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Dec 02

Time Capsule

Denise’s post about time capsules just made a neuron in my brain reconnect itself to another section in my brain that has long laid dormant. Fifteen years ago, when I was six, Dad helped me put together a time capsule. It was to be opened when I was 21, and I’ve just remembered it. Now I am 21, and I feel strangely reluctant to open that yellow Chrysanthemum tea tin which contains objects from my 80s childhood. All I recall is that I stuck a matchbox car in there. What else there is, I have long forgotten. Unfortunately, it’s currently somewhere back in the Camden house, and I’m in Kingsford, so when I get back there next week, I’ll open it up. Then we’ll get to see what 15 year old relics I left myself all that time ago. (I also made another time capsule when I was about 12. Perhaps I’ll open that one in another decade or so.)

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1.  Jubei

I bet it has an A4 piece of paper with “I will not be a bully” scribbled 100 times.

2.  Fuzzi

Stupid browswer did not refresh… i was wondering when u were getting comments in..

3.  Sleeper

Imagine if you left a toy in there. Damn the bidding wars.

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