “straightening out legal stuff”, like copyright etc. But if it is true, it is one of the greatest technological breakthroughs this decade, if not this century…

TA: Core Contingency

Got the Core Contingency expansion pack for Total Annihilation yesterday. Two words: It Rocks. Love the new maps and new units. Opens up a whole new world in the way of multiplayer. If they hold a Landay 3 at the beginning of next year, it’d be a dream to have a ten player TA game over IPX.

Jun 98


Now offers music CDs.

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World Cup

Nothing really spectacular so far – quite a few draws. The match I saw last night was at 11pm, and ended up 0-0 (Bulgaria-Paraguay). That sucks. All the good matches are after midnight (1am and 4am timeslots).

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Win 98

Release Date is June 25. Nothing spectacular, but it’ll be better than buying a new computer and having to load in patches, new drivers, more drivers, and IE4 etc. Neat, clean upgrade. Way too expensive, though – the upgrade is $200 I think. I won’t get it for this computer, I suppose I’ll wait until the new one.

Star Trek DSN – To The Death

Nice, interesting episode. We get a glimpse at the Jem’Hadar (spelling). They’re not unlike the Klingon, only less bounded by the tradition and “code” of a race that has been left to developed by itself. We have an insight into the Dominion, and relations between the Founders, Vorta and Jem’Hadar. You’d have to wonder, though, that if the Dominion is as insidious as it is, I’m sure a small group of Founders/Changelings/Shapeshifters could easily take control of the Iconian Gateway facility, and restrict access to it or something. That thing is powerful. I like how the Iconians popped up again, having heard of them first in TOS (I think, if not, then without a doubt in TNG). The galaxy is not as big as it used to be. I heard that in a later season there’s this series of episodes that shows an actual war break out between the Federation and the Dominion. But us Aussies will have to wait for that.

Deep Impact

Next Weekend…

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Work work work

8 Weeks to Trials. August 10 = Exams.

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Perl Scripts

He wrote a program that automates the updating of the news page. Hmm… I could do with a script like that. Now I wonder if he could lend one to me. Also, there’s this linkcount.pl script I want to get hold of, and this uploader script I want to try out.

Jun 98

Ah Crap

The Aussie dollar hit a 12-year low today, falling below 60 US cents. Even the RBA couldn’t halt the fall when it intervened today. Can’t shop over the net anymore… too expensive :).

Daylight Saving Saying

I remember this year how I spent ten minutes debating with my parents whether we were to set our clocks forward or backwards when daylight saving finished. Anyway, today I remembered this line from goodness knows where. “Spring ahead, Fall behind.” Fall, of course, is Autumn in Australia. So for Autumn, when daylight saving ends, clocks go back (behind) one hour. Nifty, eh?

StarCraft Sites Merge

If you look at all the big StarCraft sites, there’ll be a notice on them saying they’re merging – S|U, SC.org, TWOS, S17 etc. That’ll make it easier. I hope this site is something really special. Site is called StarCraft Legacy, at http://www.sclegacy.com/. Last time I saw it (today), I thought it neede a bit more colour, but the layout was quite nice.

That looks good…

LucasArts is releasing, this Australian Spring, Force Commander, a Star Wars RTS. It looks particularly appealing because it uses a 3D engine (like Total Annihilation), and not sprites (like StarCraft), and actually requires a 3D accelerator (unlike Total Annihilation). It also allows perspective changing due to it being in 3D. I forecast a game in the not too distant future to be fully 3D – you can command from high, and zoom in down to the battlefield level – something like SimCity 3000, except in a warzone. And my prediction that 3D accelerators will become an essential part of any computer, like CD-ROM drives have, is coming true.

Jun 98

Godzilla Seen

Fun but really it was a crappy movie. I’ll put the review up on the movies page after. Before the movie there was this stand advertising Armageddon, with an electronic timer counting down the time. 24 Days left it says. A poster for Species 2 also pictured a 3-image hologram thing. I wonder what happens to the stand when it finishes the countdown though? The trailers seen were X-Files (not a preview – a short clip), and The Truman Show (I really want to see that now).

3DFX Voodoo 1 Card

Wow I’m lucky. My cousin just happened to have a “spare” Voodoo accelerator lying around, and today he let me borrow it until he finds a buyer for it. I’ve never possessed a 3D accelerator before, and I’m enjoying it heaps. ADF, Battlezone, Quake/Quake2 are all running like a dream. Geeze I’m missing out on stuff because of this damn HSC.

I’ve got an obsolete P-133 sporting 64 Megs RAM and a 17″ monitor :). I think the monitor’s the only thing not obsolete on the computer (that and the 8 gigs of hard disk I’ve got). Problem is Dad won’t let me upgrade until the end of this year, so once I finish the HSC (November), I’m off to buy myself a bloody beefy ‘puta. About time too… the titles that are coming out later this year will leave this puta out of its depth – even with a Voodoo card. Ascension especially will need a bigger computer

Only 5 months… Mmmmm… Voodoo2… dual Voodoo2 (I wish…). 500Mhz… 128 Megs SDRAM… (etc.)

The quick brown fox…

…contains all the letters of the alphabet. Another one is “Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.” I’m sure you needed to know that :).


Going to see a 9.10pm session tonight. From what I’ve heard it’s crap. Verdict will be delivered late tonight or tomorrow.

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Jun 98

Aridin.net Released

Aridin, proprietor of Station 17, has regoed his domain name. His site is like Shlonglor’s (and thus, mine :). www.aridin.net.

Star Trek DSN – For The Cause

Not a bad episode. Garak has found a friend :), and that should spell further trouble regarding Kira and Dukat. And now Sisko has problems. I thought the reactions of Sisko were quite realistic – no one was needed to tell him, “Get over your personal problems – you’re a Starfleet officer.” I also noticed that they’re keeping O’Brien out of the scene … I guess they don’t want to deal with him anymore until he’s gotten over his ordeal completely.

Disneyland to hold a “Gay Pride Day”

WHAT??? Sickening.

Jun 98

El Niño Over

The El Nino Effect has officially been declared as over. You can’t blame bad weather on El Nino anymore.

Spice Girls

Old news, but it has to be said… One down, “only” four to go…

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Outer Limits is BACK!

The granddaddy of MP3 sites is back! Re-released June 1 (can’t see how I forgot to put this in June 1’s entry). Welcome back. If you’re into MP3s, visit this site (URL right now is long and will be changed soon, so go through Dimension Music) and Dimension Music, and you’ll be set. This site was HUGE before it closed down 7 months ago (due to the webmaster moving geographically), back when DimensionMusic was small and just starting out. Oh yeah, and it’s Aussie run!

Jun 98

Star Trek DSN – The Muse

Last week’s episode was a total failure. Two sub-plots that went absolutely nowhere. Of course, anyone could tell that when Lwaxana waltzes in declaring that she’s pregnant… And if you were Jake, wouldn’t you get a little suspicious if someone was touching your head like that for hours on end? I don’t care if it is a “massage”.

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