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May 00


• “I hate Microsoft.  I hate IE.  MAKE THE PAIN GO AWAY!” –Surebrec
• “Hosting ramblings? Stu cant do wrong. If you kill Stile you will be annointed a saint.” –SilverWeed
• “Heidi Klum or Rebecca Romjin? Ok Heidi, man, tough!” –Tom
• “when it gets really hot in Los Angeles, my testicles get sweaty and stick to my legs.” -red scare
• “Boy I’m sure glad I don’t travel by train, especially in Sydney!” –HJ
• “Solos Chick challenge: Katie Holmes, Shannon Elizabeth, all overrated. Heidi Klum won mine… what? 20TH? Ahh! Must be horny 12” –Tom (continued…)
• “year olds since Britney Spears is ninth… ahh! What is this world coming to?” –Tom

• “Gowings (in the city) now sell Penguin Mints ($9.95/can)” –Shaun (Shit. 10 bucks?! I bought them in for roughly AU $5 per tin including delivery! And that’s not even in bulk! Bloody hell… Gowings is robbing people blind… 100+% markup…)

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