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May 00


• “i got killed off the server, already.” –sung (you don’t wanna know what this was about…)
• “Why isnt my name in bold anymore?” –Tom (nothing personal. Sometimes I miss a name on accident)
• “I think Fissure is the only one not on the millenium bandwagon… wait, nevermind..” –Tom (?)
• “Bad news Stu, According to PC Gamer, Team Fortress 2 is now slated to come out in 2001.  :(” –RegBarc (what?! And to think it was meant to come out real soon after Half-life as a mod…)
• “BoooOOooo!” –Speedy
• “I have nothing good to say.” –Spaz
• “Re: The Revolution Spins Around Again – I have to agree.  That post just hits the spot.  Inferno, you rule.” –Spaz
• “thanks for the birthday greeting. I must be really cool because I have seven windows open…” –G Starr
• “Yo, Stu, thanks for posting Scorch! I can’t believe you found that! I’ve been looking all over for it! PIMP! (StreetRod is better)” –Mr.Rebelo
• “Does anyone understand Japanese, I would LOVE to know whats going on here: http://www.planetnamek.com/humor/juicead.mov” –Tom

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