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May 01


Yep, definitely a geek’s film. Many people haven’t really heard of “open source” and most of them don’t understand the arguments for both sides. Nonetheless, it’s a bit of fun, and it opens up realistically with a good argument for the corporates (and closed source), while the open source side of the argument looks ultra-left wing :). Of course, it is a Hollywood movie and things start to get unrealistic from then on. Pringle-munching soft-drink-slurping IT “professionals” aside, I thought it was interesting to note that Nurv (obviously representing Microsoft) uses Unix. It’s a hacker movie, so they had to make it look hackerish and use a command line operating system. Even if the “evil fascist empire of MS” is all about GUIs and the CLI is more associated with open-sourced Linux. One more thing – if you look closely, Synapse is written in Java code… also notice that Scott McNealy, CEO of Sun, appears in the credits. Hmmm…

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