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Apr 19

Weekly Wrapup #1

This newsletter is an attempt at spending 30-60 minutes each weekend writing down some thoughts on the week. I’m under no illusion that I’m disciplined enough to write each and every week, but one can try… You’re receiving this first issue because you’re one of my guinea pigs for this experiment.


Business & Tech.

(1) The IPO train chugs on: Slack filed for a direct listing IPO this week. Last year they made a $140.1m loss on $400.6m revenue. But of course what Wall Street really cares about is that it did $220.5m of revenue in the year before, which is over 80% y/y growth.

(2) Musk made bold claims again about when full self-driving would be available at Tesla’s Autonomy Day. I tend to believe what he says, except if it involves a timeframe.

(3) The S&P 500 and Nasdaq indices hit all time highs this week.

Movies. Avengers: Endgame is epic, and it’s worth seeing it in the cinemas with a full crowd. By the end of this weekend, it’ll also have had the biggest opening weekend in history (first film to open at over $1 billion worldwide!). My life is now such that the only time I could see it this week was on Saturday at 7.50am (that’s right – ante merīdiem)… and the theatre was 75% full. Some might only see it as a “comic book movie,” but successfully executing the 3 phases of the MCU Master Plan was a truly impressive human achievement.

TV. Speaking of epic, a huge battle episode for Game of Thrones is coming up tonight!

Law. The 6th Circuit has ruled that police who chalk tires (to see how long a car is parked somewhere) without a warrant are acting unconstitutionally. Police should just take a photo of the car instead.

Deals. It’s monopoly season at Safeway and it looks like this year they are giving away a lot of instant win donuts – we’ve got about a dozen of them so far. A couple years ago it was free salt and aspirin.

In other news…

(1) Biden announced he’s running for President. The Dems better whittle down the field fast, or it’s going to be a shitshow.

(2) A shooting at a synagogue in San Diego killed 1 and injured 3.

On Hear Ye!

Getting Personal

I get more annoyed than I perhaps should when people write “nice to ‘meet’ you” and “nice to e-meet you” in emails when they get introduced to someone. Just own it and say “nice to meet you”. It’s 2019, people – we meet online all the time. It’s also grammatically sound.


Solar power generated (kW/h)

Spring is here and our solar panels are now generating enough juice to offset 150% of our daily electricity usage. The excess goes into charging our electric vehicle.

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