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Sep 99

New Month

Almost midway through Spring. Temperature starting to drop for you guys in the Northern Hemisphere yet? hah :) Supposed to go paintballing later today. “Real-life Half-life Counterstrike on one hit point and inaccurate guns” it’s been described to me as :) I intend to OD on adrenaline. And I gotta wake up at 7am (bloody hell) for it, so I’m gonna do the unthinkable and go to bed … soon. I’ll be pumped later on, that’s for sure :)

Communal Crier

New Site:

• Everything About Nothing – Someone’s gonna make a site called “Everything/Nothing” sooner or later.

Editorial – The Midnight Rant
This “editorial” (might as well go along with the newsletter theme) was originally written as a response to an e-mail from an “anonymous” (who has since revealed themselves, but for the purposes of this, I will withhold their name.). Instead of thinking of a new rant, I’ll just do a cut and paste job:

“I understand where you’re coming from completely. I guess it’s all a matter of what you feel most at home with. I started my site for the purpose that I would never have the self-discipline to keep up with a handwritten journal. I’ve tried. On the other hand I have a couple friends who do keep a handwritten diary.

“What you say about the “bad things” of e/n – like Pie of the Day and Women Bashing. True, they may be tasteless (in your view). But things like S-IS are too intense, too personal and probably ill-fitted to be classed as e/n. S-IS has always been a separate part of Kill’s site, and, as he has said, never e/n. I started my site as a sole purpose to *get away* from intense, emotional stories and accounts. Well, actually it was Shlonglor’s page that prompted me to start mine. Something relaxing, relatively impersonal and fun to read. I have never liked to read highly emotional/personal accounts – the line between things that are well written, and (teenage) angst is very fine. The opportunity to slip into pretense (another thing I dislike) is all too easy in this type of writing. (Hence I have not visited Frus’ page for a few months now, not from spite, just from disinterest). Kill’s S-IS are one of the few personal stories I have enjoyed reading – unpretentious, and “there” not claiming to be anything. Although still, at times the writing got too “stuffy” for me.

“Frankly, I prefer staring at the BAMF Pie o the Day than read Frus’ “Classic” angst-ridden ego-centric rants. But that’s just comparing two specific sites.

“Your site belongs in another community. Your journal is not at all e/n. It’s not a weblog either (the weblog lot tend to be much more civilised than us and a touch pretentious – you see, we e/n lot are the plebians of the journal world). Your site fits into the sort of category sites such as www.bittersweets.org and www.flaunt.net are in. It’s that type of style.

“I do appreciate the quality of sites such as these, it’s just that their style does not gel with me at all. “I would write about the things that matter to the thinkers out there [Anonymous’ words].” E/N is not the place to look for this :). As I said before, we e/n lot are the online equivalent of plebs. We’re like the bunch at the pub. Rowdy, out to have fun. Throwing insults. Getting into fiery arguments about stuff that may or may not matter, with little “structured debate” to it all. But when you’re sobering up at 3AM in the morning, you occasionally lapse into a mood of deep contemplation. Occasionally. That’s how it seems like to me. We’re not trying to change the world. Inferno.”

I reckon that this last paragraph says it all. It backs up where Solosier is coming from nicely (a view I understand totally). I believe it is justification for our motivation. If you think a community with an audience of (at a guess) a couple thousand is a bad influence on today’s youth (despite being written mostly by today’s youth), sober up and write a letter to your local TV station, or Hollywood. For all the good that will do. If you don’t like it, don’t come. We’re not those in-your-face Commies standing outside the ticket booths at the railway station selling copies of the “Green Left Weekly”.

Lastly, that letter to Solo was typical of someone attempting to emulate a well written letter. “Solosier’s remonstrations are a cesspool of defeatism. Solosier’s objectives are amalgams of popular themes among lewd slobs, unrestrained fatuitous ruffians, and grungy calumniators.” Give us a break. Trying to make yourself feel superior just because you’ve sent us scuttling for the dictionary, are you? (I hope that letter wasn’t a joke. Can’t be too careful nowadays :)

Side Observation: Is it me, or do most (if not all) out of school e/n posters are in college/uni or have a job?

The Haunting

Stay away from this movie. Neeson and Zeta-Jones it may have, but even that doesn’t save it. As the newspaper said, the most well acted line in the movie was when Neeson utters, “shit,” while dangling from a rickety spiral staircase.

Sep 99

Star Trek DS9: Things Past (Ep 5.8)

One of the things that DS9 always neglects is to resolve episodes fully. They spend about 2 minutes tieing up all the threads spawned during the last 40, and this episode is one of them which really needed a longer resolution – what did the rest of the crew think about Odo afterwards? This is another episode flashing back to the days of the Occupation. Although Terak Nor was gloomy, it was less so than the previous episodes I remembered (maybe due to Odo’s memory?). And using the euphemism “chemicals” in place of “drugs”? Hmm. It is interesting seeing Odo in a different light, however. An alright episode, although it could’ve been better.

