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Jul 00

Communal Crier

Neoflux has created an e/n webring. After several attempts by other people, this one may actually work :).

• Tacticz

• Aherdofturtles


• “YAY!  I won!  Ha ha, eat me, SilverWeed. :)” –Alex
• “wow – two new posters and a 3d logo – that MUST count as an update….. www.billyjoebob.web.com” –billyjoebob
• “I too have often wondered about the bottles on the front lawn and where the hell they went. No-one seems to know” –Nick 4wood
• “you know grilled cheese man, eh? well i eat grilled cheese. conform christian, conform!!!” –Hebrew Willy
• “I’m watching you from inside this video camera disguised as a phone, just wanted to let you know.” –SilverWeed
• “Hey stu, can you put a message on hearye about how e/nirc is moving to irc.m00.net? The current channel has been taken over, thx.” –SilverWeed (E/n on IRC is ridiculous. It’s like an itinerant worker… moving every second month.)
• “If I made SEX PROJECT T-shirts would anyone buy them? I know I would.” –Guruchild

Mailing Lists

Good guide on setting up mailing lists.


This guy needs medication. Not for his foot, but for his mental state. Read about how he tried to deliberately infect himself with Athlete’s Foot. Thanks Tama.

Next Friday

Hahahhaa. This film is funny as.


As I was hoping, the Court of Appeals issued a stay and Napster will remain in operation until the court trial reaches a decision. Offspring are selling a new “Save Napster” t-shirt.

Interesting some of the defenses that come out of this from fans. Whatever the case, it is impossible to justify breaching copyright. An artist who releases their work commercially owns the rights to it. It doesn’t matter if downloading a sample prompts you to buy the album. The majority of people do not buy the CD of the songs they download. However, with the issue of file sharing and the Net – it is impossible to stop this transfer of copyrighted work. What use is an unenforceable law (in the case of distributed file sharing)? What the RIAA is trying to do is futile and damaging their reputation with the fans. Instead of trying to shut down Napster, it should be trying to capitalise on it – there certainly are positives that come out of it (even the activity is illegal). All this is nothing new to you, I’m sure.

Jul 00

Communal Crier

The Abode is trying to compile an e/n photo album – go and send in your submission.

• Kevin’s Palace

• Speckle F Corporation

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• “Okay because of yewk0n ill be posting on list-en and here as silverweed now, damn you yewk0n.” –Alex
• “Again, good luck to your mom man. I hope it all goes well.” –Theseus
• “Watch out for that guy sitting next to you.  He is gay and is attracted to you!” –My Little Porno Pony (Could’ve been funnier if I didn’t receive this sms at midnight :)
• “u been busy stu………or have u just had some of that high grade herion that going around” –Burga
• “Quick Note: Do not dress up as Chucky Cheese and leave flaming bags of dog excrement on my doorstep. Much obliged.” –Grilled Cheese Man

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Poetic Justice

So not all lawyers are boring. Just a little wacky.

Palm “Must-downloads”

Good and comprehensive list of downloads for Palms (also included is how to use a Palm like a floppy disk, and how to get the Palm to use your computer’s modem).

Does Anyone Remember…

Back in the 80s when people used to stick bottles of water on their lawns to stop dogs defecating on them? What happened to that?

That Was Quick

I saw a GeForce 2 MX card on sale today. In Narellan. I can’t believe it… an MX card all the way out in whoop whoop… and the US release date isn’t till the 28th of this month. That same shop is also out of stock of the 64MB GeForce 2 I want :/

File Rogue

One of those file sharing programs à la Napster (but for any type of file) is File Rogue is opening for public beta on August 1. Might be worth checking up on: “We currently have over 15 full time catalogs online (about 30GB of files), which means that File Rogue will not be a Ghost Town when you first log on.”

Personal Certs

Get a free Thawte personal certificate (used for stuff like digitally signing e-mail). I always wondered where you could obtain one of them.

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Jul 00

Communal Crier

• The Electronic Third


• “I just want to see my name here :) Woo!” –Najical
• “He is!  I swear.  And.. who started the Racism thread?  Ooh, I *think* it was me!  Hah!” –Alex
• “Yo quiero amor tu anchovies a la playa. – Translation: I want to love your anchovies at the beach.” –Grilled Cheese Man
• “STFU Val :D” –Alex


Another one of these sites?


