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Mar 13

Pretty awesome customer support

I bought the iPhone 5 soon after its release and promptly dropped it down three flights of stairs. We occupy the 4th and 5th floor of our building at work, and a concrete stairwell that doubles as a fire escape connects the floors together. One day I was hurrying up the stairs and my foot caught on a step, causing me to stumble. My brand new iPhone, which I normally keep in my jeans, happened to be in my hoodie pocket at the time. It flew out, found the gap between two steps and hit the flight of stairs below. *tink* It bounced off the wall and continued its descent down another two flights. *tink* *tink-tink* *tink* *tink-tink-tink* I raced after it, feeling a sick to my stomach. Amazingly, the phone had escaped with only a gash on its bezel and a small fragment chipped off the front glass plate – but nothing in the viewing area.

Fast forward about 5 months. My phone every couple of days would stop detecting the SIM card. I’d be using it and suddenly a dialog box would pop up warning that there was no SIM installed. The card holder was secure, and rebooting the phone would get it working again for a couple more days, so it was a weird problem.

I took the phone into the Apple store tonight and got it looked at by one of the blue-shirted dudes at the Genius Bar. He disappeared into the back room to test my phone. He then re-emerged saying that the sim reader might be faulty and they normally wouldn’t cover it because of the “major dings” it had received (located near the sim card slot), but they were going to give me a free replacement anyway. Which they did, on the spot. And with that, I had a brand new phone. Amazing customer support, and it doesn’t make me regret that I have perhaps more than a few Apple devices in my house (8).

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