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May 00

Cityrail Shit

They can’t do anything right can they? “The State Government’s fare-free day on the city’s beleagured rail system turned into an expensive farce today when hundreds of commuters rushed ticket offices to cash in on 20 per cent discounts for monthly, quarterly and annual tickets.” This week, they were meant to sell weekly tickets at 20% off. A computer glitch made it so people could get monthly, quarterly and yearly tickets at 20% off too. (I missed out, which is part of my annoyance). However, “A spokesman for the Minister for Transport, Mr Scully, confirmed the mix-up which follows revelations that commuters who use a combined ferry/train or bus/train tickets will not get the discount.” Which means I don’t get a discount on my weekly Travelpass (which is a bus/train/ferry combined pass). Read more. Free fare day has caused them more bad publicity than good: “[Kerry Chikarovski] claimed the fare-free day, announced by Mr Scully to apologise for continuing problems on the system, had caused absolute havoc among State Rail senior executives and had ‘blown the cost to taxpayers out of the water’“. Yeah – guess who has to pay for their mistake? Morons.

“Last week, Mr Scully publicly admitted that his transport system was so bad that commuters should not be forced to pay to catch a train. Today’s ticketing fiasco is further proof of a system in absolute shambles – being run by an incompetent Minister who has continually failed to take responsibility for the mess. Mr Scully must be sacked for his total incompetence in announcing a gimmick that will now cost taxpayers dearly – money that always should have been used to fix our ailing transport system to make sure trains run on time, were not overcrowded and dirty.” [SMH]

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