Pricing info for ASDL! Definitely interesting. From AJH.

Macromedia Dreamweaver Ultradev

Although I’m a Frontpage as opposed to Dreamweaver user myself, this new web development program from Macromedia has support for ASP, JSP and CFML coding among its rich feature set. Might take a gander at the trial version.

Bathroom Graffiti

This site cataloging bathroom graffiti has the potential to occupy quite a bit of your time.

Components #13, 14

Two 45 GB IBM Hard Drives.

The Patriot

A good movie certainly worth watching, but not a classic. It lacked something because it just wasn’t as engaging or involving as either Braveheart or Gladiator, to which The Patriot is often compared to. Perhaps it was the predictability of some scenes, or awkwardness of scenes such as when Gibson is running with the flag.


The radio is dead. My uncle is now supplying mp3 music in his surgery for his patients to listen to. Ok, so the radio isn’t really dead, but I did find the fact that he switched over to playing stuff from his mp3 collection amusing.


So, NVidia has (really) shitty PR. There’s an intriguing story behind that link.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Jul 00

Communal Crier

Housecleaning today. I’ve finally done a culling of dead links on the sidebar. Thanks to David who found me a dead link analyser. About 30 sites (only!) have been removed.

• Lakman Productions
• Olympus-Mons

• Cyclohexane

• EP


• “Have you ever taken a red dot away from someone?” –David (Yes.)
• “Sung is Alex’s mommy?” –GStarr
• “how much suffering must i endure before simpleminded.org gets a red dot… oh the agony” –Theseus
• “That WinME review guy needs his lips pried from Microsoft’s ass with a crowbar!!” –Bonhomme de Neige
• “Look behind you!” –Matto (sent when I was standing in the quad building, back to a wall :)
• “Do or do not. There is no Try..!! yes hehe !” –Matto
• “When I say GRILLED…you say CHEESE! Let’s get this party started right!” –Grilled Cheese Man
• “my site is back, sooo do your thing sexay.  www.sungs.net” –Sung
• “does a new logo and some new colours count as a redesign? www.billyjoebob.web.com” –billyjoebob (not really, but you just plugged it anyhow)
• “my icq is fine…not shat at all ;)” –GStarr
• “don’t listen to Alex” –Val


Mum went into hospital earlier today for her hysterectomy. Dad and my uncle, who are both doctors, have been updating the rest of the family via email:

The operation should be quite straightforward (only about 4 in 10000 develop serious complications). She saw the oncologist (specialist in the field of chemotherapy and radiotherapy) who said she has a 80% 5 year survival rate. I thought that he was too clinical and unfeeling to come up with a statement like that. 2 out of 10 dying is a very high figure. We are finding for her  to see another oncologist who perhaps care more about a patient’s feelings.

She should be out of hospital in 3 days. Here’s to wishing it all goes well…


ICQ is working for me again, with no changes on my end. Must’ve been a server side problem.


For all your CD burning needs.


There’s two long running threads on list-en lately that have been quite interesting – one on smoking and the tobacco industry, and one on racism (which I believe is still in progress). Both have generated a few hundred emails, and in a departure from most threads, people actually are making points instead of just paying the crap out of others (not that that still doesn’t happen!).

Case Mods

Modding your case with real power tools :). Shotgun included. Thanks Andrew!

Jul 00

General Note

Does anyone know what is going on? My copy of ICQ has shat itself. Everything works fine except for the fact that no one registers as online. Only when I receive a message from someone do they appear as online. Bizarre… it seems to be a corruption in the database files but an upgrade to 2000 still didn’t fix the problems. It could be the 350 users or 150,000 events in the database that are causing the problem, but that’s unlikely… Ideas anyone?

Eclipse Photos

Got them right here.

Jul 00

Communal Crier

• Dynaleet
• Gone Yukon
• Mind*spark
• Wanker County

• aw snap
• Walking Vengeance Online

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• “if i have a pajama party, would you like to come :) bring a sleeping bag and pillows! night err morning 236am….what is sleep?” –nettie
• “Do NOT go to LA or NY, those are the worst place in this country.” –Alex
• “no stupid I meant Diablo II for free ;)” –GStarr (well… the problem is obtaining a CDKey :)
• “(aAhhhh…Diablo 2 taking over life nd harddrive space)” –stuart
• “reddot reddot  REDdot redDOT REDDOT bacon” –billyjoebob
• “yo, b, we should play Diablo2 my man! :-D” –Double Neg
• “sung is my mommy.” –Alex

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Druggie’s Wallet Stolen

Ben Johnson outsprinted :)


Session 2 starts tomorrow.

