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Jul 99

Wisdom Teeth again

Because I’m having them out on Wednesday (meant to be in hospital at 6.30am. Ow.) I’m going to take a break from updates for the week or so it takes me to recover (then I can write all about it). From other people’s “war stories” it’s not an operation that’s pleasant. Maybe I can get Dad to prescribe me some sedatives or something :).

“I was bleeding for eight hours after the operation.”
“I couldn’t control my dribbling. It was really pathetic.”
“Your cheeks bloat up and you look like a gold fish.”
“Yoghurt for a week! Hahah!”

Then there’s the possibility of a cut nerve. There’s this nerve that runs through the jaw area, under the root of the tooth. If the surgeon cuts it (a small chance) your jaw goes numb on one side for, I assume, life. Another interesting thing I’ve heard is, if you undergo a local anaesthetic instead of a general one (where you get totally knocked out) the surgeon takes more care instead of hacking away, because you’re awake and aware.

Once more. They hack away the gum, pull out the tooth (all four wisdoms for me) and you’re left with a gaping hole afterwards that you can’t let get infected. I’ll see if I can get my teeth back after the operation. Here’s a picture. Wince with me.


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