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May 00

Component #2?

Last month I posted about getting 512MB RAM. The chips haven’t been touched. In fact, they’re still sitting in a box with the other 768MB of RAM my cousin ordered. Why? Cos I’ve got no mobo to put them in (actually my current system could do with more ram, but I’ve been too damn lazy to grab a screwdriver and open up the case). I’m also waiting for my bank account to recover. One of these new 16x Pioneer DVD drives would be nice. Still shopping around for the best price for a SBLive! Plat w/ LiveDrive 2. Lowest I’ve found so far is at Pioneer computers for ~$420. Might be buying a case with a 400W power supply next week (only $20 more than a 300W, so why not? :) I won’t have anything to put into it, but that won’t stop me from adding fans and all that cooling shiznitz to it. And a GeForce 2 GTS would be nice… albeit fricking expensive.

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