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Windows Millennium

Installed that yesterday. You’ve read all about the new features (if not, click here), so I won’t cover them here. It’s a nice upgrade to Win98 SE – tightens things up. Unfortunately the kernel doesn’t support shadowed mouse cursors or fading menus like 2000 does :).

The Weird

National Association of Timetable Collectors. What the?


Amazon.com Logo Graveyard. I remember that original logo :) My account with them actually goes back a little over 4 years. It’s all part of their 5 year anniversary “feature”.

Keeping the Faith

Just your regular light hearted romantic drama/comedy. Pretty enjoyable.

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Saw this last Friday. Sure, no comic book ported to movie is going to be perfect, but this movie is definitely good. Watch it, and don’t be too nit-picky. The special effects and casting really do do it justice.

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While we’re on the topic of the heavens, here’s a page that explains Why is the sky dark at night? The answer is not as obvious, from a scientific point of view, as you think.

In 1826, the astronomer Heinrich Olbers asked, “Why is the sky dark at night?” By his time, physicists had learned enough to realize that, in a stable, infinite universe with an even distribution of stars, the entire universe should gradually heat up.

Think about it — if there are stars generating energy throughout the universe (energy sources), and if there is no way ultimately to dispose of that energy (energy sinks), then all the objects in the universe must rise in temperature, in time achieving the temperature of the stars themselves.

Lunar Eclipse

Tonight, all over Australia, Aussies will be able to see the longest lunar eclipse to occur in around 150 years. Starting about 10pm tonight, EST, the Earth’s shadow will begin to eat the moon, before turning it a blood red (caused by light refracted by the earth’s atmosphere) for a full 100 minutes. Should be over by 2am tomorrow. I’m taking photos. The next time an eclipse this long will happen will be next millennium

Jul 00

Communal Crier

• Almsmack
• A Simple Hero
• b000
• CellBlock V
• Oblivion

• The Day To Day – decent content here! Be sure to check out the personal journal too.

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• “Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. Damn you diablo, damn you right to hell.” –Alex
• “Irish stop sending the love notes and I’ll stop sending the death threats” –GStarr
• “where can I get diablo II? :(” –GStarr (from a computer games store perhaps? :)
• “don’t you miss me at all?~!?” –sung

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The Skulls

With X-Men coming out tomorrow and The Patriot next week, there’s nothing much new in the cinemas. So we went to see The Skulls. Not that bad. Rather interesting actually. Watch it if there’s nothing else on and you’re itching to see a movie.

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More Rant

Some people have said that student movie tickets were $9.50 before GST, which puts them at $10.45 now. I distinctly remember them being $9, but then I distinctly remember a lot of things =). That may explain it.

On another note, waiting at Sydney Airport for 5 hours and 40 minutes is an experience I can do without for a long long time.

Vic, welcome to Sydney :) Good thing you didn’t go via airport rail.


Ok so I don’t have any links today. It’s 5.40am and I feel apathetic. Hence, with that excuse, I’ll be cheap and chuck up a link to a well known MP3 site. TheMusicLover.

There’s also a comprehensive GeForce 2 GTS card roundup at Anandtech… something I’ll be using to select my graphics card.


Uni starts next week. 5 subjects + lots of books to buy + GST = too much money. Got my results for last session… one HD, one CR (that’s my first credit… damn gen ed marxism quiz :)

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Components #10, 11

One Netgear 8 port switch, and a Voodoo 3 2000 PCI which I’m going to use as a secondary graphics card. What’s left? CPU, Monitor, hard drives (which are on order) and primary graphics card.