And here’s a nice Trek site in newslog format.

Geo Survey

Yeah make it difficult for me… I get the map up and then I gett an influx of “I live here!” mails. I’ll wait a bit a longer before I update the maps.

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Communal Crier – The Great Culling

X from Value of X is The Man! Mad Props to X! X Owns! (etc.). He went through ALL the sites on the left and picked out the dead, inactive, and moved sites. I hereby accord him the (somewhat meaningless) title of the E/N Grim Reaper :). I’ll plug him again for his noteworthy efforts.

Area 52 – http://www.a52.cjb.net/
Arsenic – http://www.arsenic69.com/
Propane – http://propane.dynip.com
Spud’s Dimension – http://www.wf.net/~spud/ – no longer e/n
the Realm – http://www.erg-mad.com/realm/Gindex.shtml – won’t load
Underdramatic – http://livid-enterprises.hypermart.net/underdramatic/
Virl – http://www.virl.net/
Diss – http://diss.hypermart.net/
ZeroHour – http://www.blizzard-oblivion.com/shivasite/zerohour.html

Inactive [those inactive since July removed]
Broken Links – http://internettrash.com/users/deadlink/ – last, July 18
Da sand box – http://sandbox.virtualave.net/ – last, Aug 15
Domain of Eimii – http://members.xoom.com/killjoy411/ – last, Aug 25
Half-Baked – http://www.cnwl.igs.net/~shawn/ – last, Aug 15
NewsFreaks – http://www.newsfreaks.com/ – last, Aug 12
Radium Red’s – http://members.xoom.com/_XOOM/radiumred/index2.html – jul 2
Room 8 – http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~gt3242a/intro.html – last, jul 12
Skalord – http://www.skalord.com/ – “returning” soon
The Project – http://www.velocity.net/~vaccine/project/ – last, aug 5
Time to Die – – last, jun 9
Updates – http://www.wsu.edu/~mmank37/updates.html – last, ?
Welc. to Somewhere – http://home.sprynet.com/~rbarchas/index2.html – temp.
You’re creeping me… – http://members.xoom.com/gerych/ – ???

Ertari – from: http://www.angelfire.com/tx3/ertari/ to: http://www.ertari.fissure.org
Syntekz Error – from: http://members.tripod.com/deamyrag/ to: http://members.iquest.net/~rockies/
Eskimo (now pointless things) – from: http://aireskimo.cjb.net/ to: http://airmatt.hypermart.net
Value of X – from: http://livid-enterprises.hypermart.net/ to: http://vox.salty-dog.net

And you don’t think I’d update without alerting you of any new sites?

• Ayesuck
• Ciphon – not bad
• The Core
• iThink – not e/n (“by principal”), and won’t be placed on the bar, but I’d like to link it anyway. No prizes for guessing who Red Scare has been heavily influenced by…

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I’d like to extend the finger to CityRail for another strike today. I’m stranded at home again.

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404 Research Labs

Hehe here’s a neat site all about making 404 Not Found pages. This is userfriendliness… turning a frustrating error into an artform.

Considering the ever-changing nature of the web, it’s entirely likely that some of these 404s will themselves be 404. Please help further 404 research by reporting broken links. The scientific community thanks you.

ICQ Surf

ICQ Surf (Alpha vers) sounds very much like Odigo. You’ll need ICQ99b to run it. Try it out… it’d be interesting to see what other e/nners get up to. I’d imagine it’d be quite similar.

Sep 99

Swede Acquitted

Remember that Swedish teenager that got busted for makin a site that linked MP3s? He got acquitted. Good to hear they have common sense.

However, the court said he was innocent because he only posted links to other sites on the Internet where the music files could be found.

Communal Crier

• Starfuckers – What a name!

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Results of Geographical Survey

Right here. Large maps, slow loading. But you Yanks with cable won’t have to worry about that, huh?

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Sep 99

Big Daddy

Better than any other of Adam Sandler’s movies I’ve seen. Less slapstick, but no less funny. Doesn’t seem to be anything better on at the cinemas right now. Wing Commander got released, but friends have been bagging the shit out of it. The SMH says that Wing Commander was “shot in Switzerland, but it should have been shot at dawn.” Sixth Sense should be coming soon.


Someone actually sent me an SMS from the MobileAlert site. Thanks Shaun (from CompSoc at UNSW, no less).


