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May 00

In The News

Here’s the article I was in. (I took out my pic cos I reckon it’s crap heh… yeah I know – I’m no fun at all :). Some of my thoughts about the article: I’m not 19, I’m 18. I did not say I “collect EN [sic]” – that sentence doesn’t even make sense. I recall saying the site was E/N. Not all “interesting” news I post about is useless – some of it can be significant. And I don’t think anyone buys that psychology mumbo-jumbo that Kip Williams spouted. Nor did I get a direct link/plug (so I got bugger all hits from it). But hey, it’s a tabloid :). I keep this site because it’s fun, engaging, develops my design and technical skills and it’s memorable (in the way I can look back on events in life and the world). I don’t bare my soul here (though I may choose to do so should I be in the mood, that’s missing the point – this isn’t a diary).

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