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The computer (see “WTF Is This?” posted on this page 27/5) is a BBC Model B computer. I found an old compilation of periodicals on the bookshelf, “The Home Computer Course” which had info on the thing. It sports a MOS 6502A CPU, a 2Mhz clock speed, 32KB of RAM and 32KB of ROM (includes Basic). The Video controller handles a resolution up to 640×256 (the same as an HP Journada Handheld PC nowadays).

Ahh, I remember when I had an acorn…It consisted of a keyboard that connected to a TV.

OK, the video out port is a connector that is the predecessor of S-Video ports (you’ll find them on your TV and VCR). You can buy an adapter for next to nothing from Jaycar or DSE, or do it yourself with two wires (connect middle to middle and rim to rim).

The RGB port is a strange one I had on my Acorn, only I had a special cable (obviously)….Don’t really know what it is (I was like 6 at the time…). Try connecting the video out to a TV.


I think that connection (on the back of that old computer @ Hear Ye!) is a 6 pin DIN plug. You can get them for about $1 or 2 from Jaycar or Dick Smith Electronics. You can modify the cable with a soldering iron (although you may need a pinout of the plug(s)). Good luck… I think you can also get a RCA plug and go into video out then into a tv :)
Honest Jony

I don’t think the Video Out port is an RCA port? 6 Pin DIN… will have to check up on that.


Uh, you sure none of those old comp connectors are coax or rca plugs? Thats what the video sounds like… a male coax plug. I know older comps were able to use TV’s as monitors… Maybe thats what those are. Anyway, I’ve got an old green screen Zenith monitor that might work for it… you want it?

Hmm now that you mention it, the video out does suspiciously look like a coax port. So it looks coax cable? Or a Scart to 6-Pin DIN cable? Thanks guys… something to look out for the next time I go past Jaycar or some place like that. Actually I might drop by Tandy during lunch some time this week.

Bottled Water:

Hey, my friend drinks bottled water, and she’s definitely no yuppie.  It’s just the water in my area is not all that clean.  She’s all into drinking clear water.  It does taste better though, I have to admit.

Come to think of it, I know several chicks that drink only bottled water.

Yeah I was just kidding about the yuppie part (I mean, who am I to talk??) I still find it incredible that they can charge so much for a “free” and natural resource.

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