Well I just got my DEC Multia box today. Still missing the parity RAM, which hasn’t arrived yet. I also need a laptop to 3.5″ IDE cable adapter. The box has no floppy drive (it doesn’t take a regular drive) or CD-ROM, either. However, it has a network card with BNC, RJ-45 and AIX connector ports (go figure…), so I’m going to have to figure out how to perform an over-the-network installation of Linux (and I gotta get an Alpha version of it too). Gonna be long and painful, but it’ll be a learning experience. Nice lookin box though. Think I’ll set it up in my room and stick it up on the network so I can listen to MP3s in my room heh.

Communal Crier – “Good Old Days” Edition

Today’s a special one. The sidebar, which has had a life of its own in the past months, has acquired sentience. Much like the stuff you leave at the back of the fridge for a couple years. There are now 100 links on it! So much for joking “one day that sidebar’s gonna be longer than the site”.

How did the bar look, at the end of 1998?

A Shade of its Current Form...
circa October 1998

Hard to believe there were only 5 sites at the start of it all (including this one – yes I can actually count, but not much further than 5), isn’t it? Vaccine’s Accounts of Nothing sort of exists in the form of The Project (updated very sporadically). sonic junkie’s good ol’ Cranial Disorder is now Techno Weenie. KillKrazy’s classic (and rather infamous) Watch The World Die has resurrected itself numerous times in the past (faking its death to avoid the authorities, perhaps? :). And the venerable Shlonglor’s EBG has stuck around through the years. Even though it’s technically “closed”. But these sites are still alive and kicking.

Then by March 1999:

sidebar2.gif (6101 bytes)

Now, back to regular programming. Here’s the current stuff…

Schlyer’s back, canning In Your Ear and replacing it with Absurdities Observed

• Bronte Zoo Skateboarding
• Dissolve
• Paranoia

Appreciation goes to Solosier for the above new site links.

Geographical Survey

Entries closing… I’ll be writing up a feature on it sometime this week. If you haven’t, as yet, mailed me your city/state/country details, please do so.

Star Office 5.1

The application package Sun recently acquired is available for free download here. If you’ve got Linux, you’ll want this. There’s a Win98/NT version available too, but I still reckon MS Office is better.

Ultima Online 2 Announced

Origin announced Ultima Online 2 was in development. I sincerely hope they fix up the lag issues. It’s due out late 2000. Now I’m convinced I should be playing a MMRPG, but I can’t figure out which one. Especially with Asheron’s Call, Middle Earth and NWN coming out…

Hear hear!

Was this intentional? BMW doesn’t seem to like MS…

Sep 99


Stranded in Camden for the rest of the day. Damn. Screw this train strike tomorrow. They only had a bus strike last week.


Yeah you heard right, Linux running under Windows. Beta version software.


the book.

Communal Crier (aka that abhorrent term, “Linkage”)

• Booya! – Aussie site :)
• Underdramatic
• X-Factor


Well MTN can’t access the Optus mobile network, so MobileAlert is the next best thing. Thing is, you gotta own a mobile before you can send to others’ mobiles, and you have to be on an Australian provider (Optus, Vodafone or Telstra). And they have a quota to the SMSes you can send. Suppose it’s all right if you want to send to a mobile on another network. Oh, if you sign up and are feeling kind, my mobile number and public password are both 0413535707. I figure if anyone’s gonna phone me and prank me, it’s costing them money :). Leaving prank SMSes? No worries… feel free to. Just like the soapbox!

Sep 99

Starcraftin’ Incident

Playing Starcraft with a friend. I’m running around with a Dark Archon on full mana charge and I spot this transport sitting in the middle of nowhere. Zap, mind control, it’s mine, and I’ve buggered off with a transport filled with 8 SCVs :). Well how was I supposed to know he got a phone call from his g/f and got “momentarily distracted”? Hahaha. Conversation later…

Inferno: i’m gonna nick off with one of your SCVs again :)
PK: NOT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL 8!!!!!!!!!!!! FRIGGIN CHEAP ASS!!!!!!!!!! GO PLAY TERRANS IF U LIKE MY SCVS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn Protoss!!! can warp in their own building, but cant even build a bloody SCV!!! Damn ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PK: Go play terrans if u ;like using my units so mcuh :) hehehehe… Damn Protoss its just not fair!!! Friggin Kill all my units before i let them defect to u! Weak minds these humans

Star Trek DS9: He who is without sin (Ep 5.7)

“You need this more than I do.” – Quark handing a Horga’an to Bashir after finding out Leeta has been fantacising about Rom while dating Bashir

Plotwise, this episode was shit. Fullerton’s case, that the Federation is going downhill because of a pleasure planet, is stupid. It’s akin to saying, the United States is going to shit because of Disney World. Yeah, whatever you reckon mate. Civilians are civilians – they need vacation time, even during war time. Even the army needs shore leave. And of course the Worf/Dax thing was purely nauseating. Please, no more of that crap. So, this episode has no plot (granted, it did have a few cute moments). What does it have? Dax and Leeta wearing less :) That’s compensation. So how could this episode be fixed up? Simple. No Worf. No Fullerton. More Dax. More Leeta. Less clothes. A special adults only commemorative episode. Yes, a bunch of horny Trekkies, that’s just what the world needs. Better luck next week, I hope.

