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Jul 99


I received a forward of this via e-mail. Seems genuine, but still… The due date is the 20th (today in the US?), but if the last alpha they ran was any indication, someone’ll distribute a copy of it far and wide.


You have been selected as a candidate to receive the opportunity to take a preview peek and comment about the new (not yet released) exciting ICQ 99B Alpha version with all its new features, including the ICQ ActiveList, E-ICQ and Enhanced E-mail Check.

If you wish to make use of this opportunity, and if you are over eighteen make sure to reply to: alpha99bresp@icq.com, and include the following in the Subject Header : “My ICQ no. is ________ , grant me access” ( and please fill in your ICQ No.). Please reply before July 20th, 1999.
This is very important in order to speed the processing of your response.

Read about new features:
* ICQ ActiveList- will enable you to participate in, and create your own interest communities. The ICQ ActiveList you create is built around a chat server that runs on your computer so you will be able to control which users connect to the ICQ ActiveList. Users who join your ICQ ActiveList will be able to chat, send messages to other ICQ ActiveList users and post messages on the ICQ ActiveLists’ message board.
* E-ICQ – will enable you to join interest groups in order to receive information via ICQ about issues related to these groups. Search the E-ICQ directory and find an E-ICQ group of your interest from the wide variety of groups available.
* Enhanced E-mail Check – The new and improved e-mail checking feature, which offers greater power and flexibility for handling incoming e-mail. Enhanced E-mail Check will notify you on incoming emails and will allow convenient one click access to your email. In addition, some new features include: the ability to check more than a single e-mail account and to view and delete incoming e-mail messages without having to download them; the ability to view up to 99 lines in the e-mail header message; a special notification (e-mail icon) for emails received from a user in your Contact List beside the user name; a new VIP status which allows to check e-mail for a specific user from a number of email accounts at the same time.

We would welcome your feedback including report of bugs, errors, etc. Please note that ICQ reserves the right to limit, at its own discretion, for any reason or no reason, the number of users to receive this opportunity and will not be obligated to send the password to you or any other user. Don’t miss this time-limited opportunity.


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