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May 00


• “We’ve got a couple of Cisco Aironet Wireless PCMCIA cards and Host stations around the office…they’re pretty neat…..and really easy to set up too…..and they look pretty cool as well…i fully recommend them” –Shaf
• “A diablo2 clan, yes. And definately a TF2 one. (Note to self: kick irish in balls.)” –Silverweed
• “sung sucks eh?” –sung (if you say so, mate)
• “I want an airport for MY pc…” –GStarr
• “what is irish’s gender? usually I think female, then male, then…nope…definitely female” –GStarr
• “Irish:  1×1 SOF Death Match…..[and it’s through, not threw…]….oh..& bitch!” –entdiablo
• “I was strolling through the park one day. In the merry merry month of May, when I was taken by surprise, by a pair of German thighs, so I fucked her all today!” –Tom (uh…)
• “Hear Ye is like the Times Square of E/N” –Spaz

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