A friend’s view:

no there is no meaning in this episode whatsoever. it’s just pure drivel. but (the stupid thing is) [Worf]’s right at some points

when he says “err people don’t sit around drinking and wearing nothing when there’s a war on – you’re all hedonistic losers” but that’s about it

Turing level AI 2 decades?

There’s this columnist in Tuesday’s Sydney Morning Herald called Graham Phillipson. He isn’t the most insightful of people, and most of his columns don’t go anywhere. Among his past columns, he’s cited how Linux will go nowhere (a view which he later retracted, a few months down the track). Last Tuesday he wrote about AI. He reckons there will be Turing level AI in 20 years. He reckons that there will be 2 sentient species on this planet. Then he launches into a melodramatic spiel on how “There exists a very real possibility that human supremacy on this planet – and perhaps the universe, given the lack of proof of the existence of life anywhere else – will come to an end, and that the machine age will replace the organic age.” I’m surprised he didn’t mention The Matrix. I don’t think he understands the complexities of intelligence. As far as sentience goes, how are you going to make a computer self-aware? Computers aren’t dynamic. They are quite specialised. One human can perform many tasks, but a machine can’t. You know Robocup? Where they use those $2000 Japanese Aibo robotic dogs to play a soccer game? They estimate it will take 50 more years to create a team of robots that will be able to play a real game of soccer against a human team. And this is still far from achieving real Turing-level AI. 20 years? I don’t think so, Phillipson.

DVDs over the Net in Oz

Video Ezy has a web site selling DVDs over the Net. And you can pay by EFTPOS (and credit card). Still, at about $35 a DVD, they’re way more expensive than at Amazon, where they go for about $25 Aussie.

And here’s an article on e-coupon kleptomaniacs. Thanks to Miyagi.


Haha! That’s four maths tests done with a night-before job! And I actually did well in all of them. Anyway that’s half the session gone… got a week off next week – one I really need.


Flat rate cable’s coming to town! Rejoice! Hopefully it’ll force Telstra to go flat rate too. Stole this off Rooshooters (this is one sweet deal). Of course I live in Camden. Whoop whoop. No cable. Not even Foxtel cable, much less Optus cable. Pay TV comes in via satellite. Makes the case for me moving up into civilisation and closer to uni more compelling :)

Hi There :)

I noticed by your posts @ Rooshooters that you are interested in Optus@Home cable internet. Here is some techincal info on the service you may be interested in which I found on the cable newsgroups:
– our modems (pre-DOCSIS standard) will NOT work with Optus@Home
– the launch is scheduled for December 99 (tv / radio / newspaper ads etc)
– The Optus cable network is capable of 30 megabits downstream (like BPA) and 10 megabits UPSTREAM (unlike BPA’s 768 kilobit upstream capacity).
– a good way to gauge if you can get optus cable internet is to see if you can get optus telephony over cable. This means your local cable setup can do bi-directional comms etc.
– NO LOGIN CLIENT REQUIRED. Yep, as long as your OS supports DHCP (BeOS / Linux / MVS / Unix / Windows / MacOS etc), you can use OPtus cable internet.
– You will only be allowed 3 IP addresses per modem.
– No address translation allowed on the client lan (this is to stop large lans from all sharing the same modem etc), but for <5 pcs, this will not be a problem with a simple firewall etc [his words, not mine]
– Up to 3 different pcs can use the internet at the same time (no extra charge for each pc login etc) unless going through said firewall etc..
– the usage plans offered will be used to specify how much upstream capacity you can use. Downstream will always be 10 megs though.
– Flat rate pricing structure (based on how much upstream capacity you want).
– Port 80 WWW & port 21 FTP will be proxied transparently, all other protocols will be unencumbered.
– NO INTRA-ROUTER blocks. You will be able to ping / communicate with anyone, no matter what router they are on etc.
– 5 email addresses as part of the deal.
– 5 megs of webspace for each email address (non-contiguous though – ie; 5 megs in 5 separate directories etc)

Hope this of some use to you :)

Kind Regards,
Tim Harris

Pineapple Revisited

[Some of you probably don’t want to know this, so if you don’t want to hear something you’ll probably regard as grotty, skip it.] What’s this? Only one of you know (or admits to knowing :)? Yeah both Pineapple Juice and Cinnamon are meant to make your cum taste sweeter. Perhaps Mr Unpure can verify this (or maybe he’s not *that* unpure :).

