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Jun 98

Star Trek DNS – The Quickening

This episode generally hasn’t been looked very favourably upon, but I found it to be satisfying. Of course, it could have led to the issue of Euthanasia, but it didn’t. I think it quite nicely showed what a true doctor might go through (true as in a missionary-type doctor – no money, etc.). So Bashir is a very good doctor, but not a perfect one, which is gratifying, since there are so many perfect things in Trek (which is just plain unrealistic). Next week’s episode is Body Parts, and I’ve heard it’s about Quark “floating” his body on the stock exchange. I’m not sure if I heard that right… Which reminds me of the cameo appearance of Quark in the beginning of this episode. “Come to Quark’s, Quark’s is fun, Come right now, Don’t walk, run!”. Hahaha, and the singing cup – that was funny.

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