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May 00


• “Yeah! Team E/N has officially passed 1 year of processing time! And you have about 80% of it! Haha.” –Justin (Have you joined up yet? Join Now! Keep your Seti client running as “always running”. It will run at low priority meaning it will step aside if any other program needs cpu time. In other words, you won’t drop frames when you fire up Quake.)
• “My dad has a mug that his dad gave to him (when he was 8) that says “Talk is cheap.. Until you hire a lawyer.” My dads now a lawye” –Russ
• “I think this is a typo: $4.95 a month for a T1 connection… some gimmick, gotta be.” -Tom
• “mmmmm…. broadband…. makes me feel all warm and gushy inside.  You’ll understand… someday =)” –Solo (bastard! stop taunting me! Just because you have access to OC-3 doesn’t mean you can torment the peasants :)
• “we should have a tetrinet clan.” –sung (yes… tetrinet… legendary games… really wasted my time in year 12. Really, someone should open up an e/n clan/gaming centre heh)
• “unf?” –gimp
• “my dad even makes fun of sung.” –opp
• “It’s my birthday today – my 21st… damn, where’d I leave my walking frame.  XD” –Phil (cheers and Happy -Belated- Birthday Phil!!)
• “How has the human race survived this long with the average intelligence level so low??” –Venus (look at it this way – there are stupider races on this planet and they survive…)
• “Hey Inferno, try Venturecapitalists.com =] (leave it to the business student to point that out, haha)” –Venus (sound advice :)
• “dope wars 2.0 beta is out!” –Wabut (anyone have a copy of it?)

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