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Jan 10

Embed Tweets in real-time into your Powerpoint preso

These days, it’s pretty standard for presentations at conferences to have a “second track” of chatter going on behind the scenes. If you look around, you’ll mostly find people on their laptops with Tweetdeck or some other Twitter client, repeating whatever the speaker happens to be saying at the time and adding a hashtash. I always thought it would be interesting to have a second screen showing the talk’s real-time Tweetstream (or an IRC channel) next to the person’s slides. Very distracting, and potentially opens the speaker up for heckling, but interesting nonetheless.

Timo Elliott, a coder at SAP (the ERP company) has now integrated a Twitter feed directly into a Powerpoint presentation so Tweets appear in realtime within a presentation. It can interface with TidyTweet for automatic or manual comment moderation. It also has an “AutoTweet” tool where you can send preset tweets during your presentation(!).

The other neat things you can do with the Twitter interface are to create a real time graph showing audience voting via Twitter, or even a worm.

Very neat stuff. Then, combine it with MightyMeeting, and you’re all set.

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