Communal Crier

• Planetgimp – It’s got it’s own domain name, doesn’t that speak for itself?
• RRAnarchy – Do I detect a hint insightful commenting? Serious quotes? From an e/n site?
• Moment of Clarity – Slurp.

• Untitled (formerly space-coyote’s self-titled site)
• The Project (formerly Accounts of Nothing run by Vaccine)

Not long to go until we hit 100 sites, people.

Geographical Survey

Can one of you lazy bastards from Ramblings or BAMF icq me or mail me info on this please? Don’t make me come and spam you :) Can one of you lazy bastards from Ramblings or BAMF icq me or mail me info on this please? Don’t make me come and spam you :)

Me and Noddy (ok ok so grammatically it should be Noddy and I) are doing a little geographical survey of e/n posters’ locations. If you’re a poster on an e/n site, please do me a favour and email me your city of residence, state, and country. Thanks in advance.

Sep 99

Wouldn’t We All?

Hahahaha… This pic offa Userfriendly.

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Sep 99

Images of Hurricane Floyd

Some nice pics of it off Terraserver here.

“Pale Ale”

I’ll never look at a cup of beer in the same way again… Yeah American Pie was absolutely hillarious. Oh man I was laughing so hard through that movie…

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Should submit this in to glassdog’s overheard shouldn’t I?

He said: “I need to find a toilet I’m going to burst!”
She taunted: “Yeah! Cool.”
He said: “Hey, look, I’m not the one who’s going to be smelling it down there…”

Street Knowledge

There are all these bits of “urban legendy type” trivia you pick up about stuff. Like how in some toilets they use blue lighting (like Village cinema on George St. and various train stations) because it’s meant to make it hard to find veins (for those trying to shoot up).

Friday we somehow got on to the topic of the effects of drinking Pineapple Juice (yeah the level of conversation hit rock bottom). It sounds really dodgy and I don’t know if there’s any scientific basis to it. How many of you know what Pineapple juice does to you (apparently cinnamon has the same effect)? Yes, think dirty. Mail me.


• Movie Bloopers

Caffeinated Peppermints!

Penguin caffeinated mints. Perfect geek food heh.

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Sep 99

Star Trek DS9: Trials and Tribble-ations (Ep 5.6)

“I’m a doctor, not a historian!”

This episode was nothing short of brilliant. Deviating from the rest of the season, this was a special tribute episode chock full of in-jokes. The nostalgia was particularly powerful, and the humour which ran through the whole episode was absolutely hillarious (heh… those guys from Temporal Investigations and all those puns on time!). What was particularly impressive was how this episode was grafted seamlessly onto an Original Series episode (the classic The Trouble with Tribbles). Especially when the crew involved in the bar brawl are being grilled by Kirk and they stick O’Brien and Bashir into the lineup. The digital manipulation was totally convincing (even though it is a 3 year old episode), placing the DS9 characters alongside Kirk and crew from the old TOS episode. The recreation of the old Enterprise set was also stunning – every nuance caught (uniforms, the squelch the doors make, decor, and those cheesy tricorders with “sleek lines”). Definitely the highlight episode of the season. Even thinking about this episode brings a smile to my face. Too bad I’ve heard that next week’s episode may be the worst episode in Trek history.

Communal Crier

Westford Inc. is the new site on the bar.

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Easily create colour gradient text like this with Theremon’s Colorizer. Now you can be hÅxØrïsh and 1337 too :)! Bloats the HTML heaps, though.

Overheard on the Train

“Do you know how to put your jumper on while it’s inside out? Well, you sorta get the tag in the front… and… there. That’ll save you 5 minutes in the morning… let you sleep in a bit.”

Product Releases

Two very interesting releases. Handspring, has released their new PDA, the Visor. It runs the PalmOS, is cheap, and has an innovative expansion slot. I’ve been eyeing out PDAs for a while now, and this one looks to be the goods.

Secondly, Zero-knowledge systems has released Beta 3 of their “Freedom” Net anonymity package for public download.

Sep 99

Solowatch ’99

Holy shit huh? Tune in to Solosier. He’s potentially in the direct path of hurricane Floyd. It looks like, from the latest weather map, it will hit Tuesday evening. About 15 hours from now. In Aussie news

Hurricane Floyd bears down on Florida
More than one million people were told to evacuate the Atlantic coast and NASA all but abandoned Cape Canaveral as Hurricane Floyd – one of the most powerful storms ever to threaten the United States – charged toward Florida with potentially catastrophic 250 kph winds.

Floyd was much larger than Hurricane Andrew, which smashed into South Florida in 1992, causing $US25 billion in damage, killing 26 people and leaving 160,000 homeless.

