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May 00


• “Hey theseus, #E/N #E/N #E/N #E/N #E/N #E/N, btw, i know you love the strugglers mail flame :P” –Alecks
• “Would anyone believe Stile if he faked his death by heart attack?  From having sex with a woman?” –KPC
• “if your torn between suicide and homicide, just go on a killing spree until the pigs kill your ass.  then, you become the victim.” –red scare
• “can you beleive it? for the first time in human history – there is NO-ONE in my icq contact list online – i have 283 contacts ffs!” –billyjoebob
• “Shakespears World has been facelifted please let you readers know” –Shakespear
• “5/5 is my birthday.  If its a doomsday then Ill get the greatest present ever.” –Jonez
• “You’re lookin’ good in the Daily Tele!  Cor blimey, you could make a man turn.  =D” –Phil (don’t get any ideas, mate :)
• “Aww, c’mon Stu. If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine. :)” –Dennis
• “hey looks like stileproject is down – have you heard anything?? how am i supposed to get thru the day w/out scat pr0n?? ….. bacon” –billybaconbob
• “¿Yo quireo blowjob? Stile can go blow a goat. Slipknot rules.  If you think differently, screw you :(.” –Surebrec
• “Where do you get all that He said/She said stuff? It’s utter crap.” –Bonhomme de Neige (interesting to see some people haven’t worked out the Soapbox yet)
• “Nostradomus meant May 5th CENTRAL time of course?  Why would he base his apocalyptic prediction on any other timezone?” –sonic junkie (hm was America colonised at the time that guy was around? Don’t think so…)
• “You stayed up all night to babysit the computers?  I bet you had fun on New Year’s Eve r.e. Y2K.  :D” –Phil (no 5/5/2000 is not a computer malfunction date – it’s a universe malfunction date, or it was meant to be :) heh and I was overseas on Y2K far away from any computer :)
• “OK,Ok, I admit it, I made about half the wazzaap pics you see, some of the Alien ones too. Ok, Elian the Alien, what next. Well..” –Tom
• “FUCK! I opened the Iloveyou virus… I feel like your dad after fucking your mom without a condom on, entdiablo. :o(” –Irish
• “But, ofcourse I was at work wasting my break on their comuter and shit, so I don’t really give two fucks anyway. Hah!” –Irish
• “Whooo areee youuu? Who? Who? Who? Who? Tell me! Tell me! Who r u?” –Irish
• “Creating Hierarchical Menus 1_5/4… PLEASE wait while your computer freezes…” –Tom
• “I like cookies…” –Scratch

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