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May 00


“That barstead inferno wants to know your age race how much money u make i saw screw you inferno”

I see that even a clear disclaimer, repeated twice, still does not prevent stupidity (besides, I never asked for income). Anyway, I can defend my choice of questions with ease. I don’t know about the USA, but in Australia we have a census every 5 years. It is compulsory to fill out and mail in. It comprises of a questionnaire spread over 10+ pages and asks questions that are far more probing than the 5-minute ones I have. Check out a range of stats from Australia’s 1996 census (as you can see it lists a ton of things including: religion, citizenship, citizenship before naturalisation, english proficiency, age left school, income, qualifications, race/ethnicity etc. etc.). Not only that, but it’s The Man you’re submitting your details to. Of course, most of the people complaining are under 18 and have never even seen a real life census form, let alone filled one out.

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