Floyd looks BIG. I expect a damage report :)

Free Net Access

Freeonline is offering free Net access (to 75 hours/month). First of a slew of free-net access firms opening up in Australia. But as usual they have all these restrictions and limits, so it’s not as rosy as it seems.

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Telstra Trialing Internet Call Waiting

Telstra is trialing a new service which lets you be dialed up to an ISP and receive voice calls on the same phone number. What happens is that the phone call is diverted through to your computer (basically the computer becomes the phone). It’s a free trial, and even though I have separate phone lines I’m gonna test it out anyway.


It’s stuff like this that really gets everyone excited. Moller International is a firm that are developing what they’ve called the Skycar, a vehicle capable of VTOL (vert takeoff and landing, like Harrier Jets – in fact it’s basically a mini Harrier). The thing is, it’s not something that’s decades and decades off. They plan to have it on the market within 5 years, and have working prototypes.

Their 4-seater model, the M400 is powered by 8 engines (some redundant), 3 computers (2 redundant), has a range of over 1000km and top speed of over 600km/h. It takes regular unleaded fuel (car fuel) and will have an initial price tag of US $1 million. But once the vehicle hits mass production, the price is slated to drop to about US $60,000, which is reasonable. Right now, the thing can only be flown by licensed pilots. Nonetheless, it’s exciting stuff.

Sep 99

Cut. Paste.

From Miyagi:

URL: http://www.mendax.org/zine/001/star_wars_theory.html

URL’s description: Okay. ObiWan is really Vader, and Anakin becomes Obi Wan. This guy makes a REALLY good case

Daily Dose of Links

Here we go, here we go, here we go again…

• Big Hairy Balls
• Salty-Dog is back up!

“When people think ‘Westie’, they’re thinking about people that live to the *East* of me.”

Heh heh heh… my friend Ed’s ICQ info photo. Unedited. :).


Ramblings Riddle

That puzzle Ramblings posted up reminded me of a whole book I have of those puzzle types. The trick is to place all the information in a triangular grid and figure it out from there. Can’t find the book right now. If I do I’ll probably scan a puzzle in for yas.

Sep 99

Communal Crier

• Herd of Turtles
• Rantings
• Simplecraft
• Woah!


This quote, from Solosier, made me laugh harder than I probably should have been laughing :).

i just know there is some 13/15 year old looking at our sites going “OMG, this is the coolest thing i have ever seen” haha

The Internet and the Psychology around it

I can’t remember where I got this link from (really sorry!) – it was one of those 100 sites on the left. A very voluminous analysis of the net and the sociology around it. Compares it to real-life sociology as well. Wonder how much FA knows about this (pysch major if I remember correctly). FA?


You must’ve come across Metababy before… but if it’s your first time, it’s an easy and interesting exercise in searching for information about something on the net. Figure out what it is, and how to interact with it.

Frisky Intel Bunnies

Well, shit. Intel Bunnies engaging in questionable practices while a pervert Mac fanatic watches on and imparts all his knowledge of sexual positions to them (then proceeds to hang ’em). Pffft. Mac users.

Yeah screw this too. That’s not me speaking, that’s my bitterness speaking :)

Sweedish Sued for Linking MP3s

Link. Storing mp3s on the server is one thing. Linking to them is totally different (or so I thought). It’s pretty weird that they sue a 17 year old for something like this – the fine, if he’s found guilty, is about US$150 (about the amount of money he’s made from banner ads. What was the point?

Something different about DreamCast

No not announcing it’s been released… While on Slashdot, found an interesting article on how someone ran a portscan (using this) on the DreamCast. It was strangely “telnetable” except that the guy couldn’t get past the login prompt. Which raises the question. DreamCast hackable?

GetRight 4.0

Just realised that GetRight 4 came out of Beta. Go get it.

Sep 99


*Crash*. Not. Let the news reports come in. My guess is… nothing really bad will happen. Just wrote that date on an assignment cover sheet… felt weird :)

Timberfish 9/8/99 11:39 PM:
hey stu sorry for disturbing u but have u heard about Y2k going off tomorrow?
Inferno 9/8/99 11:43 PM:
not Y2K but 9.9.99 yes
Timberfish 9/8/99 11:43 PM:
what will happen?
Inferno 9/8/99 11:45 PM:
well apparently 9999 is used to mark the end of a file (and the systems could confuse this and crash and do other bad stuff). it’s a pretty obscure thing… i doubt anything big will happen.
Timberfish 9/8/99 11:45 PM
so all we have to do is switch the date on the computer?
Inferno 9/8/99 11:50 PM
we don’t need to worry

Yep… computer’s still workin.