Europe Backpacking Trip

I dunno if I should be making this post, but it wasn’t my idea. It’s actually on the request of a friend. That said, a bunch of friends and myself (four of us in total) are planning to go backpacking across Europe during the Summer holidays at the end of the year (yeah yeah, it’s fricking cold and mid-Winter in Europe and we’ll freeze our asses off there as I’ve been told more than once). We start our trek in dreary-skied London and work our way around Europe. However, we got some sort of plane ticket deal where we get a chance to stop over in the USA for a bit before going to Europe. Which brings me to the question. We have a choice between NYC, and LA. I’ve been told NYC is better but last time I was there I froze my ass off (ok so that’s going to happen in Europe anyway, but why extend the suffering?). Now, that’s not all. Being poor uni students, it would be great if we could scab discount accommodation off someone. So I was just wondering, on the very slim possibility that, if there was anyone who reads this page, living in either NYC or LA or thereabouts, who would be willing to shelter us Aussies for the few days we are in the States. Anyone willing to express even a hint of interest?

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Blame Blizzard! They are a narcotics manufacturer! Can’t stop… the compulsion… Multiplay… no sleep… need caffeine…

Jul 00

Communal Crier

• Irishpimps Inc.
• Totally Useless

• Darker Side of Nuintari
• Randomosity

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• “I just wanted to tell you Hello :)  Nettie is bored.  See you later.. watch out for falling cows (dont ask)” –Nettie
• “That biiatch GStarr BEGGED me to make her a new layout. SHE BEGGED. She even offered me sex. Sucka Ho!” –Irish (Irish wake up… you’re dreaming again) 
• “Btw.. if you don’t watch out GStarr, you’re going to get pimped by the Irishpimps Inc. – Http://irish.uptohere.net/ <3″ –Irish
• “You got d2? Go stu.. go stu, it’s your birthday its your birthday. We need to get everyone to get it, and to make our own server” –Alex

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The Internet Industry in Australia

Orphans of the Cyberage“. It’s an article in the SMH on why Australia has no really prominent Internet companies (that grew from startups this decade). Primarily it was the result of lack of VC and investor interest, and also a misdirected allocation of resources to multimedia (“Australia’s love affair with multimedia and CD-ROMs probably cost it any chance of catching the first waves of Internet surfing, says TVP’s Aaron.”) Reminds me of a when the CSIRO decided to research weather forecasting in favour of computers midway through last century. It’s a pity, because Australia really has the talent and skills – just not the right business environment.


Rafter beats Agassi in the semis!

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The Addiction

Yep, it’s Diablo 1 all over again, but even worse, with Diablo 2’s save system. “Just one more level…” Midway through Act 2 last night. Check out Salon’s article on how Diablo 2 is really a fashion show in disguise.

Jul 00

Component #9

An ABit Slotket!!! (yes, the three exclamation marks are part of the product title. Crazy Taiwanese.)


Shlonglor banned Australia. Good thing I have a “non” Class A IP. But really, why would anyone bother e-mailing him about it? You just know he’s going to stick your mail up and publicly humiliate you. Just find a proxy browsing site and move on. The webmaster always gets the last say :Þ.

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Me, Myself & Irene

Just to fill in the time. Had some good bits :).

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Diablo 2, Icewind Dale

Bought those two games today. Time to try ’em out.

Jul 00


Has anyone else found that the Extreme-DM counter is screwing around big time? It’s getting damn annoying.

CE/NSUS Results Out!

As promised for these holidays, I’ve completed compiling the Ce/nsus Results! You can stop e-mailing and smsing me about it now. It was an extremely long and tedious task and as a result isn’t as aesthetically polished as I’d like it to be, and my notes on the stats aren’t very in-depth. Moving, filtering, editing and sorting a meg of data from a database, to a spreadsheet then to HTML isn’t very fun. Nonetheless, the meat is there. I welcome discussion about the results.

A Gaming Truth

It is a 40 minute drive from here to Pip’s house:

Pip: “now if you really want to be sure of getting a copy [of Diablo 2] come at 8:45. by 9:00 we’ll be [at Electronics Boutique]”
Inferno: “there is no way i am waking up that early, even for D2 :)”
Pip: “you lack commitment to the highest traditions of blizzard gaming :)”
Inferno: “It’s funny… Any gaming classic will override priority to get to sleep. However, no gaming classic will override the priority to stay asleep after you’ve gone to sleep … well that’s for me anyhow”
Pip: “for sure …. i aint waking up at 6:00 in the morning for no game”

Public Transport Story

I found Fuzzy’s bus story damn funny :).

