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May 00

Butt Naked

Ok, something like this doesn’t happen everyday. Or at least I’d hope not.

I went in to work last Saturday to install a new server. Meanwhile, construction work was being performed as renovations were taking place around the building. The server install went fine and I started to head home. I got off the lift at level 5 (upper ground) and before heading on the long trip home, decided a quick trip to the toilet would be in order.

I pushed open the door. The next half-second flashed by quickly, but vividly. There was a construction worker standing in front of the sink, pants down around his ankles, completely naked on his bottom half. He was scrubbing at something. My eyes widened, I let go of the door and I retreated a few steps back. As the door started to slowly drift shut (there was no door handle to pull on, on my side) the guy screamed “Aye, yai yai, yai yai!”, spun around, and slammed the door completely shut. I just stood there frozen in the vestibule (“airlock”) area of the toilet as I heard a stream of apologies emanating from the other side of the door. I could only manage an, “uh…” before stutteringly enquiring whether he was decent and it was safe to go in.

He rapidly assured me it was and I reopened the door to see him tucking in his shirt. “Sorry about that, mate! You caught me coming out of the toilet. I needed to wash this yellow insulation shit off me but the cubicles are too damn small, y’know? It was making me all itchy and shit so I had to come out to clean it off! I swear no funny business, nothing was going on! No funny ideas, ok? How embarrassing!” All this explanation while I was doing my business in front of the urinal, feeling rather uncomfortable.

“Well, I guess you weren’t expecting anyone to come in, it being Saturday and all…”
“Well I’ll just leave you in private now. Cya.”
“Yeah, have a good day…”
“You too.” [Exeunt]

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