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May 00

Slashdot vs MS

Interesting stuff brewing on Slashdot. I’m not particular familiar with the DMCA, nor the full circumstances of the situation, but what I found particularly interesting are the user comments.

So many /. readers are utterly biased that they close their eyes, cover their ears and start screaming at MS. The fact is, if indeed /. has material in user comments that is clearly copyrighted by Microsoft (not links to, but actual copy and pasted material), then /. should be under obligation to remove them. Isn’t it fair to say that an information service should not be liable for what users post, but upon being made aware that there are illegal activities occurring (breach of copyright in th i s respect), they should be under obligation to remove such material?

As for this comment, “If I posted a list of 100 stolen credit card numbers to Slashdot, would they remove that?” and its reply, “No, but they (gov’t) should put yo’ ass in jail. If they could find you… You do know that the FBI reads /., right?” I shake my head. You’re telling me that /. would refuse to remove credit card numbers on the basis of “free speech” and the fact that site users wrote that? Dodgy. There are intelligent comments amongst the rabble, though.

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