Star Trek DS9: The Assignment (Ep 5.5)

An episode with an ending you could see a mile away. O’Brien’s wife is possessed and he’s the only one that knows about it. The subplot has Nog resurface (and he virtually saves the day, again). Not a crap episode, but nothing special either. Looking forward to next week’s Tribble episode! Ought to be a barrel of laughs… apparently it’s something about sending Tribbles back in time – been waiting for this episode to roll around for a while now.

Quizes and Stuff

Ian sent me a link to www.universityoflife.com. It’s got lots of links to personality/iq type tests etc. Another time-wasting diversion. Looks like he may be making a healthy buck on the side with all those click-through links.

Purity Tests

Bored? Here’s a somewhat lengthy list of Purity Tests you can take. Some of them are quite funny.

Neverwinter Nights

Good site for NWN news (off Geeklife)

Sep 99

School’s Back

Thanks for the enlightenment. So you’re not all a bunch of 22 year olds forever repeating your final year at high school…

Yeah, in America school can refer to high school or college.  If you’re in college, you can say you’re going back to college or you’re going back to school.  I don’t think anyone calls it going back to university here, but that might just be this part of the country.  People do the same thing for grad school too.  I guess it can get a little confusing, but we seem to just use a person’s age to figure out what they mean.  If they’re 18, its probably college.

Ok man it’s simpler here in the states.  The collective term “school” refers to any learning institution, public or private.  This include high school, technical school, college, art school, film school, terrorist school, or even driving school.  Generally, if a 20 year old says he’s going back to school, he’s taking college classes (hopefully).

yah, over here people generally say they’re going back to school for both high school and college.

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Referer Logs

Just checked out my referer logs, clicked through a link and came across something that amused me.

Ugh... politics...

Yes that’s Hear Ye! in 5th… apparently for linking that political quiz. It’ll be gone from the list tomorrow (with luck)


Someone left these links on the guestbook (hint, hint): www.oldmanmurray.com and www.portalofevil.com.

September = Birthday Month

Sure seems like it. They are going off left, right and center. Makes sense, really. 9 months ago it was holiday season…

Communal Crier

KillKrazy is back. You can all reinstate your links now: http://wtwd.fissure.org.

And Fallen Angel let me know of the site run by his girl, called Irate Juvenile Masses.

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Sep 99

Damn Yanks

You and your cable. As posted by Fallen Angel.

Bytes received: 480473046
Connect time: 04:58:50

System Activity [Kbps]:
Current: 0.00
Maximum: 620.71

Telstra, Australia’s largest Telco, has a monopoly on cable modem. That same 480 megs on a regular cable plan would cost an Australian about $200 (about $140 US). In 5 hours.

Sep 99

Industrial Training Placements

They sent them out two days early… Next semester I’m gonna be working at Aspect (my 2nd preference) in North Sydney. Hopefully I can scab some free training off them. Unfortunately they don’t do Cisco certification (damn) but I can perhaps do the +I component of the MCSE, or pick up Novell cert. Maybe even an MCSD? Suggestions? Assuming they let me take up training (I actually should be working…)

School? College?

All the Americans are starting a new year of school (we’re half way through). I’m a little confused as to the terminology though… you talk about going back to “school”. Am I right in saying this refers to both high school and college (cos I’d be worried if some of you 20 year olds were going back to high school)? Over here school refers to high school (and also departments within university faculties). Uni refers to university (what you call college), and college to us is actually on-campus student accommodation. Bizarrée. Tell me what’s going on here…

Drool Here >>> O

Warcraft III Baby!!! YEEEEEAH!!!!!!! Time to restart up my old clan, methinks :) Too bad it’s going to take almost as long as the next Star Wars movie to arrive…

What are you? Poltical Quiz

Quick and dirty quiz. Thanks to Fuzz.

Stupid Link

I dunno why I even bother linking this thing from Miyagi.

Sep 99


I’m not rewriting what I’ve already written about three times already… you know my stance on this:

::shrug:: you asked for it.

ok, you campared using a WYSIWYG editor to using a calculator, it’s like a short cut, right? ok. follow me here… i bet you know how to do math without a calculator, hence, a calculator is just a shortcut. But if you DONT know HTML, a WYSIWYG is NOT a shortcut, its an uneducated persons why to write webpages.

did you use a calculator BEFORE you learned 2 + 2? NO. so why use a WYSIWYG editor before you learn HTML? If you learn HTML, you find that a WYSIWYG editor sucks in comparison to writing your own code.

maybe i am just too old school. i have been coding webpages from TXT documents for a long time, there was no such thing as an editor. MS DOS’s EDIT was a powerful fucking editor :) when i was your age, i had to upload with a 14.4 modem, it’s like walking three miles in the snow :)
[from Solosier]

All I’ll say is I defy anyone who says I can’t handcode HTML. I don’t think there was any other way to do it in the days of Mosaic. MS DOS edit a powerful editor? Don’t say that… you’ll make those Linux users laugh at you.