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Communal Crier

• Boiled Pudding
• The Daily Cut

• Aw Snap

• BAMF – Finally!!! :)
• Bombshelter

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Something May Suck

• “No need to marry her, Darva Conger is nude in this month’s Playboy! $5 Million? No, just $5!” –Tom
• “whoa there ole buddy….you’re giving ME the palm…remember our agreement? Keeping Irish off SMS for a palm? huh huh?” –GStarr
• “I’ve played Diablo 2 for a week now and have to say, it rocks =) And Icewind Dale also rocks” –Stuart (Diablo 2 arrives tomorrow!! Icewind Dale is still not here though.) 
• “it’s crunchy it’s salty – it’s BACON yum yum bacon fat makes my anus twitch….” –billyjoebob
• “Boo!” –Fallen Angel

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Components #6-8

Picked up a Macase Full Tower with 400W PSU, a floppy drive, and an MSI BX Master Mobo.

More On The “Grind and Screw” Tax

Saw Keeping the Faith on Sunday…not a bad movie – 3.5 jaffas, bordering on 3 (http://www.geocities.com/acwellen/jaffas.html).

The point I want to make, however, is that I had to pay $10.40 for a student ticket. (Adult tickets are a ridiculous $13.70). Before the GST, student tickets were $9 (this was at Greater Union, btw). Now, I fancy myself pretty good at maths, but I still don’t get how $9 plus 10% GST becomes $10.40. It just doesn’t compute…could someone explain?

Now before anyone mentions hidden costs and taxes etc., I want to point out that all that other stuff is, supposedly, being removed, thus if it is taken into account items should be cheaper than “Old price + 10%”. (Not that I ever expected this to happen – it is obvious that any business will notch the price up by 10% anyway, even if it got huge cost cuts, and just increase its profit margins).

Speaking of hidden taxes, music CDs formerly had about 100% tax on them all up, and an album cost ~$30. Does this mean with the GST it will cost $16.50? I don’t think so, for some reason, I really don’t.


Why were Greater Union student tickets in Canberra $1 cheaper than in Sydney? And no, I don’t see how $9 * 1.1 = $10.40, either. Someone call the ACCC. The thing I can’t understand is that when tax rates are replaced by the 10% GST, the effect is always “dampened”. The 22% wholesale sales tax on computer hardware gets replaced by the 10% GST and thus prices should drop by over 10%, right? But they only drop by about 4-5%. Why? And does anyone else find it ridiculous how receipts are now called “Tax Invoices”?

Sleep Project Results

Some stats from this:

• Of the total participants in the survey 43% were male and 57% female.
• The overall average sleep over 24 hours was 8 hours 1 minute. Men, on average slept for 7 hours and 59 minutes while women slept, on average, 8 hours and 3 minutes.
• According to the survey, Northern Territorians get the most sleep (8 hrs 16 mins) matched at the other end of the country by Tasmanians who come close (8 hrs 14 mins) and South Australians (8 hrs 10 mins).
• Those in the ACT, Queensland and NSW all get less than 8 hours (7 hrs 57 mins; 7 hrs 56 mins; 7 hrs 58 mins)
• West Australians (8 hrs 2 mins) and Victorians (8 hrs 5 mins) are closest to the overall average.
• Of course averages are only averages. (A person with their head in the oven and their feet in the freezer could still overall have an ‘average’ body temperature).
• I averaged about 6 hours a night including naps on the train.

Jul 00

DVD Region Restrictions

Break region coding restrictions on your DVD player.

Gone In 60 Seconds at Fox Hoyts

It was reading G’s enticing post on Shimmer Like A Girl that did it. Yesterday, we went to a La Premiere session of Gone In 60 Seconds at Hoyts Fox Studios. “La Premiere, the premier level in cinema entertainment, is the ultimate indulgence at an affordable price. Ticket holders can relax in an exclusive lounge with complimentary coffee, tea, soft drinks and popcorn.” Of course, the affordable price means that people still piss all over the floor in those “exclusive lounge” toilets. Nonetheless, it was so different, and extravagant from the ordinary experience that I virtually felt guilty for going there in the first place.

