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May 04

Van Helsing

I really really liked Van Helsing. Great fun. The scenery was excellent, the music score was different but cool, the action was always there and Kate Beckinsale was in it.

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1.  Rodent

Surprised you liked it given the score had a lot of gypsy music and Kate Becknisale was a gypsy princess.

2.  Tugglz

ehheeh… She’s not Blonde… but she’s still very nice… :)


3.  Little D :)

heh. no matter how good u may think she is ( from a guys’ perspective).. i really dont’ think she was enough to make up for Pearl Harbour… that was such a long movie.

4.  Little D :)

erm. not that i’m a guy. ( not saying i was saying it from a guy’s persepcitve) eeek.

5.  Tuggles

heeh :)

Yeah.. Pearl harbour… just went on and on and on and on and on…

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