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May 04

More on the Barker St murders

Ram Puneet Tiwary, the “sleeping flatmate” of the two Singaporeans murdered last year on Barker St has been refused bail. Tiwary is himself a Singaporean. What I find vindicating, is that when the murders were reported in Singapore, the media there were up in arms and many Singaporeans questioned the safety of sending children to study in Australia. How ironic it is that it’s a Singaporean who could be responsible for the murders.

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1.  Kev

Exactly. The Asian media had a frenzy and loves hacking on Oz. Some of the articles (not just in Singapore) implied a racially motivated murder.

2.  julie

the police in australia have no proove he murdered the flatmates so stop thinking its a racial thing.

3.  Avi

Its quite stupid, the media loves to force the full blame onto the person accused, even if they have no clue about the case…he may just walk away scott free…

4.  Ray

Racially motivated murder? I am chinese and have been living in Sydney for 14 years and have never been subjected to any obvious racial discrimination. In my opinion, Singaporeans chinese are more racist than Aussies. If you are chinese, will your parents let you marry an Indian, or a Pakistani or a Malay or…..

5.  Jupiter

I knew of some friends who were touring Australia some years back. Some kids threw stones at them and told my friends to “go back to Vietnam”.. at least you don’t have Singaporeans throwing rocks at Aussies here in Singapore. We’re much more civilised than you people.

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