There’s unlimited popcorn and drinks (fill up a few cups to take into the cinema!). The seats are about the best movie-seeing chairs I’ve sat in. The slouch-inducing bottom of the chair actually is sloped backwards meaning you can’t even sit up straight without effort. I could see myself falling asleep in them. There’s also plenty of legroom. As for the seating location, it was up at the back – not too far from the screen, though. We got a centre seat and as a result got great sound. The ticket on a Tuesday is cheaper, at around $18 (it was $16 pre-GST). If you ever get a chance, try it out. You’ll like it, I guarantee.

Gone In 60 Seconds was a fun movie. Mmm… those cars! (Unfortunately we never get to see those more exotic cars going at ridiculous speeds) Mmm… Angelina Jolie (unfortunately we don’t get to see much of her, either). There’s a relatively low level of action for most of the movie, with the main action scene appearing at the end. It doesn’t, however, get boring any place. Go see this movie for the cars, if nothing else.

Jul 00


telnet://interniq.org:6969/. Thanks Tama! (Sometimes you gotta wonder where people find these things :)

Jul 00

Communal Crier

Congratulations to Dennis (and his wife) who will soon be a proud father (mother)!

[17:44] <Mike> Whoa, Dennis is pregnant.
[17:44] <Surebrec> haha
[17:44] <Inferno> dennis is pregnant?
[17:44] <Fuzzi_Sparkler> ok. isnt’ that a guy
[17:44] <Mike> Er, Dennis’ wife.
[17:44] <Inferno> ahh
[17:44] <Surebrec> LOL

Hrm. I need to write up a script that will go through the linklist and pull out all addresses which return a 404 error.

• billyjoeblog – Blog?? Maintained by Blogger?? What is this??
• Garboxil Syndrome
• GSpot

• SynNet

• The Abode

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Smell My Socks

• “this is the SMALL machine that goes “ping” – EAT MORE BACON” –billyjoebob
• “Uhhhh.  Hey.  Heh, heh.” –blare

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Diablo II

Out in Australia this Thursday on the 6th. GST Included. :Þ

True. True.

What it will be like to travel on Sydney trains during the Olympics.

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Component #4, #5

Picked up the Intel 10/100 network card for the computer I’m going to build these hols. Also picked up a Logitech cordless keyboard/mouse combo. I am going to be stone broke by the end of these holidays :( But I will have an awesome computer :). Will be driving around in the city on Monday to pick up a few more components.

Mum (it’s not “Mom”, dammit!)

Mum is back at home convalescing, having returned from the hospital. Unfortunately, she has to go back in to hospital in a month’s time to have a total hysterectomy. This is a precautionary measure, since estrogen is supposed to be a source of “food” for cancer cells. There may still be rogue cells present, and it is important that not a single one be alive (all it takes is one mutated cell). In addition she’ll be on a lesser form of chemotherapy (just a tablet a day) for the next 5 years.

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A New Month

We’ve past the halfway point this year, and this also means a few things.

The GST (Goods and Services Tax – 10%) came into practice nationwide today. It’s pretty ridiculous… you now get train tickets and receipts from McDonald’s labelled “Tax Invoice” and the harbour bridge fare is now $2.20, meaning you have to scrounge around for extra loose change (some tollways are $2.50… does that mean they are now $2.75?).

It also means that Session 1 for uni has finished, and I have completed my 6 month industrial training period at Aspect. Holidays!!! No more 6am wake ups or long hours (I scheduled uni next session so I don’t start before 11am on any day :).

While I can’t say working at Aspect was a tremendous barrel of fun (full time, no pay), I can say it was a great learning experience. And it did have its moments. Like the evening they took down power to the building to do maintenance on the phone system. We decided then would be the perfect time to install a new server, since without power, no one would be logged on to the network anyway. At around 6pm I was sent up to tell everyone to log off, and then we waited a bit. About 10 minutes before power came down, someone had a sudden realisation that if power was going off – so too would the lights. Since rackmounting a server in pitch black isn’t something that is recommended, we just went home. And the time when the “Iloveyou” virus got on to the network. We’d controlled it, pretty much, but one computer on the network had let it loose. The tech services team got together to track who did it. Guess who? None other than the MD :) Everyone makes mistakes hehe. And I managed to pick up a few freebies there:


Yes, that is a Palm Vx they gave me at lunch yesterday :). Which means I now have two of them. I think dad wants it. There’s also 5 mugs, a bundle of writing pads and a stackload of courseware (plus an el cheapo sports bag which has since been misplaced).

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