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Jun 10

Daily news rundown

  • AT&T security flaw reveals email addresses of iPad users – includes people at the highest echelons of government and industry
  • Bidding for lunch with Buffett currently at $700,100 this year – the previous record was $2.11m in 2008. Link
  • Microsoft raising $1.15b in convertible debt – sounds like it’s part of a refi (I wonder why wouldn’t they just pay it off using the large stockpile of cash they’re sitting on?) Link
  • BP down 15% today – more rumors about bankruptcy (that would be so crazy were that to pan out). Link
  • China approves IPO of Agricultural Bank of China – IPO expected to raise up to $30b by offering 15% of its equity – the bank has over 350 million customers and focuses on rural lending – set to break the $21.9b world record set by ICBC in 2006
  • Fiorina and Whitman are the GOP’s nominees in California elections – but Chris Kelly didn’t win in his bid for the CA A-G position
  • World Cup in less than 2 days!
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