Plugged on Geeklife and Shazbot already, Napster is too good to be true. But it’s true, and it deserves another plug. Find bloody well any mp3 in 5 minutes. Haha I was taking requests for songs over icq with this and making everyone wonder how I could find songs so quickly :)

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Adminspotting Shirts

I didn’t know anyone (who I don’t know personally) from UNSW read this page, but stranger things have happened :). Got this mail from the Compsoc treasurer. Those adminspotting t-shirts might drop more in price. Good to hear.

Yaaaay! *ahem*

Thanks for the plug, but due to an official decision we haven’t actually made yet, we’ll probably be dropping the price down to $10. Even if we don’t, you can have one for $10 *grin*.

– Shaun
Compsoc Treasurer

*I* can get one for $10? Hey I’m half considering it heh.

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From one of the guys selling those Multias I was talking about a few weeks back (it seems he’s an Old Boy of Trinity too… coincidences abound) :

Previously you put a link up on your site to our CSE student Multia drive….
Just thought I’d let you know that there are some left overs available at:
Or the original (http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~michaeld/multia) for more info.
Either will give you what info you need, and send to the other.


Additionally, the Multias arrived in from America last Friday

This morning we recieved 6 pallettes of Multias (250 in total), and I must say, it looked AWESOME!
Believe it or not (We couldn’t for a while), we did manage to sucessfully transfer 2 TONNES (We have an invoice saying how much they weighed).

Communal Crier

Hey Inferno,

Illegal Operation has moved from http://i-o.oralsex.com to http://i-o.solosier.com
Just letting ya know ;)

Hahaha. Y’know I’m just too lazy/forgetful. I’ll see a site has moved, but I won’t actually update the sidebar unless someone mails me or I happen to remember during an update.

And… Letters to Susan has a sneak preview of the new site open to the public.

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Site showing representations of cyberspace and stuff like physical global cabling (those bigass intercontinental links). It seems that the Australia-USA link is a mere 512Mbps (although I’ve read they’re laying a new, bigger cable). Related is this article on the history of intercontinental cabling.

But with the China-U.S. cable in the works, FLAG stands to lose its stature as the longest cable in the world. Expected to be more than 30,000 km or 18,750 miles long, the cable will have a total capacity of 80 gigabytes per second, or enough to simultaneously carry four million phone calls. With more than 950,000 circuits, it will be the largest network of its kind ever constructed. Initial China-U.S. investors, including Teleglobe, Tyco Submarine Systems, Alcatel, KDD, AT&T, Lucent, and Sprint, expect to spend a total of U.S. $1 billion to build the network.

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Drool Here >>> O

No doubt about it. This thing has kickass specs. The only problem is that it’s a Mac (the new G4). So that’s not much good is it? But a 22″ LCD Monitor? Ooohh…


Went to a party up near Manly. I missed a whole night’s sleep and my sleep patterns are all screwed. Got a lift back to Town Hall station via the harbour tunnel. I’ve never been through the harbour tunnel until today. Bumped into a friend from primary school who I hadn’t seen for 7 years. Good to catch up with him. 1999 has been the year of coincidences for me. Played countless games of pool. Tested my allergy to alcohol again with a shot of QF and Midori. No good. My stomach couldn’t even handle 60mL of alcohol… Think I’ve got the flu now.

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Sep 99


Bolsh over at Spore’s Den (link on the sidebar) is trying to sell off adminspotting t-shirts for $30 plus postage and handling. Compsoc at UNSW is selling them off at $15 here. Ah capitalism :) I wouldn’t like to be the person who buys the $30 shirt then wanders across the compsoc page heh.

Communal Crier

Whitestar from the late Troz site is back. I’m not exactly sure what the site is called, so.. uh, I’ll call it Shazbot cos that’s it’s sub-domain name.

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Star Trek DS9: … Nor the Battle to the Strong (Ep 5.4)

This week’s episode was on the classic issue of how you may hypothesize what you would do if placed in a situation, but if you were in this situation in real life, living the moment (I’m sure there’s a phrase in a foreign language for this expression) would you react differently? This placed Jake in the war/cowardice scenario, which reminded me somewhat of the character Uppham (spelling?) in Saving Private Ryan. Credible acting and a well written screenplay (if a little crammed) really made this a good episode. If death was handled poorly in The Ship (couple weeks back), then this episode handled itself excellently. Season 5 of DS9 looks to be the best of the first 5 seasons so far!

I still have no idea what the title means… is it a quote? It doesn’t even make sense…

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