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Jan 10

Top Gear Bolivia Special

Top Gear occasionally puts together a special episode where they drive through some weird place. They’ve driven to places such as the North Pole and through the Sahara. Their latest one, driving through Bolivia and Chile is fantastic. Dumped on a river bank, they drive through the dense Amazonian rainforest, over gullies, through rivers, across the Andes on Yungas Road (nicknamed “Death Road”), into La Paz, across the Altiplano and a high mountain road pass (over 5km high) near an active volcano, across the Atacama Desert (the world’s driest place), and down a massive sand dune to the Chilean Pacific coast. All in really dodgy cars they bought off the internet, sight unseen.

It’s great watching, and there are several occasions where Clarkson and crew are in genuine peril. The scenery is also extraordinary. Driving that high mountain pass would be an awesome experience… I’d love to do it one day (in a newer car).

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