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May 00


I have an el cheapo i740 graphics card in my other computer. I opened the case up tonight to stick in another 128 meg of RAM and I found that the heatsink had fallen off the damn video card. I saw today the Leadtek GeForce 2. It has a frigging big heatsink… if in the extremely unlikely event that that thing ever fell off, it’d damage whatever components were under it :) I got a few minor components for the new system today. An ABit Slotket, a card cooler with dual 6cm fans and two 8cm cooling fans.

On the topic of computer speakers, I’m looking at the idea of not buying computer designed speakers at all. Buying a 4.1 or 5.1 speaker Midi hifi system would give much better sound than any comp speakers (the THX certified designed-for-computers Klipsch Promedia with 400W of power looks good, but aren’t available in Oz unfortunately). Just gotta make sure the speakers are magnetically shielded.

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