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Jul 99

Nostradamus (Addendum)

Maybe that French fellow wasn’t referring to the world. Just this community which looks like it may ending. Are the disgruntled web site hosters, nefarious spammers, disturbed kung fu hackers (sorry… crackers) and inter-website mud slinging contests actually the cyber version of soothsayers? “The end is nigh!” Yes, maybe, but it still might end up like what happened in 12 Monkeys. (But who’s Bruce Willis?) A steady state universe in constant entrophySM. Combine that with a virtual second coming, and you’ll deduce I’m possibly quite deranged. Nonetheless, it hath been foretold by Anakill – the one who will bring balance. The one whose site just fell into the pits of molten lava (or was that a lake of burning sulfur?)… et descendit ignis a Deo de caelo et devoravit eos et diabolus qui seducebat eos missus est in stagnum ignis et sulphuris ubi et bestia.

This post written under the influence of laudanum. Don’t worry. I think I’m coming out of it now.

Hey look. On TV: “Seven Signs of Christ’s Return” – special feature documentary which kicked off Murder Call from its normal timeslot. One of those paranoia docos I was talking about yesterday. Coincidence eh? Freaky shit.

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