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May 00

1337 5p34|<

n0\/\/ j00 C4|\| $P3@|< LIkE @N l33+ |-|4c|<3R, TO0 \/\/Ith thI5 TRa|\|5l4t0r. [or]

n0w J00 C4n 5pe@K LIK3 @N l33t H4CkeR, +00 w1+H th1S +r4n$lat0r. [or]

Now you can speak like an elite hacker, too with this translator.

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1.  |/|o0b

1 b3L13V3 7|-|47 53c0|/||2 L1|/| W45 2u|>0553 70 R34|2 |/|0W ‘/ou c4|/| 5|>34|< l1|<3 4|/| 3l337 |-|4c|<3r 70O W17|-| 7|-|15 7r4|/|5L470R 101, 50rR’/ 4b0u7 7|-|47, 1 ju57 b0r3|2….

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