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May 00


• “RE: Revolution — Ponder this:  If the e/n community is so bad off, wouldn’t you think it would have killed itself off already?” –David
• “In response to the “?”, The Fissure page and your page both have Millenium banners, bah!” –Tom
• “get the ce/nsus up!” –sung (give me some time!! I have to manually process the 450+ entries!)
• “Speakers..pah…get some expensive headphones – at full volume they can still be damn loud…” –Bonhomme de Neige (I already have a nice pair of headphones. The problem with headphones is they lack the physical thump and vibration you get with a nice subwoofer… and the headphone cord only stretches so far… When the rocket flies past you in Quake, you want to feel it rumble past)
• “baefed.com is back with a new look!” –da5id

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