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May 04


I notice all the “reviews” of this movie on chicks’ blogs are singularly minded. Of course, I have no wish nor intent on pausing to consider the attractiveness of Brad Pitt in a skirt (although damn, those armies were the most masculine display of men in skirts that I’ve seen since Braveheart – I didn’t even realise the fact until a fair way into the movie).

The battle scenes were fantastic, and the face-off between Archilles and Hector was very good to watch. Troy’s a pretty good movie if you decide to jettison any notion that it was meant to be based on Homer’s classic work of literature. It was a pretty big bastardisation of the Iliad.

Paris should have died. He did die in the book. But for some reason, Orlando Bloom lives. That was annoying.

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1.  Bonhomme de Neige

I’ve seen this movie, and I have to say, while I’m prepared to suffer the loss of $11.70, I really want back the two hours it stole from my life. Basically they took all the good plot arcs of the original story and removed them, leaving nothing but a dry husk.

I think the highlight of the movie for me (like Stu, I did not dwell on the attractiveness of Brad Pitt, although Rose Byrne (Briseis) was a lot better than Diane Kruger (Helen)) was the Go joke – during the first overly long panning shot of the Troy wall, I said “they have very strong moyo (http://senseis.xmp.net/?Moyo) there…” … yep… it was bad enough that that was funny.

2.  riss

The way they reduced the story to a piece of hollywood pooannoyed me too but like I said on my blog, the cute boys definitely made up for it :)

3.  Fred

I thought it was a great disappointment. Most of the battle scenes flashed around way too much barely giving you a clear picture of what was going on. I went with my girlfriend on the condition that she doesn’t make any comments about Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom because I didn’t want to hear it ;)

4.  Little D :)

argh i havne’t seen it yet :) !!! just wrecked the ending for me stu.

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