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May 04

What’s that tune?

Can anyone tell me what the tune is on the Pepsi Max ad where a bunch of people jump in a dumpster, go tearing down the street, off a wharf and into Sydney harbour and go rafting? It sounds like it’s from an old tv series, but I’m not sure what… And while we’re on the topic of ads, that new Nike soccer ad is pretty cool, especially the bit where Ronaldinho gets taken out by the ref at the end.

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1.  Little D :)

that’s such a MAD ad!!!

2.  Pete

Not sure of the song, but that ad was actually taken off air I believe. It “encouraged reckless and dangerous behaviour”.

I go now

3.  Ethan

According to the 500 tv themes here on the server, it is most likely either CHiPs or HAWAII 5-0. Since the former hasn’t been downloaded yet, the best guess would be the latter.

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