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May 00


• “Maybe I shouldnt have made that promise… Ive popped 10 niggas already and it is only 5 mins…” –Tom
• “BTW, what are the “x,” and the “aussie flag” picture next to the links on the left for?” –Irish (uh… it should be fairly evident)
• “I’m so white that if you saw me in the dark, you’d ‘prolly mistake me for a ghost. :'(” –Irish
• “this census sucks…there are too many unnessecary questions” –G Starr (see today’s census post for a reply)
• “nice site..  gee i wonder how many msgs you get like this a day..” –DRACO
• “mmmmmmmmmmmm………chicken…..mmmmmmmm” –Spaz
• “Do you post all of these SMS you get? And wtf does SMS stand for?” -SaltyBalz (SMS = Short Message Services. And I only post on this site the SMSes I get through the site.)

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