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May 01

The XPs

Windows XP (Home and Pro editions) is scheduled for release on the 25th October. Let’s see if they make that date. Furthermore, Win2K’s SP2, not yet officially released, is available for download here (SP2 FAQ). (Links off Dark Magnet!)

I got my hands on a final copy of Office XP Pro, which also comes with FrontPage 2002. The step from 2000 to XP isn’t gigantic (not as much as Windows Me is to XP) but it’s a nice upgrade nonetheless. The interface design has changed a little, and there are a bundle of small sometimes useful features that’ve been added. These include smart tags (little buttons that appear when you perform certain actions such as pasting), language tranlsation dictionaries, handwriting recognition and very dodgy voice recognition. It’s not an essential upgrade by any means, but it’s nice.

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