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May 00


Ok this is beginning to grate. Hereafter, I’m going to start being selective about what SMSes I post. It’s just too time consuming.

• “How is Melissa Joan Heart so low? Fucking hell shes hot.” –SilverWeed
• “btw, http://er33t.co.uk will be up tomorrow at lunchtime (european time.)” –SilverWeed
• About 12 SMSes from Irish
• “0 Hierarchial Menu Trees? Is something wrong here?” –Tom
• “I have an Apple IIGS in my study. Man, what a POS. all of its 2000 k harddrive! Which is really a RAM chip and battery backup.” –Tom
• “hey babe where are ya???? just seeing what the hell this is and if it is working or not” -Joelene
• “I see you are online.. I am watching you stu.” –SilverWeed
• “It is a sad, sad day to see Ramblings on fissure.org. Sigh.” –Venus (it is a temporary housing. RegBarc is a tramp seeking shelter for a few nights before he travels on :)
• “I wanted to play Arkanoid on my IIGS. So I set it up, plug it in, hit the switch, poof! The CPU blew! Man, it stinks too” –Tom
• “Fuck it, I hate my life.” –Surebrec
• “i can send sms from my computer man” –Andy Gibbs
• “Is there ANY hope left for our society, or are we just going to sell out in every way we can till we die?” –Spaz
• “mm just trying this out. nifty :]” –burgatron
• “The Bunker says hello – more later!! Stay tuned” –Renai

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