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May 00

More On ADSL

From Dark Magnet

After first seeing this site a month or two ago I’ve been keeping my eye on it and watching to see if anything had changed. Well in the last few days they have added some interesting stuff. They have added a 46 page proposal of sort explaining how ADSL work and what expectations they have for it. I look through most of it and took note of the most intersting parts that i thought people would want to see.

One of the most important questions people will be asking is “Will i be able to get ADSL?” Well here is the answer to that question. There is also a planned rollout of the service which is here.

If you look at the first pic and see the area in which you live with a triangle near it then i think you will also have to live within 2.5 KM of your local phone exchange.
Lucky for me i do, I am about 1.9 KM from it, and seems i can’t get cable then i guess i can look forward to this within the next few months or so.

Shit. I definitely live more than 2.5KM from the nearest phone exchange. Does that mean I don’t get ADSL? You have got to be kidding me. Please tell me that’s not true. Please. (If it is, there’s no way Telstra will get 90% population coverage by 2001.)

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