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May 00

Classic Gaming

Some time this week, I got a sudden and inexplicable craving to play Archon II (last played when I was about 8 on the Apple ][ C). So I found an Apple ][ E emulator. And the Archon II ROM. (I still have a box full of about 500 5.25″ floppies gathering dust in the study, and one of them is Archon.) I’m surprised I still remember how to play it, actually. When searching for Archon I came across a few other classics like Bard’s Tale and… Taipan!! Taipan is the kickass precursor of Dopewars. Mad fun, and no 30 day money earning time limit. I’ve bundled up the Emulator, Taipan and the 2 Archon’s right here. Unzip, run Setup to associate .dsk files with the emulator, then run the .dsk files. More ROMS available here and here.

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